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Description : just labs
uses halftime
chords are:
Ebmaj9 - Bbmaj7 - Cmin7 - Bbmaj7

Description : labs and serum

Description : using labs and serum

Description : using keyzone piano and a couple serum presets for layering

Description : 808s are in the key of c minor

Description : 808 in key of c minor

Description : synths in serum; serum presets from splice

Description : chords :
bmaj7 - a#7#9 - f#maj7 - c#m7
(the a#7#9 doesnt have the root in the chord but it will sound good if you have an a# in the bass during this chord)

Description : shut up bro

Description : a little wacky when you hear it with a metronome but i rocks with drums
key is d harmonic minor

Description : theres a drum loop that goes with this 808 loop that i also posted if you wanna use that

Description : master
i also posted an 808 loop that goes with it if you want to use that with the drums

Description : swear im addicted to blue cheese

Description : blue cheese

Description : just a random loop i made
idk what the key is

Description : okay i see you
chords are:
Abm7 - Ebmaj7 - Gbm6 - Emaj7

Description : eee ee ee aaa aaa a aaa

Description : never made anything like this before
hopefully some people who are more familiar with future bass can actually make something cool with this
also i for sure thought there was a future bass genre section but oh well
chords are:
Amaj7 - G#7#9 - Emaj7 - Bmin7

Description : definitely would be good with some loud ass and distorted ass 808s on it. sounds like something that lil darkie or egovert would use
you guys are gonna have to find the key with this one

Description : reverse piano
d harmonic minor

Description : feel free to use these for ur tracks

Description : feel like i've finally found my groove

Description : mang these KNOCK
808 is in d minor

Description : jazzy chord progression on stock rhodes with an rc-20
chords: ebmajor9 - gbmajor9 - abmajor9 - cbmajor9

Description : kinda bangs
808 in key of f#m

Loops 1 - 25 of 159
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