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Description : Scale used, Phrygian. I recommend putting a gross beat

Description : Some interesting strings.

Harmless but menacing at the same time

A Key in Harmonic Minor Scale

Description : Sad orchestral melody. Aminor. Feel free to share what y'all make, I love hearing what y'all got, and I always leave a reply.

Description : Hope you enjoy my loops

Description : every 4 bars is a different variation, so u have more options. idk why i love doing orchestral shit lol. enjoy

Description : Emin-Dmin-Cmaj-Emin

Description : HMU for customs

Description : Too lit to quit

Description : Somebody died. 126 bpm

Description : gumu gumu no...

Description : reminds me of being back in Austin

Description : If you have questions or if you want something (midis, exklusive loops,...), dm me my IG is in my profile description

Description : enjoy.

Description : link me up

Description : This is going to be part of a loop pack, I am exclusively uploading to Looperman, enjoy!

Description : Submit your tracks in the comment section, I'll like to listen what you guys have done :)))

Description : From my Interesting loop pack 1. loLZ.
Some stringy thingy from some plugin i forgot,
but yeet
Same key ma doods, G in Phrygian

Description : Just something I came up with. Could be turned into a real banger with some trap samples.

Link your creations as always!

Description : Nexus

Description : D Minor
Link me what you made.

Description : Misc Orchestra strings loop for you mix. Hope its useful to your projects. Enjoy, Peace.

Description : lil spooky but could go good w/ something..Comment link to your project if you use it I love to give feedback.

Description : Universal Background Strings for your productions. Enjoy,Peace.

Description : for Midis, Sounds, Collabs... Dm me, my IG name is on my Profile

Description : well I guess since I have to say the daw I used I cant make the description "Made in Fl Studio 20" anymore

Loops 1 - 25 of 3240
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