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Description : ARIA Player vst
pizz, spicc bow, violin1,2 viola, basses, cello, strings full

Description : To repeat the loop seamlessly in your DAW, you're going to need to cut it in half, and use the second half of it for the rest of your project, hope that makes sense! Make sure to put your projects in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

Description : Part II (harp/cello/piano/MIDIs) is AVAILABLE!
If you want to get part 2, you need to send me message on mail or instagram (contact info).
For more loops, midi, projects, beats or exclusive products also send me message on the mail (contact)!

Description : cello and piano...

Description : Moprhine
STR cello 1 FG

Description : Fl studio
STR cello 1F

Description : Catty Piano 02's tune but on a groovy cello. Link me your content if you use!

Description : Intense Orchestra with Cello and Violin

Description : Cello Made with sakura in FL Studio in G#m

Description : Post your work

Check out my other melodies if you liked this one

Wanna collab? Hit me up by clicking my profile pic and going to either my soundcloud or my e-mail
Check out my beats while you're at it :D

Description : have a nice day bro.

Description : fruity loops 11

Description : hope usable

Description : Dualing Instruments - as I'm rather new to uploading and sharing my content in a free domain environment...PLEASE - comment with links to any of your projects utilizing the samples. It's inspiring to see results emerging from my loops. And feel free to contact me for some free personalized loops. - Danny

Description : Hope usable

Description : Inspired by "MOHA & LUM!X - UNDERGROUND"

Key: E,C,A,G

Description : F*CK that

Description : beibe beibe do biruleibe leibe?

Description : Feel free to use it as you want.

Mellotron Flute + Cello - Garageband


Description : Contra bass with cello

Description : A quick cello sample I made in FL Studio, thought it sounded nice. Send me links to the sounds you use it in.

Description : First Loop. Made with Morphine "STR Cello 1 FG"

Description : Created using MAschine 2.8.5

Description : VST- HEAT UP 3 (CELLO)


Description : $$$ Do you like the loop? Leave me a comment;) Hi! :) If you use the loop, send me please your finished result link in the comments.. If you have a question, please look at my profile and click to link(FB).Thanks.

Loops 1 - 25 of 249
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