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Description : You should be able to cook up something dope with this. Comment if you used it!
Description : Used FL Studio with a few drum packs.
Description : if you make a beat, send me your work I'd love to see what you can do ;) use a delay in the previous saple, or IDK hahahsa
Description : show me what you done ; hope u enjoy
Description : show me what you done; hope you enjoy
Description : Here's another one for ya, make some trap stuff with it or something and give me lots of candy. Drop your links in the comments!!!
Description : yeee yee brother
Description : ENJOY
Description : Pretty busy HipHop loop with a lot going on and track has some light compression going on as well as some slight EQ
Description : It's been a minute, so here's a dope Gunna-ish loop for you guys. Hope you enjoy and as always feel free to drop the link in the comments :)
Description : There was a fight at school today. Two chicks went at it bro. One of them got a piece of there hair pulled out. I felt bad for the teacher cuz it was his first day on the job lmao. Im also failing English 3 maaan. that some bull shit. any ways send me the work y'all did.
Description : So i just got Omnesphere but every time i try to open it up it doesn't show up. It say's that it cant be found. But i can open it up on my my desktop. This sh@t makes no sense.If any one can help me i would really appreciate it.
Description : drums from a beat i just uploaded
Description : haven't been on here in a FAT minute. Made this on last night, send me the work u did with this.
Description : Chords with weird pluck
Description : A Minor, Kontakt Ambient Electric Guitar
Drop what you make, I will always listen!

Started a discord group, link in bio
For people and myself to promote, it just started so don't expect a whole lot out of it
It'll also be easier for me to reply custom loop requests there :)

Check my profile for information on FREE custom loops!
(please read profile info first)
Description : Dramatic synth sounds made in FL Studio. Ran it through some effects for a vintage feel. Sounds really good when put through a lowpass filter! Enjoy and as always drop that link if you make something with this. Can't wait to see what you all come up with!
Description : F phrygian
Description : Used Nexus for this one. HMU for the MIDI :)
Description : This beat has no Radio static FX,909 HH and bright 808 HH, a SD fix the first half then a high tight popcorn like SD second half with rolls and a boom bap BD throughout.
Description : Loop made using Omnisphere 2. Hit me up for the midi file =)
Description : title says it all
Description : I used Xpand!2 with a Koto preset
Description : Drop beats in comments !! (Key: Gb/F# Major)
Description : This loop is made with a Camel Crusher and my custom "Nasty 808"
Loops 76 - 100 of 97230
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