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Description : sup players

Description : years later we are still imitating our lord and savior Btiller

Description : this one is pretty nice i think

Description : hello again

Description : ye boi

Description : roddy rich n mustard rnb vibe

Description : clean and simple

Description : oh look it's a generic guitar trap loop with triplets!

and a flute!!!!!!
(g#m -> c#m)

enjoy you gremlins

Description : ok so there isn't any guitars in it but idk maybe you will still like it.


Description : pretty neat

Description : i have returned my friends

new year, same stuff

Description : not bad eh?


Description : u could do so m a n y things with dis

fm -> cm boi


Description : tell your mom u love her

please post what u make ya gremlins


Description : show me what you make with it and as always,
stay thirsty my friends

Description : Lemme see what you make

Description : we goin viral with this one

share your creation and...


Description : Second half goes silly

Please share your work/check my bio for info


Description : ye boi check my profile for my info

share your stuff and:

enjoy friends

Description : go nuts kiddos

Description : slow trap.

Post what you make, enjoy

Description : Share your creation


Description : Link what you do with it


Description : This one is a real Beauty

Lemme see what you make

Enjoy friends

Description : Comment your creation

Stay thirsty my friends

Loops 1 - 25 of 32