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Description : felt like making somthing old school again, so here it is!

will fit to any key, since they´re drums

enjoy :S

Description : sup!
So I found this accoustic guitar plugin which sound absolutely amazing and to try it out I dropped a Cymatics Midi onto it. WHY DOES IT SOUND SO RUSSIAN?
it is in Bmin, 160 BPM.
Enjoy :S

Description : haven´t uploaded in a while, so here´s another build up for yall.
Let´s hope that I won´t have to upload all the stems this time :S

enjoy :D

Description : I believe that I´ve perhaps gone too far with this one, but I don´t really care ´cause THOSE ARE SOME HEAVY A$$ DRUMS! LIKE, SERIOSLY.

Description : haven´t uploaded in a while... a long one actually. But I´m back! Take this as a late christmas gift I guess.

115 BPM, A# harmonic minor

enjoy :S

Description : IM BACK AT IT! Ive been gone for quite a while now, sorry for that, but I am back now with a new HARD AF drum loop.

160 BPM, C har min

enjoy :S

Description : just some more drums for ya´ll! sorry for not uploading for a while, I´ve been kinda busy lately.

85 BPM, A# Key

enjoy :S

Description : NOW THAT´S A LOT BETTER! I´ve changed the sound of the 808 and it sounds a lot better now.

165 BPM, a# min

enjoy :S

Description : its been a while since I have uploaded some trap metal drum, so here´s more!

a# key in harmonic minor scale, 165 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : i just found this sample and started flipping it and fellas, I am geting some serious old school vibes on this. I don´t know the key of this but i´ve stretched the sample to 90 BPM and I´ve pitched it down quite a bit. Good Luck flipping this!

Description : sike!some more hardbass donks for ya´ll.

160 BPM

enjoy :D

Description : just some more EDM Drums for ya´ll

160 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : kobe!

Description : just started experimenting with a few fx´s and an e-guitar and this happy little accident happened!

its hard, like REALLY hard

105 BPM, G-key

enjoy :X

Description : just another 808 pattern, hope ye enjoy! :S

140BPM, C-key in harmonic minor scale

Description : just a psytrance bass, sorry for not uploading for a long time :C
BUT Anyways,

140 BPM, C-key

enjoy :S

Description : ... because its in c# :D Get it? No? ok. Anyways, this is just a dnb arp that I´ve made for ya´ll.

174 BPM, C# in Blues Scale

enjoy :S

Description : *sigh*

Description : FOLLOW

Description : follow up again

Description : follow up...

Description : follow up again

Description : just a follow up

Description : somebody asked for the stems, so here they are! You´re welcome ;)

Description : pretty self exlpenatory

Loops 1 - 25 of 149
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