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Description : One of my personal fav drum loops ive made for the SIckHop genre. Made in Maschine.


Description : Lil riff on a organ or whurley like synth played in massive and recorded in live... Enjoy
Scale Amaj


Description : This is some of my most intense string synth loops to date. Made in Massive. Processed in Live. C in the Gregorian Scale


Description : One of the Sickest Bass Melodies ever to come out of my camp, never been used in any released works. Enjoy
Maschine Made


Description : made in massive trap or edm lead

Description : similar feel as the previous loop kinda dark cinamatic vibe but also good for house anthem and bridges...


Description : Inspired by 40a retrocastle i took a shot at a epic loop with a translyvania kind of vibe.

Description : For MaDD MaDDies BDaY got some Massive Made MaDD WoBZ

Description : For my girls lil friend St. Drazel SickHop Soldier and SoloCult Recruit Happy Bday

Description : From our new track redligh greenlight made in massive a sick MFing fiddle if i do say so

Description : FIrst Massive Loop Ever made, for a fun song we never releaed but i still bump on the regular.....

Description : brass lead high pitch

Description : Gated Bass Brass sound from sylenth made to accompany the bass loop before this one.

Description : Brasssounding Bass made in ableton x sylenth good for trap and future rnb songs

Description : Short trippy vox stretch Ableton

Description : Gated Vox Chops reversed and quataized like a beat made in ableton.


Description : made in sylenthXableton

Description : Bass line made in massive before fx and automation for my unreleased track no tribe. Has a lot of potential for audio fx to be added and warps well to other tempos...

Description : piano piece for an unreleased track No Tribe, its very soft and plays niceley in a classical or ambient track but can be tuned down seven semitones for a more gansta feel.

Description : Made in Maschine industrial type feel with some reflex reverb....same kit as desrt drums 1

Description : Short Percussive Drum Loop made in Maschine for a track i did a while back also works well at 98 bpm

Description : made in Massive, set at 80 bpm

Description : from one of my official releases...this is the sub un altered and ready to be twisted and contorted into whatever u need...great for hip hop or dubstep tempo....

Description : Made in Maschine Studio processed in Ableton....dark string ensamble....enjoy

Loops 1 - 25 of 43