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Description : these are nice. end is nice

Description : since yall liked the last one

Description : jazz chord progression i made, then chopped it up in fruity slicer

Description : whole lotta reverb. might clash when it is being looped oh well i am tired and sad and exams are coming up and

chord prog is: I - iii - vi - vi

Description : it is nice i think

the chords sometimes go out of the scale but it is roughly f# maj

Description : just because im sad lol

sounds like 'will he'

eq on the hats and the clap

Description : back at it again at krispy kreme

Description : loop made with LABS London Atmos

Description : recording of me playing sax. solo is from georgia on my mind by ray charles. i know im not the best but someone could make something out of it. p.s.s, this works perfectly with JAZZ CHORDS which i also posted but i think they are different tempo.

Description : mmmm yummy yummy

comment any questions about the loop

Description : a major chords with f# blues scale melody

chords: I - VII - vi - V
Amaj7, G#7, Fmin7, Ebmaj7

Description : nice drums

bitta swing in ya step

really simple, no kick

Description : nice saxophone

used DSK saxophones

used d blues scale

i know saxophone is woodwind but i put it as brass anyway

Description : nice chords

used FLEX bosendorfer

Description : a lot of effects on this bad boy including Fruity Reeverb, iZotope Vinyl, Bonch - Bruevich tube v.1.6, Maximus, Grossbeat (Halftime), Fruity Parametric EQ 2, Fruity Chorus and a Fruity Flanger.

piano is just FL Keys.

chords playing are Fm9 and Cm9

melody playing is an improv over a c blues scale with Grossbeats Halfspeed.

enjoy the loop.

Description : nice chords

used the Bosendorfer preset in Flex

Description : yeahhhh this is a stretch

Description : dark, old, vhs-ish. i want to hear some hard 808's. link your tracks, boys

a harmonic minor

Description : gami type vibes from this. sampled from me playing guitar into a microphone

root notes: c#, g#

used in my new song on soundcloud

Description : yeah... sorry about me ghosting everyone (here and in soundcloud.) of course my computer would malfunction and break. currently has been in the shops for 4 - 5 weeks now and i don't have any clue when i am getting it back. for now, here is a loop i made a while back that i found on my hard drive :] stay safe

Description : this is nice

someone collab with me on soundcloud lmao hmu
link to my soundcloud in my bio

Description : easy and simple but real real nice

usually pretty trash at making lofi drums but these sound good. not gonna use them fo a beat so u guys can. :]

Description : hahahahahahhahahhahahah

ok fr tho this is the easiest shit to make
but it always sound so good

Description : opened: 3 days ago

Description : we used to talk so much... what happened?

Loops 1 - 25 of 104
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