19th Jul 2008 10:28 - 15 years ago
Description : Here is my 2nd finished song. After you guys gave me such nice comments on my first I was anxious to get another one done. This is a fairly short song. It has kind of a modern horror movie soundtrack sound to it I think. I wasn't sure what genre to label it, so I will just call it weird, because you probably will too, haha. I composed the whole thing, all the instruments. A couple of the instruments are made from sounds I recorded myself. For instance the long spooky sounding high pitched whine was originally me running my finger around a wine glass. I used Digital Orchestrator Pro, Cool Edit Pro, and FL Studio 8 (demo version). I hope you enjoy it!

Comments (28)

If you have time take a listen and give RayKoefoed some feedback.

CheshireCat 24th Mar 2010 10:48 - 14 years ago
Creepy track, you have the atmospherics down well but I would throw some more effects on that percussion, it's a bit flat
Vin 1st Mar 2010 23:29 - 14 years ago
Its a really clean production man. Good job, a little more compression on the drums would be nice but I like what you've done. Keep it up.
nonsensesystem 31st Dec 2009 23:56 - 14 years ago
this is freakin great!!!!!!!!!!!!! favorited.
FrenchKid18 28th Dec 2009 00:06 - 14 years ago
Wow,I was really stuck by your track.I love this dark feel to it and the building up of the track is excellent and original.Gonna check your other tracks and fav this one
French Kid
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Hi Frenchkid. Thank you very much for all the kind reviews you have left me on this and my other songs.
lofthouse 10th Apr 2009 22:01 - 15 years ago
Beautiful,haunting, melodious!The wine glass is such a brilliant idea!I'm normally clutching one when I work(Helps with the nerves)but I never thought of recording it.It's these brilliant discoveries that sets some music aside from the rest.There are muscians all over the place -but talent is rare.You have both the skill and the talent to be a huge star!
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Wow, thank you lofthouse. That might be the best comment I have ever gotten!
NilPointZero 7th Apr 2009 10:23 - 15 years ago
sounds a lot like akira yamaoka's material. and that's a compliment. awesome job.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks a lot NilPointZero. I just listened to some of Akira Yamaoka's music out of curiosity. After hearing it, I take that as a very flattering compliment.
darMoor 30th Mar 2009 22:17 - 15 years ago
cant wait for the video.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
It isn't much, just a small showcase of drawings I did in the past. Here is a link to it. Thanks for the comment, I hope you enjoy it.
peopleareloudmovers 2nd Mar 2009 02:22 - 15 years ago
i really enjoyed this.
great production!
i'd like to hear some newer material!
i hope you're not too busy to upload them someitme.

take care!
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thank you peopleareloudmovers, I am pleased you enjoyed it. I do plan on putting some new stuff on in the future, I have just been wasting a lot of time lately.
DjSomnium 1st Feb 2009 12:58 - 15 years ago
i love a lot of things in this track! i also love a lot of things in genral, but that does not detract from the overall awesomeness of this track :) I like the ambience that is created, the reverb you used on the vocal samples, the drums you used, the slow attack synths and the chimey layers on the pads! it all comes together really well, and the guitar/bass sound is a lot like some of Tools stuff! Great work, keep it up! check out my tracks sometime? -Lorin xD
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks for the great comment Lorin
Sakura 29th Oct 2008 00:49 - 15 years ago
words can't really describe how much I enjoy this. It's kind of calming. I love everything from the intro all the way to the end.
For some reason, I pictured some Sci-fi movie in my head while listening.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks a lot Sakura. I felt like this was my first original creation since I didn't use loops, so I am pleased that you enjoyed it.
RayMiX 15th Sep 2008 11:54 - 15 years ago
i like your track ray.. its really nice RayFoefoed... oh yess and my real name Its Ray Copeau... its my name and your name sound almost similar its weird :p... nice track dude and continue your great work
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks Ray. That is cool how simular our names are. My name is originaly from Denmark, and your name is Copeau, which makes me think of the Danish capital Copenhagen.
RonGallagher 15th Aug 2008 23:00 - 15 years ago
Good imagery here.
The song triggers the imagination.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks Voltage. My imagination was in high gear when I was making this one, I am glad I was able to share some of it with you.
Resist_Agony 9th Aug 2008 08:35 - 15 years ago
I think you picked the right genre. I could picture this song in a movie for sure.

RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thank you for the review Bossle. I am not very good on picking genres for my tracks yet, so I am glad this one fit the genre I gave it. Thanks
PsychotropicCircle 4th Aug 2008 01:22 - 15 years ago
very clear sounds and structure,a well balanced mix,cheers PC
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thank you for the review Psychotropic. cool avatar too btw.
skyrider 1st Aug 2008 08:23 - 15 years ago
love the tarantino guitar sound to this dark track.. great soundtrack material.. nice job. mik
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks very much skyrider
lo_opmix 29th Jul 2008 22:19 - 15 years ago
I'll check it out. Keep up your good work and keep us on our toes (haha)!
SpAzz 29th Jul 2008 12:14 - 15 years ago
think they should put this on the next horror flick. this is really really nice.

RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks a lot SpAzz.
lo_opmix 29th Jul 2008 01:48 - 15 years ago
Wow... did you do that on a single take? Impressive! Your track reminded me of a Japanese horror film. It was very good. Waiting to scare my shit off from your next tune.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks lo, I am happy you said that. I made this song after watching that Shutter movie, by the same guy that made The Ring, so the fact that it sounded like a japanese horror film to you makes me think I am learning to put what is going on in my brain to music. Thanks.
lo_opmix 29th Jul 2008 01:45 - 15 years ago
Wow...did you do this on a single take? What a great job! Impressive. I love you mood. Reminds me of a horror film here in Japan called, "Juon" which was quite terrifying (haha).
Waiting for your next call to scare my shit off~. loopmix
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
oh, by the way, if you like horror type movies, and are interested in my art, here is a link to a video I made using Half-Life 2 and some audio from a couple Hellraiser movies if you want to check it out:
DJ_JEZZA 21st Jul 2008 09:24 - 15 years ago
Heres what it pictures for me:

Walking down a lonely and dark path in the woods, suddenly everything starts to get smaller and smaller. As if the world is collapsing in on itself, suddenly out of no where a bright lighted figure pulls you to safety. It seems you where very close to death, and you've been revived.

love the track :)

RayKoefoed replied Unknown
That is a great analogy, thank you. It is my opinion that one of the greatest things an artist of any kind can do is create something that the meaning can be interpreted in a different way by each person. Your comment is inspiring because it makes me feel that I accomplished that a little bit with this song. Thanks.
scratchrabbitt 21st Jul 2008 02:46 - 15 years ago
This is a great track, short and sweet and wonderful.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks Vicious!
CTPLR 20th Jul 2008 21:48 - 15 years ago
Good sound quality,and arrangement.
Thx 4 da comment =)
Hope to hear more from you.Keep it up!
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thank you Treyc!
Deja 20th Jul 2008 07:03 - 15 years ago
The intro is very nice man,i like that spooky melody...The Beat is very good man...This is for a horror movieo,like Dead Silence...Very nice man...Keep it up...Peace
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thank you for the review Deja, I appreciate the kind words, and I am glad you enjoyed it.
rei4real 20th Jul 2008 01:13 - 15 years ago
ray, you're a major talent!!!
obviously you have a natural feeling for composition ...
that's awesome ...

peace, rei
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks Rei, that is a terrific compliment! I think I will be trying to add some vocals to the next one, I am nervous about it because I haven't ever sang out loud around other people, other then maybe birthday parties, haha. I hope it won't ruin it for you =}
Sonny64 19th Jul 2008 22:22 - 15 years ago
This is an eerie, evocative, atmospheric theme you've got going here. Just had to download this one.

RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks for the review Sonny. I had just watched that movie Shutter the night I started it, so I think I had ghosts on the brain. That must be where the eeriness originated.
Zalg 19th Jul 2008 19:39 - 15 years ago
Yet again, you fail to give me a chance to criticize. Awesome song! And I was wondering what kind of program or VST you used to make the drum effects, it sounds nice.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks again Zalg.
To be honest I don't even know exactly what a VST is yet. I guess there are a lot of them in FL Studio, but I don't really know about much other then reverb, chorus and equalizers. The way I did the drums was combining 3 different types of kicks, and same with snares, and I just adjusted the volume of each until it sounded like what I thought sounded best to me. I had 18 different tracks worth of noise for this song, I was worried it would be to much noise, but as I moved things around to lay it out how I liked it didn't seem to be bad. Thanks again for the comment.
RogueAi 19th Jul 2008 17:41 - 15 years ago
This is great but I think it is more ambient or cinematic than weird.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thank you Travis. I haven't developed the sense of understanding for music to really know how to catagorize this stuff I am making, so thanks for the advice. I will change it to cinematic.
Jake_richards 19th Jul 2008 10:48 - 15 years ago
Dam i love that drum machine it makes me drool. Good stuff, it does have a cool funky type of feel to it.
RayKoefoed replied Unknown
Thanks again Jake for another nice review. Sorry I made you drool ;D..

