27th Aug 2008 19:15 -  15 years ago
Tags : 130 bpm
690.78 KB
Usage : DJFUNK did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : house accapella

Comments (103)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

canapo 27th Dec 2022 19:53 -  1 year ago
ONEDARKSIDE 24th Jun 2021 00:18 -  2 years ago
This worked a treat this vocal of yours - Thank you so much!!! I wrote some old school UK SPEED GARAGE (2-Step).... Hope your still around and get to check it out. Many thanks Luke aka ONE DARKSIDE -- :)
Alooshun 29th Nov 2020 01:01 -  3 years ago
So I finally got a new phone and was able to upload an avatar. So I can now comment. Here’s a track I made with this. Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy.
SaddleSneeze 1st Dec 2018 22:02 -  5 years ago
Hey, thank you so much for the apacella. I used it in my track "Move":
I hope you enjoy! :-)
alectroid 8th Oct 2017 19:19 -  6 years ago
great vocal, made a house track and it sticked perfectly on it. Thnx.
will probably be released digitaly so pm me if you would like to hear it
much love an peace
LaurentLokhorst 4th Sep 2016 12:14 -  7 years ago
Made a deep house song with your vocals: Feedback is welcome!
yogevmon 17th Aug 2016 21:46 -  7 years ago
Thanks !
Made this some time ago, forgot to upload.
MrThaChicken 28th Jul 2016 13:37 -  7 years ago
check out my version this going hard !
twedt 23rd Jun 2016 15:59 -  7 years ago
Added your vocals to a little project of mine. Thanks for the vocals!
MrFrancis 22nd Feb 2016 03:25 -  8 years ago
ThnQ for this great acapella, hope you'll like my house track! grtzzzz
Julez202 20th Aug 2015 09:46 -  8 years ago posted on youtube aswell for you to check out
Julez202 19th Aug 2015 14:13 -  8 years ago
Julez202 19th Aug 2015 13:25 -  8 years ago
hey man. thank you for the epic vocal. its fit perfect into my new song that il be uploading shortly. will keep you updated with the link
ReliantToast 22nd Feb 2015 01:58 -  9 years ago
murraysmith 10th Sep 2014 10:33 -  9 years ago

link to a track with your acapella. Hope you like :-) Thanks
daradungood 23rd May 2014 11:35 -  10 years ago
DTE91 18th May 2014 18:21 -  10 years ago

FANTASTIC SAMPLE THANKYOU. heres what i just recently put together, i hope you like it.
bajoarmada 10th May 2014 15:27 -  10 years ago
hey khaled! thanks you for the vocal. has been a good inspiration for this my sound. big up!!! greetings from cologne!
Kandiak 22nd Apr 2014 08:16 -  10 years ago
Hey Stacy finished up a house track using your vocals, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you think.
reini63 11th Apr 2014 10:53 -  10 years ago
Thank you Stacy Kidd!

