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Description : Flute and Piano loop
Chords: GMaj7, AMaj7
GMaj7, AMaj7, G#Maj7(or AMaj7)

Description : typical trap beat with hard snare and 808's

Description : pad preset in logic

Description : Synth wave:)

Description : feel free to use// send links!

Description : cool compilation of stuff

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Description : I sampled sounds of me hitting a booster juice bottle different ways. came out cool. the hi hats are probably my favourite sound.

Description : eq'd a clap exported the high sound into a bell lol
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Em add9 to D

Description : Cool space synth logic preset...

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Description : I used a preset in alchemy:)
Chords: Gm, Am, Em, F# Dim.

Bass notes: g, a, e, f#

Description : Sampled a percussion from a CashMoneyAP drum kit

Chords: Cm, Fm, C#m. Cm, Fm, Gm.
Bass: c, f, c#, c, f, g.

Description : Loop I made on the piano and transferred to logic using serum. Sick ass melody !
I used it in one of my recent projects.

Description : Half Timed the loop (1/4)

Description : literally "Kid Cudi"

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Description : "Iconic" - logic drums. With an OG snare!

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Description : 808 hats and clap. leaving the creativity to you guys. make sure to make instruments tuned to the 808!

Comment your links!

Description : really nice sound :))

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Description : didn't use these so here you go

Description : Might have to automate the end cause of the clicking but I already automated so you'll probably be good!

Send what you make (comment links)!!

Description : loop of reversed piano.
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Description : really cool synth I found on Alchemy. I used directional mixer, reverb, big eq, pitched it down 3 tones.

Description : Synth for EDM
send links,

could go well with future bass, hip hop

Description : a compilation of synths!

for trap or lo-fi

Description : Metro Boomin type beat without 808's

(send me the links!)

Description : Metro Boomin type beat with hard 808's!

Please send me links

Loops 1 - 25 of 25
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