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Description : so I was just playing arround with my hats and this is how it turned out.

Will fit any key, 158 BPM
enjoy :S

Description : just another drum loop for y´all.

173 BPM, F#-key in harmonic minor

Enjoy :S

Description : very simple EDM drums

Description : so I was just playing arround in Fl Studio and THIS happened!

140 BPM

enjoy BD

Description : just a sub bass that i´ve made

128 BPM

enjoy :B

Description : now that´s a lot of damage!

Description : just an air horn lead for a trap drop

c-key in harmonic minor scale (fits well to f-key loops), 150 BPM

enjoy :L

Description : i don´t even know what I was trying to do here, but it sounds sick!

f-key, because of the toms and 128 BPM because its House music

enjoy :J

Description : just a big room lead...

g-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :P

Description : just a dnb synth lead

174 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : just an arp I made with a piano vst, this time without a scale.

130 BPM,

enjoy :D

Description : just some simple boom bapish-ish/hip hop-ish drums.

will fit any key, 80 BPM

enjoy :P

Description : just a nice build up for a drop.

riser is in c-key so will fit to anything in c.

enjoy :D

Description : so i´ve taken a recording of a party horn and pitched it down, and with some distortion it ended up sounding like this!

d-key in harmonic minor, 140 BPM.

enjoy :O

Description : just a heavy drop for the drums that i´ve made.

f-key, 150 BPM

enjoy :F

Description : just some more dubstep drums.

will fit any key, 155 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : uhm yeah, they´re kinda simple... Anyways,

a#-key in any scale rlly

Enjoy :F

Description : impact noise..

._. ye

Description : O Hat

=) enjoy

Description : ride cymbals,

enjoy :7

Description : percussion, enjoy :/

Description : ...

enjoy :)

Description : the snare...

same key, same BPM

enjoy :J

Description : as I have said, here´s the follow up for the 808

f#-key in harmonic minor scale

and again: enjoy :S

Description : just the 808 from my stinger drums (as requested ;D). Hat, Perc, Ride etc. are next ;)

f#-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :D

Loops 1 - 25 of 106
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