This is my first experiment to produce a Deep House Track.
keiran88 3rd Mar 2014 19:51 -  10 years ago please check it out. btw thanks for the awesome lyrics
radioilluminati 4th Feb 2014 21:12 -  10 years ago
Bucke 17th Nov 2013 21:19 -  10 years ago
Hey,thanks man im using your (move) for my new Progressiv House track! Have fun
eMnSello 13th Nov 2013 17:10 -  10 years ago
Thanks man!
Check it awt
larsk83 27th Oct 2013 11:30 -  10 years ago
hey thanks for your vocal. has been a good inspiration for this track. So light it up and enjoy.
Maxibumbum 8th Oct 2013 19:37 -  10 years ago
Would be a pleasure if you listen to this :D
dbbusk 1st Sep 2013 16:47 -  10 years ago
dbbusk 30th Aug 2013 16:09 -  10 years ago
Hello Stacy. I'd like to borrow your melody from "The movement" for a 30 sec. drop in my track, together with your acapella. Do you mind if I do that?
jmillqvist 25th Aug 2013 03:43 -  10 years ago
jammyj4 14th Aug 2013 17:09 -  10 years ago
PeterThogersen 14th Aug 2013 15:51 -  10 years ago
MasSseduction 2nd Aug 2013 22:46 -  10 years ago
dzaym only jst realised dat dis ish is actually frm 2008 but oh well also did sumin with da vocals ...deep house tip, feel free 2 check it out...
knoxknox 26th Jun 2013 05:53 -  10 years ago
Made a really... really nice old school vs new school house track with these vocals. these vocals were so much fun to mess around with. check it out!
ksn2009 21st Jun 2013 09:44 -  10 years ago
Thank you very much
iRYDmusic 11th Apr 2013 23:13 -  11 years ago
Good job with the vocals DJFUNK! Here is my project from this:
Garage 1st Apr 2013 13:30 -  11 years ago
Garage 1st Apr 2013 13:29 -  11 years ago
Hey nice one comes arrive ;)
manicminor 10th Mar 2013 23:23 -  11 years ago
jonar 1st Feb 2013 11:57 -  11 years ago
feeniksazo 4th Jan 2013 01:47 -  11 years ago
ToxicEmbrace 30th Dec 2012 00:00 -  11 years ago
Here is my track with these nice vocals.
I hope you like it and please leave a comment. :)
DjRodder 19th Nov 2012 19:59 -  11 years ago
I think I made the best Electro remix of this.
Respect Stacy Kidd, thanks for your voice :D
cube3 15th Oct 2012 14:23 -  11 years ago
muddypaws 5th Oct 2012 17:44 -  11 years ago
Venominon 21st Aug 2012 04:38 -  11 years ago
Seb1890 16th Aug 2012 15:46 -  11 years ago
Working on a tech house beat right now. GREAT Acapella for it. Thanks bigtime
jonnycool12 27th Jul 2012 00:37 -  11 years ago
pistola7 22nd Jul 2012 21:20 -  11 years ago
Thanks, this was just the type of vocal I was looking for. Check out the track:
Hakatzzz 11th Jun 2012 03:37 -  11 years ago
Im working on this one :)
IvanoP 25th May 2012 05:30 -  12 years ago
just did a deep funky house track to the vocals of stacy kidd have a listen please comment i think it turned out well peace
simon224 5th May 2012 01:36 -  12 years ago
Thanks for sharing this. Did a dance mix with it.
Bastelkopp 15th Apr 2012 19:02 -  12 years ago
thanx for this great sample. i have used it in my song:
DREW1 15th Apr 2012 04:37 -  12 years ago
thedukeofvandals 8th Nov 2011 22:25 -  12 years ago
Hey, im very new to producing, let me know what you think of my electro/dub track featuring this acapella
electrodoctors 19th Jul 2011 18:14 -  12 years ago
So if we made a mistake in title tell us!
Anyway here's a clip of the song mentioned abowe!
Metrodox 13th Jan 2011 10:24 -  13 years ago
RockyXXL 4th Dec 2010 22:40 -  13 years ago
NeonStrawberry 27th Oct 2010 21:24 -  13 years ago
This was real pleasant to work with, had it for a long while and used it in many practice mash up, it came handy. Now finally done something solid, with quite a lot of bass, but the pella gives an extra twitch to it, check it out:
Ghazouly 25th Aug 2010 04:43 -  13 years ago
sounds good
gonna be amazing project
blackryan 13th Aug 2010 13:43 -  13 years ago
Classic House pella.
Aereas 7th Aug 2010 03:53 -  13 years ago
Hello my friend.

I just used your acapella in my new Club/ House track.

Feel free to go listen to it @

donskoi 3rd Aug 2010 14:01 -  13 years ago
djbazcetkase 3rd Jul 2010 22:25 -  13 years ago
Basecl 3rd Jul 2010 17:48 -  13 years ago
hey man i have a remix for you!!! this Acapella is so sweet!!!!
i have use it to my new song i hope you like it!!!
give me a comment!!!!!
greetz Base-cl
Daniel858 8th Jun 2010 01:39 -  13 years ago
Made a song with this, check it out!!

let me know what you think of the combination
RoshSounds 4th Jun 2010 14:14 -  13 years ago
Here you can heard a track :
I wan't to send it an beatport etc and DjPromo Recording CD's soon.Check it out and tell me what do you think Rosh :)
Mashinata 8th May 2010 13:26 -  14 years ago
hi man thanks for the acapella i made minimal house track with this and i would like to show you the result . I sent you invite in facebook ;)

Please tell me if you like it :)
saretta 8th Apr 2010 11:27 -  14 years ago

so No commercial use ..Big Label...;)
Edmachine 3rd Apr 2010 13:03 -  14 years ago
Thanks a lot, man :)! I made a song using these vocals. I think they fit nicely.
Tso 19th Feb 2010 07:16 -  14 years ago
Iv produced a house track with stacy kidd's vocals how do i get it thro to you?
KooLKYLE 24th Jan 2010 09:52 -  14 years ago
hey would it be possible to use this acapella for commercial use :)
DJFUNK 20th Jan 2010 01:32 -  14 years ago
carlobell 16th Jan 2010 20:55 -  14 years ago
good stuff im carlo bell please check out a few of my tracks on my space carlomfbell gonna do something w your vocs thanks man
RewindNine 16th Dec 2009 02:11 -  14 years ago



