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Description : Made with authentic acoustic drum sounds, played in a more modern manner. Also made sure to play it out for an extra two bars to also have a section where the reverb would bleed over to, so you can use the second section for looping.
Link me whatever you use this for, i would love to hear your beats/songs.

Description : I imagine this being like a title sequence for an 80s VHS type logo or something. Not sure if you can use this in music, but maybe you can use it for a video or something. Let me know! :D

Description : I made this with my microkorg synthesizer. Let me know what you make of it, please link it below.

Description : A little medieval melody made with a harp from the Sonatina Orchestra plugin. Please link me anything you make with this, I'd love to hear it.

Description : Put some grossbeat on this, it sounds nice. Please link me your work, I'd love to hear what you make of this.
Scale: Harmonic Minor
Key: C

Description : Made this funny jolly melody, i used an old saloon preset and mixed it to sound old and it just fit so well. Link me what you use it for.

Description : Here's a fill i put together from one of my latest tracks! Feel free to link me your song if you end up using it!

Description : Let me know what you make of it, please link me your work. I'd love to listen to it!

Description : Made with several 80s and SynthWave drumspacks.
FL Studio

Let me know if you use it, i want to hear all your creations.

Description : Here is the arp that fits with the adventurish pad that i had made. It's in the same key as the chords. Please let me know if you make something out of this!

Description : Some adventurish chords played on a pad i sound designed in Serum. I used FL Studio to make this loop. Will be uploading an arp i made for these chords if interested. Please let me know if you use it!

Description : I made this with Nexus, i used a preset called Zaytoven Arp, i turned off the arp and made my own loop. I turned off the delay and reverb. Let me know what you make of this.

Description : I used the basic FL studio grand piano for this, i left at as dry as possible so you could apply the settings you want. Let me know what you make of it.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13