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Description : can't use these drums. let me know what you guys do with them

Description : soft drums w/ some ambience

Description : releasing an EP soon, sharing some of the drums with everyone

Description : drums im using for a new project. lmk what you guys come up with

Description : sounds like something common would be on. lmk what you guys make with it

Description : something i made real quick, post what you come up with

Description : had these drums sitting for a while.. drop down below what you do with them!

Description : used this in my new remix on my soundcloud. check it out!

Description : MF DOOM or Wu-Tang style drums

Description : NOTE: the bpm is 93.5 but you cant insert that into looperman info.
i used this for a Vomitspit remix on my soundcloud, check it out! ALL CAPS BABY

Description : some more boom bap for your head tops

Description : a lot of j dilla recently

Description : more old school drums

Description : old school

Description : the drums for a project im working on. i made it simple so you can add to it.

Description : its been minute. drums for an upcoming project

Description : cant finish the beat so here

Description : I've been really enjoying Eternal Atake. These drums are inspired by EA

Description : For a beat I'm making. Not totally feeling it

Description : just some heat for your Monday night

Description : limiter, maximus, eq2, and soft clipper on master. pretty simple

Description : drop what you make

Description : Sounds clean

Description : I dont even know

Description : I've been busy but I still have time to cook up. This is from my remake of Gunna - One Call.

Loops 1 - 25 of 92