RewindNine - Now Move!
RewindNine 11th Dec 2009 01:14 -  14 years ago
remixed & re-produced part 2 of Bring That Beat Back with an acapella found on looperman from DJ FUNK by stacy kidd called "the movement"
Artist RewindNine
Added Fri 11th Dec 2009
Genre House
RewindNine 11th Dec 2009 01:11 -  14 years ago
I'm cutting and chopping this up for a house track i'm making. Very nicely done brother good job. Just what I was looking for. I'll send you the link to final cut.
KooLKYLE 9th Dec 2009 14:31 -  14 years ago
this acapella was made for my song cheers for uploading :D
Apieceoftofu 5th Nov 2009 03:16 -  14 years ago
hey thanx for the vocals heres my tribal/electro house song i made with them
Justin2758 7th Oct 2009 19:22 -  14 years ago
Permission to use your vocals on my track ?
gravijar 21st Aug 2009 01:05 -  14 years ago
May I use these great vocals on my track please?
muzi 24th Jun 2009 11:05 -  14 years ago
i love stacy kidd's vocals, all of them are super
RobinFranz 23rd Jun 2009 23:22 -  14 years ago
Dear DJFunk,
listen to "The Movement" on

...and tell me if this is allright.
Yours truly, RobinFranz
DJ_Batawi 20th Jun 2009 05:18 -  14 years ago
i love this and i just wanted to notify you that im going to use it on my very first house track and ill send it to you when im done!

thank you so much!
Deenos 10th Jun 2009 15:39 -  14 years ago
i used your incredible acapella for a house project of mine !
i think that this acapela was made for a track like this :P i really hope you like you like it plz msg me to tell me your opinion ! looking forward to it !
have a nice day
Gorra 27th May 2009 23:14 -  15 years ago
Very nice. reminds me of a track by blaze-To my beat.
Gonna use this ;D
MealMaztaBeatz 10th Apr 2009 11:28 -  15 years ago
Hey i used your voice for an electro track

you can hear it on my myspace profil.

thanks for listening
JoNaThAnbB 10th Mar 2009 21:12 -  15 years ago
I really like this accappella and want to use it soon - can't get it out of my head!
christhemix 11th Feb 2009 12:39 -  15 years ago
This accapella is about me an my son and is confirmation of where we are going.We are pushing back the gates of hell and this little tool we will take with us.We will let you know if and how we have used it,stay blessed!:-)
yev 31st Dec 2008 17:35 -  15 years ago
here is the final result,

can be dled or streamed, some popups are there so be careful, and the acapella is offbeat in a few parts of the tune

but the bassline makes up for it :D
yev 28th Dec 2008 17:57 -  15 years ago
working on a tune in fruity loops, when im done im gonna post it here, so u can hear what i did wht the acapella :D

Craquet 19th Dec 2008 03:50 -  15 years ago
Sure I've heard this on a hed kandi track??
tower1 22nd Nov 2008 19:22 -  15 years ago
I liked your poem very much, you have a great speaking voice.
I used your voice on a piece of music i wrote titled The Movement, it's in two parts.
Your voice was used on part two(...The Movement.
Keep it comin.
Stixdee 18th Nov 2008 11:22 -  15 years ago
I'll use it my track.
Constanthin 23rd Oct 2008 09:38 -  15 years ago
good stuff, I'll use it in my song
HMC 26th Sep 2008 16:06 -  15 years ago
Im workin on a big project at the moment and have already got serious interest from a few major labels im gonna mix this up and il be intouch in a few days. In the meantime you keep doin your
Kristick 17th Sep 2008 12:27 -  15 years ago
very nice stuff!!!

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Description : Also a dry version available, check my other acapellas here on Looperman. Free for NON-COMMERCIAL and NON-PROFIT use (such as Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.). For commercial purposes (iTunes, Beatport, label releases etc.), please contact me for License Agreement. Details on my profile. I try to listen to all tracks, but I am running out of time with my projects as it is, so please understand that I might not be able to give feedback and comments for everyone. I have also other acapellas online, check my profile for links.
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For commercial use please contact me.
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4th Apr 2022 14:17 -  2 years ago
Description : Deep house / Slap House vocal
Please contact me @iridiumaudio if you intend to use my vocals in any releases.

Update: I've gotten a lot of licensing requests for this acapella. Both derivative and exclusive licensing are available. Any form of distribution of derivative works - tracks made - with this acapella that may generate revenue requires licensing. Distribution without proper licensing will be met with appropriate action.
2nd Apr 2019 21:46 -  5 years ago
Description : *this version does not have ensemble background*

Any tracks with these vocals should be named "Michael Mayo - Feeling So Good (yourname Remix)"

To use commercial visit the link in my profile to contact me (itsmichaelmayo . com / contact)

looking forward to hear your remixes, covers, and more of my song! Lryics available on my official website under music tab!
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Usage : MacJaiyod did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
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8th Nov 2015 00:50 -  8 years ago
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Usage : Nextgentracks did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : A vocal I recorded for my official song "Wildfire".

Original Song:
18th Nov 2020 15:22 -  3 years ago
Description : Little hook)

My inst - maximusrome1
22nd Feb 2014 17:12 -  10 years ago
Description : Lyrics & voice by Igor Pose.
21st Feb 2022 21:03 -  2 years ago
Description : 2 verses about tribute to/love of disco era. Was originally recorded for EDM. Wet.

Credit/Feature Melvatron