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Description : Bell layered with a synthy sound and flanger. Created with a Korg Nautilus and a Roland Integra-7.

Description : G-Funk synth bassline. Ice Cube/W.C./Banging on Wax vibes. Created with a Casio WK-3600 and sampled thru a Korg Nautilus.

Description : G-Funk sounding sine with Snoop Dogg/Dogg Pound vibes. Created with Korg Nautilus.

Description : Multilayered sine whistle created with Korg Nautius and Roland integra-7. Very G-Funk sounding. Snoop Dogg/Dogg Pound/DJ Quik vibes

Description : beat made with mouth noises

Description : beat using mouth sounds

Description : Bounce Out Drums

Description : Bass to the Bounce Out series

Description : another synth to Bounce Out Series

Description : Synth to Bounce Out series

Description : bells to Bounce Out series

Description : an arp loop

Description : Whipping sound

Description : Hard Sound

Description : Chained synth

Description : Drum loop

Description : drum beat made with mouth sounds

Description : synth strings

Description : Pad loop

Description : Synth Bass

Description : Drum beat

Description : Hyphy aint dead

Description : nice abstract sound that sounds great in a movie

Description : just another fresh drum track

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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