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Description : Lead for the last melody.

Description : new jazz/dance style. The lead that goes with this is catchy

Description : lead for last loop, from electra aswell.

Description : Chords from jazz piano on electra. The lead is pretty cool on top too, check it out.

Description : Cool pad from electra

Description : Cool bell sound from Electra

Description : cool arp from Nexus, enjoy and show me what you make!

Description : Cool preset from electra

Description : Cool Arp preset from Electra

Description : Futuristic sounding pad from nexus. Simple chords, enjoy!

Description : Cool piano from nexus. Enjoy!

Description : Good counter melody to the first loop.

Description : Played around with a synth from nexus. Gonna post the counter melody to it as well. Inspired by 9AM in Calabasas

Description : Cool pad from nexus. Could really use for anything!

Description : Pretty cool sound from nexus!

Description : bell from nexus

Description : Cool lead from nexus!

Description : Pad from nexus

Description : Cool bell from nexus

Description : Arp pad from nexus

Description : Bell from nexus

Description : Cool pad from Nexus

Description : Nice preset off nexus, sounds like a bell.

Description : Cool bell i found on nexus.

Description : Cool organ preset off nexus.

Loops 1 - 25 of 108