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Description : 140 bpm
Description : This is a fun sound. It uses Serum. There is a macro attached to the LFO rates. The main talking sound is created by moving a low shelf on the EQ and adding a small amount of Sin. Folding. There is also a type of "digital" sound that attaches with it in a similar timing, this was done with the second OSC, which is also FM modulating the first OSC. The sub bass is run through a moving High 24 filter with the oscs, so it is muted a bit. Because of that, this is more of a main melody synth than a "bass wobble", I'd recommend adding an 808 or something for the low end. This sample is at 128bpm, in the key of mainly A#.
Description : Growl (Massive); Wobble (Serum).
Description : Share with me if you use it ^_^
Description : Well i just made Sample pack plus Five Ableton live dubstep drop projects just for only 10 USD go to my soundcloud for more informations and link to pay
Description : GRIME! The notorious genre known in the U.K. lots of energy, pure filth most of the time, for those of you who don't know grime, its basically minimalistic dubstep with some English dude spitting flames. I made this for a well known battle rapper from Don't Flop (DFAFD)
Description : Share with me if you will use it.
Description : Made in serum, put a vocal and vocodex with some automation
Description : If you want the Serum preset for this, shoot me a message on here. If you use this in a song, please link it in the comments, because I love seeing your guy's work, it helps keep me motivated to make these!
Description : Share with me what you made from this ^_^
Description : and SpagHeddy style
Description : sexy growl i did in a copule of minutes
Description : Just a little bass growl i made. free for use. no need for mention me. use it at your own will
Description : Dank Wub Wubs! If you use this in a song, I'd appreciate it if you linked it to me :)
Description : It may be a buildup, or just a growl for a nice drop. Make it yourself look nice.
Description : 200 BPM. NI Massive.
Description : I was messing around with the growls today, and this came out. Couldn't know what to do with it, so here you go. Feel free to edit pieces of any part in this loop, it's all yours, idc.
Description : I hope you guys like this dubstep growling buildup. This has the same combinations as the previous loop, check that one out too. Feel free to use this loop just as my others.
Description : This is a very heavy and brutal dubstep growl by me. It contains a mix of reverb, fixed sound design and the plugin Vocodex for the sharp growl effect.
Description : Made with NI Massive.
Description : Heavy FM Growl in 8 Different Variations combined in one big loop. Each Variation has 4 hits in 1/4 notes and 2 in 1/2 notes. The first 4 hits have two down pitched, one up pitched and one no pitch note, the 2 hits have one down pitched and one no pitched. Enjoy!!!
Description : My artist name is FLINT. I am back on looperman with some freshly sound designed sound for you guyz !! :) I was supposed to use it but i will sound design more for me lol this is the bassline for the growl before
Description : My artist name is FLINT. I am back on looperman with some freshly sound designed sound for you guyz !! :) I was supposed to use it but i will sound design more for me lol this the growl for the drop and the second upload will be the riddim bassline :)
Description : Scream and growl
Description : Based on Excision's Codename X and Skrillex's unreleased Turmoil, I made this weird growly pitch down bass using Xfer Serum. You can use it, you don't need to do a (ft. Zigmaguy) its public domain lol
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