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Description : The first in a set of psy trance bass lines which were created using the Casio CZ-101 (Cosmo) synth. Underrated synth for sure!

Description : Variation 2 of the Casio CZ-101 designed psy trance bass line.

Description : Variation 3 of the Casio CZ-101 designed psy trance bass.

Description : Variation 4 of the Casio CZ-101 designed psy trance bass lines. This time there is a change to D minor.

Description : A very fun glitch beat loop designed with the Zoom RT-123 drum machine. Has some fun bass drone parts, and some choppy elements. Can't wait to hear what you do with it!

Description : Kind of a funky bass pattern, with sampled electric bass samples. You know funk, lots of mid and high range bass stuff.

Description : A strange atmospheric pad designed on the microkorg synth. Creepy FM sounds in there!

Description : Kind of a techno style arpeggio, with frequency modulation design for the sound. Would sound good in many musical styles.

Description : An organ sounding line, with some distortion character. A mostly downward vibe to the arpeggio.

Description : Just a tribal variation on the dirty drums of the set. Could be fun in lots of styles.

Description : Just a little scale with a saw wave sounding patch. Could be good for accenting a bar change or in a break or something.

Description : Very noise based high hat line. Could add some dirt and shuffle to most other drum patterns. Have fun.

Description : Strange dirty drums with a bit of atmosphere. Kind of a minimal tech sort of thing, but in a higher tempo area.

Description : Just a simple trance kick and snare with some wetness, we all like wetness, don't we?

Description : The theme string progression for the slow trance set. cry baby cry.

Description : Just a break in the slow trance string action. Some sidechaining for subtle droppage.

Description : Lovely epic synth lead with spacey vibes. Would love to hear this in some trance schtuff!

Description : The main spacey arpeggio for the ambient trancer in you. smoke to it.

Description : Break in the spacey arpeggio for the slow trance crowd. roll on oderant.

Description : Just a simple centralized bass arpeggio for trance, slow trance, trance to sleep to.

Description : An awesome break for the trance bass arpeggio. Yes it's on the slow side of trance, but you'll still get high from it.

Description : Just a really easy beat to start things in the right direction on a project. I can hear it now.

Description : Simple smooth bass line with some punch in the attack and some sidechaining. You know which one to save for me...

Description : Just a smooth bass arpeggio, with a bit of eighties flair. Have fun storming the castle.

Description : Part B of the shuffle pattern electro sort of drums. Fun for all ages.

Loops 26 - 50 of 857
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