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Description : just another 808 pattern, hope ye enjoy! :S

140BPM, C-key in harmonic minor scale

Description : just a psytrance bass, sorry for not uploading for a long time :C
BUT Anyways,

140 BPM, C-key

enjoy :S

Description : ... because its in c# :D Get it? No? ok. Anyways, this is just a dnb arp that I´ve made for ya´ll.

174 BPM, C# in Blues Scale

enjoy :S

Description : *sigh*

Description : FOLLOW

Description : follow up again

Description : follow up...

Description : follow up again

Description : just a follow up

Description : somebody asked for the stems, so here they are! You´re welcome ;)

Description : pretty self exlpenatory

Description : just the beep noises that i had in it

Description : just the fx

Description : the snare for the build up, same tempo same key

enjoy :S

Description : if anyone remembers epic minequest, you should know where that pre drop shout is from. I´m uploading all the layers seperately now, because of loopermna guidelines.

Build Up is at 160 BPM, risers and fx are in d-key

enjoy :S

Description : just add an 808 and you´re golden!

92 BPM, will fit any key

enjoy :S

Description : just another japanese type melody, this time an arp.

g-key in japanese insen scale, 160 // 80 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : just a drum beat that I´ve made. Will fit to any EDM song in 126 BPM.

126 BPM, E-key (because of chants/sound fx)

enjoy :S

Description : oh yeah yeah

Description : oh yeah yeah

Description : just some drums with theroad runner "meep" as a chant. They´re fast, aggresive and will fit to anything fast.

174 BPM, will fit any key

enjoy :S

Description : just add a PHAT 808 and you´re good to go!
simple melody/lead

b-key in harmonic minor, 160 BPM

Enjoy :S

Description : just another vocal loop for your future bass/trap drops!

g#-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :S

Description : now that´s a lot of damage...

Description : I was just playin´arround with a few 808 slides and some distortion and somehow got THIS! If you make something with this, ket me know ;D

b-key in harmonic minor scale, 157 BPM

enjoy :S

Loops 1 - 25 of 135
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