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Description : Illenium style drum loop. Please feel free to use! Id love to hear what you made with it. Please comment to let me know what you think

Description : Chill group of chords with nice wide layered synths and bass.

Description : Simple Future bass chord progression with layered synths and minimal vocal chop

Description : Another Liquid Dubstep synth drop

Description : Chord Progression with melody. Similar style to that found in Alan walkers music.

Description : Drum loop for drumstep

Description : Melodic synth drop

Description : Basic Future House drum beat. Perfect to match my previous FH Loop

Description : Fat Future House Bass. Perfect for slicing in half to extend each section if you decide

Description : Another simple melodic dubstep drop. I think i have left enough room for you to make it your own. I suggest a growl bass during the breaks. There is a sub bass underneath already but if you want to change it the synth will still sound fine if you drop the low shelf to allow room for your own. Would really appreciate any comments weather it be feedback or suggestions for future loops that may benefit you. Thanks

Description : Basic Wide layered synth for Melodic and Liquid Dubstep. I suggest maybe making a melody on top and perhaps a sidechained subbass underneath. Good with a 4/4 drum beat.

Description : Basic Lead to match chord progression (See Profile for them).

Description : Bass to match simple chord progression.

Description : Simple Chord progression for Tropical House. You can find the Bass and Lead to match on my profile. Send me a message if you feel I can help you in anyway by creating a loop or two. Cheers

Description : Simple yet effective beat for Tropical House

Loops (15)