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Description : It can be used as either an arp or a melody loop. Not much can be said about it. Have fun.

Description : Synth 6 preset from Sytrus with a load of FX

Description : Now it's a proper one, not a weak reverby one I uploaded a while back. Powerful drum loop complete with crashes, perc loop and splashes. There are no hats; they're taken off.
my humor is so bad

Description : No, Epic Reveal is not a song, it's just a series of grandeous loops.

Description : Wide arp for just about everything. Made with Sylenth1.

Description : Charming, pleasing sounds to scroll reddit memes to.
There is rhodes/piano/epiano layered, so not sure which one to pick as a category.

Description : Cyberpunk-themed drum loop. Nice and roomy. Made from a bunch of mhak kicks and Cymatics free samples

Description : High reverb lead from my pretty crappy song which I'll not publish on Looperman cause it's not worth it. Maybe if you ask to.

Description : This is the drop lead from my WIP song called Instructions Unclear, that's a really fat future bass-inspired track. I used 6 layers of different Sylenth1 and Massive presets. The Sylenth1 ones were made by myself, but Massive is a really different synth for me, so I just used A Love Lead and added an Aggressor preset for part 2 of the drop. Sidechained with LFOTool

Description : du du dudududu dududu dudududu
Very catchy sax loop. I definitely love it. Despite the "jazz" part in the title, it is just because of my assotiations of sax with jazz, like sax is only used to play jazz(not).

Description : Also good at 140 bpm. It was very hard to do, I thought of a melody, then tried to match my thoughts. Then I just recorded myself singing the melody, slightly adjusted MIDI sheet that I've got with Edison. Used Sylenth1 and Lynx. C# Major.

Description : I'm starting a new suspense loop series that hold the tension, then releasing it very massively..
KTS #1

Description : The DD WP with reduced BPM. Fits any genre.

Description : My first attempt on drum loops. It's great.

Description : Can be used as a layer to my Epic Thing. It's beautiful. Very.

Description : Just experimented with melodies and accidentally played this. I thought that it will be great buildup. And it is!

Description : Just experimented with melodies and accidentally played this. I thought that it will be great buildup. And it is!

Description : Don't ever stop. Because it loops, but not ends. Maybe it can be resolved with automation.

Description : I made myself a Sylenth1 pattern that matches paid pattern which Martin Garrix used in his track. The B part of plugin I borrowed from a screenshot, where second, A part I needed to patch myself. I think this is 90% exact.

Description : The 150 liters of pure jam. Best fits with fancy beat..erm..bread.

Description : Melody made in Caustic then converted to FL Studio piano roll. Used Sylenth1 synth.

Loops 1 - 21 of 21