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Description : Nexus Pad

Description : Piano from nexus

Description : Bell from nexus
Let me know if you want a cool countermelody

Description : bell from nexus
west coast maybe idk

Description : nexus bell

Description : Nexus bell i like

Description : Nexus Piano

Description : Joyner Lucas?

Description : Drake Pad idk sounds pretty cool
Made with Nexus

Description : Wooo hooo Epiphone Uke
Could be used for any genre

Description : Another try at recording some guitar

Description : hot bell

Description : yung bans bell

Description : Stock sounding piano I found

Description : cool bell

Description : not really sure what genre but its a cool bell

Description : Cool bell

Description : Best try at recording a guitar melody :/

Description : Bells from nexus

Description : Bells from nexus

Description : Made with Nexus Piano

Description : Made with nexus arp bell

Description : Vince Staples bass made with nexus

Description : This is one instrument. Made with nexus

Description : Pretty groovy

Loops 1 - 25 of 52