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Description : Every instrument is performed and recorder live. Piano, double bass, drums, strings.

Two first singles of my upcoming horror jazz LP are out on the most of streaming platforms. Go give me couple of spins!

Vocal for this track needed, contact me (all of the contact info is in my profile).

Let me know what you think about this tune. Tnx.
18th Oct 2018 19:59 - 5 years ago
Description : Just send me the link where you use that, please
Anyway, I'm looking for artists, especially doing melodic techno, deep house etc... to work in my music label called Chick Records
23rd Mar 2008 19:55 - 16 years ago
Description : Careful! Watch your volume or the first note might make you jump!
4th Mar 2023 09:07 - 1 year ago
Description : Treated field recordings of bells and thumping big stainless steel sculptures and synth. Inspired by a trip to the sub-Antarctic Islands.
9th Aug 2018 20:36 - 5 years ago
Description : There are a lot of talented people :
Ft Ankit Sharda for the mantra,
Ft Xelaplus for the choirs,
Ft jjweekz for the voice effect,
Drums :
AcidPro on darbuka
Danke on big cymbals
Loopfreak on indian percussions
Anubis on big drums

Tell me what this track made to you ^^'
Thank you.
15th Jun 2018 11:21 - 6 years ago
Description : Description : Description : Ambient/Cinematic - Melody I love you, you are the essence of my soul to share to the world! No sample loops, all custom impro. lol

Version with saxophone track.

Regular version here: ../tracks/detail/194300
Enjoy :)
17th Jun 2015 19:26 - 9 years ago
Description : Dark, slow, ambient, cinematic jazz with funereal piano turning into something much funkier, psychedelic and beautiful in the second half. Out of the darkness and into the light, you could say. Instruments: electric guitar + bass, lots of synth sounds, including a horn, double bass, another big legato bass, pizzicato strings, two types of piano, a heavily delayed slide guitar instrument, zither, synth arp, one brushy drum loop, kettle drum rolls and 4 programmed acoustic drum kits. This is quite a special track for me and is only the second I've put in the cinematic genre. The more you listen, the more it changes (it even has key changes) and the last three minutes are really quite far out and should probably be longer. Best track I've made for a few months. Interesting thoughts and reflections appreciated. Free sex for the best reviews...
14th Feb 2020 20:31 - 4 years ago
Description : My cinematic masterpiece Convo! :-) This song is great for action scenes and building suspense.

"Who Goin be the hero?"

This song and others from the album are available for licensing and using in videos, tv, and film.

For More OR HQ download visit
29th Jun 2015 00:48 - 9 years ago
Description : So a new track for everyone. Im pretty impressed by this one, and would even place it higher than one of my best tracks, Angel And A Demon. However, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should put vocals to it. I have some in mjnd, but idk if itd be better to leave as is and keep it instrumental or not. Take a listen and let me know! Also, let me know if anything is too loud, still working on my mastering.
26th Jan 2016 12:11 - 8 years ago
Description : A song I wrote with the music of denyjanuary.

Not entirely sure which genre it would fit under, so I chose cinematic.
21st Jan 2017 21:56 - 7 years ago
Love what you do and do what you love.

Made out of Looperman Loops!
Made in 2 Hours!
I was bored and was thinking about a epic movie u got it a full Cinematic Movie Soundtrack...Say what u think..........A NEED FEEDBAK ! A know...its just mixing loops together but it was really , really big fun to make this!

28th Feb 2014 04:18 - 10 years ago
Description : This is my first time uploading a track here. I want to first give credit where credit is due. Here are the looperman artists I used loops from for this track:
xelaplus -legato choir
danke -battle drums
3rdnipplemusic -nv-tribal toms -70
anubis -battle loop
xray731- live-drumline loop
danke - 120- i-think-so
onevizun -the-world-at-hand-drumline
alexisescalona- back-to-the-studio-synth-1

I had a lot of fun putting this song together. I'm grateful to be a part of this community and I hope you guys enjoy what I put together with this one and more to come in the future!

I'm still an amateur, so I welcome any and all constructive criticism!

Feel free to download for projects and such. I plan on redoing this song and adding some more length to it so be on the lookout for an extended version :)
21st May 2018 15:01 - 6 years ago
Description : Claude Barbotte: Hammond. Alex Richard: bass Laurent Schwaar: guitars. Laurent Wirz: drums. With excellent loops from Planetjazzbass, Slapjohnson and Megapaul.