20th Jun 2023 18:43 -  11 months ago
Description : Lil thick is a song ive just uploaded on the name of T.W.O - Lil thick . u can find it on all platforms. if u wanna use for comercial contact me first, enjoy!

Comments (24)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

A79BEATS 21st Dec 2023 00:38 -  5 months ago

With great affection, A79 Beats from Brazil.
Preda 21st Sep 2023 20:07 -  8 months ago
Hi man !
Thanks for the vocal !!

I've made a song with it, a bit faster than the original.
Hope you will like it !
KKalil 13th Aug 2023 16:16 -  9 months ago
Thanks a lot for the awesome vocals!
Just released my version, hope you like it!
TWOofficial replied 15th Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
thanks man!
YsoCERiOUS 10th Aug 2023 02:29 -  9 months ago
some of the best vocals ive heard on this site fr. keep em coming!
TWOofficial replied 10th Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
thank you brotha!!
Johnsdeo 10th Jul 2023 06:36 -  10 months ago
Me too I have tried. I like the way you flow bro, good work. Please take a few minutes to listen
DJBrothaIvan 7th Jul 2023 05:33 -  10 months ago
I like the flow and cadence.. i created a track for it.. Im on Instagram @DJBrothaIvan..

In box me.. i would like for you to listen..
INSANEAR 5th Jul 2023 06:40 -  10 months ago
Hey bro, just finished the track if you like it, please contact me so we can work on it further and commercialize it, here is the link for the track.
Prodbyrsan 4th Jul 2023 20:26 -  10 months ago
hallianbeats 2nd Jul 2023 02:25 -  11 months ago
I lieke ur voice man
TWOofficial replied 2nd Jul 2023 - 11 months ago
thanks man!!
Boogeyacc 30th Jun 2023 22:51 -  11 months ago
ALEXLOZANOOSPINA1 25th Jun 2023 16:50 -  11 months ago
Max170 23rd Jun 2023 07:50 -  11 months ago
frankzozky 22nd Jun 2023 14:47 -  11 months ago
KayHonor 22nd Jun 2023 03:08 -  11 months ago
Conamix 22nd Jun 2023 00:47 -  11 months ago
Wait! Hold up! What? Whoa?
This one is hot stuff:

Thanks for this awesome inspiration!

LLUVQUEST 22nd Jun 2023 00:35 -  11 months ago
I like that
EastCoastRookie22 22nd Jun 2023 00:10 -  11 months ago
Listen to Enzzone Sunsliza - TWO Lil Thick ( ft. TWOofficial ) by EnzZoneMusic on #SoundCloud
bloodalloverbeats 21st Jun 2023 17:31 -  11 months ago
TWOofficial replied 22nd Jun 2023 - 11 months ago
my girl realy likes this one haha. really cool bro!
PsychoWhistle 21st Jun 2023 16:04 -  11 months ago
glugl 21st Jun 2023 15:20 -  11 months ago
ArrenG 20th Jun 2023 22:38 -  11 months ago

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8th May 2020 22:09 -  4 years ago
Description : Hello, sorry I've been working on new music I've finally uploaded a version of this acapella with the annoying crack that you guys told me about in mixing try it and let me know if it's good :)

Please name your track "Michael Mayo - Lovin It Ft. Subject (Your name here Remix)"

Just want to say love y'all to all my loyal fans feel free to connect with I love hearing your stuff BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY STAY SAFE!!!
5th Apr 2021 22:54 -  3 years ago
Description : if you need the dry vocals dm me

if you want to use it for commercial purposes dm me
@itsmarcovernice on Instagram

Please put featuring Marco Vernice if you use the accapella

instagram @itsmarcovernice
7th Feb 2022 23:36 -  2 years ago
Description : Wrote this song because im depressed and i want to die
Find the refference on my profile
If you make a remix please credit as
cansada - ashesndreams

Description : Beat by MrBlindz
Lyrics by ashesndreams

Tags: EspaƱol spanish afrobeat latino mexico tired love female vocals sad r&b depression pop trap reggaeton EDM
29th Oct 2020 10:50 -  3 years ago
Description : Commercial clearance only,
Pease use the email on my profile.
Written & Produced By Tha Suspect
5th Jan 2023 17:40 -  1 year ago
Description : You can get a commercial license + stems (vocal doubles, adlibs etc) link on my profile

Perfect for Dance/House & EDM genres

Feel Free to DM me if you have any questions
2nd Aug 2023 12:19 -  9 months ago
Description : this is a song i made in papiamentu. u can remix how u like. and send me in excited to see what u guys can do with this one btw my artist name is T.W.O
13th Aug 2023 09:34 -  9 months ago
Description : As per usual, I haven't released this but i want to see what producers make of it. It's a personal project. However, feel free to use, chop and produce a remix. I want to hear what you come up with so yeah! The original key is B minor but D Major can go with it.
20th Jul 2023 10:40 -  10 months ago
Description : must put ft Frank Zozky
Original versions on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube etc...instrumental available for free download on Soundcloud
18th Nov 2020 22:55 -  3 years ago
Description : Afro trap, afro pop, dancehall and rap.