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Description : A growl with some reverb I'm using for a new track, This automation didn't quite work with the song but i liked the sound of it, maybe one of you could use it. I made it using Ableton live and massive. let me know if you use it! theres a pitch bend F-F#-F during the second growl. i would use F#m for this.
Description : A somewhat simple growl created using Xfer Serum in Fl Studio 12. Used 4 different wavetables to create growl.
Description : Growl Bass Speed
Made with serum
please tell me if you use my loops in your soundcloud ;-)
Description : Have fun with this sound and hit me up if you need anything!
Description : using what I posted yesterday besides the first growl. serumtuts
Description : I'm bored
Description : Made With Xfer Serum And FL Studio
If ya use it id love to hear your work!
Description : Made In Xfer Serum And FL Studio
If ya use it id love to hear your work!
Description : Electric Guitar with some Cloud, Trap, Rap, Growl styles.
Description : Made with Massive and the WOW effect plugin. Let me know if ya use it! I'll gladly give ya a view! Feel free to message me for Collab, loop or Remix requests. Have a blessed day!
Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Made in FL Studio and Massive. Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to hear your song. Feel free to message me on SoundCloud, or whatever if you wanna collab, get a remix, or just wanna ask me something. Have a blessed day!
Description : It reminds me of what Twicedimension makes because: 1. its compressed 2. its loud lo also leave a link if u use this loop
Description : You can chop the 3 different growls into different things and use them all for whatever you want. I love you guys you make it worth doing this
Description : put it to good use
Description : For Trap/Brostep.
Description : For Dubstep/Brostep and Trap.
Description : For nice Drops. Trap/Dubsstep.
Description : 140 bpm
Description : This is a fun sound. It uses Serum. There is a macro attached to the LFO rates. The main talking sound is created by moving a low shelf on the EQ and adding a small amount of Sin. Folding.

There is also a type of "digital" sound that attaches with it in a similar timing, this was done with the second OSC, which is also FM modulating the first OSC.

The sub bass is run through a moving High 24 filter with the oscs, so it is muted a bit. Because of that, this is more of a main melody synth than a "bass wobble", I'd recommend adding an 808 or something for the low end.

This sample is at 128bpm, in the key of mainly A#.
Description : Growl (Massive); Wobble (Serum).
Description : Share with me if you use it ^_^
Description : GRIME! The notorious genre known in the U.K. lots of energy, pure filth most of the time, for those of you who don't know grime, its basically minimalistic dubstep with some English dude spitting flames.
I made this for a well known battle rapper from Don't Flop (DFAFD)
Description : Share with me if you will use it.
Description : Made in serum, put a vocal and vocodex with some automation
Loops 1 - 25 of 219
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