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Description : REMAKE from Zomboy's track Mind Control. Please do not copyright this!!!!

made a track from this, Show me!
Key: E Minor
Sidechained without sub.

Description : Show me your work!

Description : A Zomboy/Skrillex inspired loop that I just whipped up. Link what you made with this!
Key: F
Tempo: 150

Description : Made this and thought I'd share it here!
Comment a link to the finished track so I can hear!
If you use it in a song, please put "ft. Sledg3" in the title. Thank you! :)

Description : kinda dumb

Description : Taking the wave from Zomboy's track "Immunity", and adding a whole bunch of different effects (9 of them), I made what sounds like a laser gun/Dubstep wave...thingy...Yea hope you can find a use for it and send me track if you use it at all :D

P.S. ----KEY IS F MIN----

Description : A Soundation-made Zomboy style drums uncluding a crash, kicks, snares, closed and open hats, rides, and a white noise FX. Enjoy! Not tonal so can be used with any melody.

Description : Using some serum for this one, made it in Ableton with a Zomboy-like bass along with some others HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Description : Drums like a 12th planet, Megalodon, Zomboy and etc.

Description : A good beat if you want to make a gr8 moombah song, Bro Safari/Dillon Francis/ETC!ETC!/Zomboy style

Description : Zomboy? Mario? I don't know. Enjoi

;) Let's hear what you make!

Description : Weird Deep House/Dubstep sound inspired from Zomboy - Lights Out

Description : Safe? hmmm

Description : Keeters!

Description : Is side chain

Description : Hardcore!

Description : Serum and Massive :D

Description : Serum and Massive

Description : Original snare.

Description : Just a remake of the immunity bass by zomboy

Description : Kick + Snare + ride = Perfection...

Description : Obviously I wasn't trying to recreate the sounds used in either song. I simply made this while experimenting and realized it had the same pattern that's in the songs by Zomboy and Skrillex.

Now I give this generic dubstep drop to you.

Description : Sound like Zomboy/MUST DIE!.

(the sound is sidechained)

Description : Kick + Snare + Ride = Perfection.

Description : Why not? Tell me what you think and post a link to your song if you use it!!!

Loops 1 - 25 of 81