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Description : I felt like a stoner! And all I wanna do is make loops today. This beat is a summer time pop vibe. My Favorite acoustic guitar and this only the chords. The melody on part 2. Look on my loops.

Description : I gave ya'll the sexy sauce. Just put the chicken on the grill, you know what I'm sayin? Get it right, there's only 1 way! This acoustic guitar is what you were looking for isn't it? A lil reverb, of course the velocity is perfected. No Rc-20. Tap in!

Description : This southern trap guitar is the type you hear on Gunna's music. It sounds like an African instrument no cap. Rc-20 and Valla Reverb.

Description : I used trap bells with a cutoff filter for this loop. Has slight delay and reverb. Also added a plugin called RC-20 which enhances the sound dramatically. Makes me wanna FaceTime my chick gang.

Description : I made the bells sound like a keyboard. I used the bells to make these chords. these are my exclusive trap bells. I made dat girl buss it down rite quick on my trap chords. I'mma give her dat Baby808 Gang!

Description : The first loop I uploaded since what, 2019? Piano for trap/rap beats. I used a grand piano with a slight reverb effect. Wanted to create something sad. I guarantee that if you pitch the melody to a higher octave and lower, you'll have 3 different types of this same melody.

Description : I wanted to make some chords to enhance your R&B track. Use this to sing over and use creative melodies and harmonies. Perfect for lovers in the bedroom ready to hit it all night!

Description : Perfect for singing some melodies over. I was thinking about something that slaps yet something you can make love to. My signature acoustic guitar hits every time.

Description : Been two years since my last upload, I know smh. But I'm back with something I know you going to love. Seeing that ya'll love my guitars, I went ahead and gave you a cool acoustic loop. Has slight reverb/delay with my signature stuff on it. Talk your truth on this one. Like sing about a girl or home girl. Don't add too much instruments and I promise this can be a hit for you! Put some autotune on your voice and see what happens next.

Description : I made this loop at 6am right after my wife and I got into an argument. This guitar brightened up my day some. It makes me want to take a few shots of some henny for whatever reason lol. But anyways I think you should sing on it with a catchy hook. If the melody is right on your chorus then this should be hit for someone. The guitar is unique with one of my signature featured distortion. Good vibe for the club scene. Please contact me if you publish a song you make out of this. C Minor baby!!

Description : Sexy but can also be used to get a point across. Put a lead over it. The drums you do have to be dope. Lay her down in the bed or tell her how you feel. I used a different type of Rhodes Piano sound and mixed it to make it hold down your track. So whatever you do

Description : This piano can really make your next song a hit. You really have to take your time to be creative with this joint. I just used a full acoustic piano on this one so feel free to add whatever you deem necessary. Hit me up please when you're done with your project. Don't ask me if you can use it, because the answer is "Yes". In the Key of B.

Description : Good vybe for rapping some deep lyrics. Honestly, I would sing the hook. I used a piano with a layered string on this one. You should swagg out the beat, and through a nice bass and lead to it. Keep it simple, nothing too much! C Minor

Description : I was drinking with my wife and came up with this loop. I used the acoustic guitar with a string layer. This loop would be cool for something mellow.

Description : I see this as more of a rap beat, but it's all up to you! I added the fresh kicks with the nice snaps. I also layered the kick with a larger bass for every two's. I added a aye whisper in it too. Wood cleaves, a few hats and that's all!
Please comment!

Description : In the key of C Major. Love song, acoustic guitar sound, perfect for singing melodies, add a keyboard and drum then you're good, multi-purpose genres, I recommend R&B or Gospel. Be creative!
Please comment!

Description : In the key of C#, perfect for a slow R&B type song, nylon stringed guitar, bright sound, legato strum, multi-purpose, speed up good for pop.
Please comment and I will give you more!

Description : Swagged out loop for stepping out for the weekend. Good party vibe, or hustlers music. Has a fresh urban kick and clap that will rock your world. I prefer you use a keyboard to compliment. But it's multi-purpose so it's up to you. Be creative!

Description : In the key of B Major, Smooth, soft, mellow, acoustic guitar for multi-purposes, bright, loyal,

Description : Fresh, Snare & Kick beat with the fly claps. Perfect for your hip-hop beat!

Description : In the key of C minor, Acoustic guitar, beautiful, resonate, urban, bedroom, lovemaking, multi-purpose, dope

Description : Fly, Uptempo, Happy, String layered Piano, Love, Joy, Peace, Beautiful

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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