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Description : Sad acoustic ukelele with slight reverb + eq

Description : go crazy on this one ;)

Description : Wheezy trumpet with detune

Description : Marimba w/ widener + reverb

Description : Analog Labs pluck/bell w/ delay

Description : Analog Lab pluck/bell with Delay

Description : Spanish Guitar w/ reverb + vinyl effect

Description : Sampletekk Marimba w/ slight reverb

Description : Analog Labs Pad w/ Effects

Description : Lil Tjay type guitar sample with delay + reverb

Description : spanish guitar loop with vintage effects

Description : Marimba sample with slight reverb and stereo enhanced

Description : Guitar with a load of effects to give a distinct vintage sound

Description : Bouncy sad boi bell loop

Description : xpand!2 marimba with reverb and widener

Description : Rnb pads that could be flipped into RnDrill quite easily

Description : BOuncy Ukelele melody with slight reverb and harmonics

Description : Dark Wheezy type melody

Description : Hive Bells with stereo widener and reverb

Description : Xpand Nylon guitar with several effects

Description : Xpand!2 bell with a stereo widener

Description : Ambient bell melody with reverb and stereo enhancement.

Description : Spacious marimba with light reverb

Description : Piano loop with reverb in the style of Lil-Tjay

Description : Wide bell plucks with melody over the top

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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