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About Me

Im a DJ, electronically as well as instrumentally speaking I thought that Id give this a bit more of an update.

Anyways, Im just a regular guy, (a goth regular) that likes just about any form of music if it has a proper arrangement, EBM and forms of genres such as Industrial/rock are my biggest favourites.
I enjoy going to metal fests and running my own gigs :), often parties and like that I am invited to.


Peace out,


Instruments I play

Guitar: Electric and bass
Drums, but use more synths.
Keyboard (usually a midi one atm)

Software I Use

Fruity Loops Producer Edition 8.01 as of 30/06/2008
Fruity Loops Producer Editon 6+7XXL
Speakonia (vox)

Hardware I Use

Main Computer:
3.5ghz quad core extreme intel, audiostorm onboard sound, 2x dual SLi Nvidia Geforce 8880GTS cards (640mem) - 4.3TB of space (external + internal together)

Mobile Station:
2.0ghz Dual core laptop, 120gb hard drive, onboard sound, Ati onboard card

And now a Macbook pro

2.66ghz Dual core.
4gb ram
Sli enabled dual graphics (512mb)
320gb hard drive

- Massive server and webspace now too :P-

Listening To Right Now

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

Way too many to add here, but check out Http://

My Music Sounds Like

Dunno, it depends on the listeners opinions i guess ;)

In My Other Life I ...

Work for UPS limited, hmm i wonder how many Ipods there are in my warehouse :P