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Description : ;-; ;-; ;-;
Description : Just a bit of stuff I did in Xfer Serum (This has sidechaining)
Description : leave me a link bro! tha't is cool
Description : when you make a lead that also has an automation to be turned into a growl yikes! lol

lemme knowi f you want the version without the sub
Description : idk what the hell you'd do with this but i'm new to sound design and just making stuff.
Description : More PE stuff on its way. Show me what you use them in.
Description : Use it how you want, just show me what you make.
Description : reply what you do with it, you could probably chop the first growl and work with that and distort it, and compress it.
Description : Fair Enough
Description : Enjoy ^^
Every loop I make has never been used in any track of mine. Just make sure to send me a kiss.
Description : ...secret formula bruh.
Description : Made with love.
Description : A drumstep wobble loop made using a single instance of Serum, in the key of F major! I started with a single growl wavetable, and all the different sounds come from modulating the pitch bend, wavetable position, bend-, oscillator detune amount, filter cutoff and the fitler resonance.

For post processing I used Serum's tube distortion, multiband compression, reverb and flanger, and then went into sausage fattener, ableton's dynamic tube, some EQing and a limiter on the end.
Description : A growl with some reverb I'm using for a new track, This automation didn't quite work with the song but i liked the sound of it, maybe one of you could use it. I made it using Ableton live and massive. let me know if you use it! theres a pitch bend F-F#-F during the second growl. i would use F#m for this.
Description : A somewhat simple growl I created using Serum.
Description : Growl Bass Speed
Made with serum
please tell me if you use my loops in your soundcloud ;-)
Description : Have fun with this sound and hit me up if you need anything!
Description : using what I posted yesterday besides the first growl. serumtuts
Description : I'm bored
Description : Made With Xfer Serum And FL Studio
If ya use it id love to hear your work!
Description : Made In Xfer Serum And FL Studio
If ya use it id love to hear your work!
Loops 1 - 25 of 232
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