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Description : part 3

Description : part 2

Description : Its not exactly a bass, but not fx either... hmm...

Description : A Dark Growl Bass for Dubstep/Riddim

VSTs used...
Soft Clipper

Description : here is my all (not so) famous yoi growl stab noise that I made in serum awhile back and use a lot. I will most likely make more loops with this sound if people like it enough. if you happen to use this weird growl sound in a track please feel free to show it to me.

Description : Enjoy

Description : Im back from the depths

Description : destrutible

Description : Gratis.

Description : Bassss

Description : Dub, Dubstep, Growl, Bass, DnB, Drumstep, Bass, SubBass, Melodic, Clint, Eswwottt, Gorilla, Scp?, Super, Modern, Ok ,Follow me.

Description : Some sort of growly high pitched arp

Description : just a weird and fast dorian arp in d. will fit great to dnb drums and/or a growl bass (dnb OR dubstep)

d key in dorian scale

enjoy :D

Description : Made in Fl with KhS effects :)

Description : Shish

Description : Made during a trap sesh

Description : yes... again

Description : just a growl again

Description : growl... just a growl

Description : Made with serum. From my track hold me now which you can listen to on my profile

Description : As the title says I tried to replicate the growl bass from Virtual Riot "Pray For Riddim" song that you can hear in the second drop..I guess

Description : meh..

Description : I know it's not the best but I'm trying lol
This is a growl bass I made with Sytrus on Fl Studio
Mainly for sound design practice but I figured maybe you guys can do something with it. Comment and show me what you've made.



Loops 1 - 25 of 252
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