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all this crazys got me down
i can't bare to look around
good little sheep marching off a cliff
beleiving every little lie they spit

nomore time to wait
action now or it's too late
if you want a future free
raise your fist scream with me
freedom ain't on no screen

can't you see where this is going
down the road genocide is growing
surrender your rights to your body
the new disease we will be free
can't you see where this is heading
dictators kill all opposing
we are a shame to those who died
those who fought for you and i

you can't break us were forever
we will bring us all together
hear the words the lord has written
fires coming down from heaven
angels burning all the wicked
devils hiding from their torment

hell fire holy blades
slaying demons in heavens name
spear the all seeing eye
the hammer falls apon the lies
feel the light shine within
we save ourselves if we don't give in



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Description : 1. We pay 60% of net royalties to every remixer of this vocal.
2. Name track as “Tony Danza (XXXX Remix) by AAP Featuring Grafezzy" - replace XXXX with your own name.
3. Post a link to your track in the Comments section and make it downloadable.
4. Your track will be released in major stores.
Remix requirements:
2 min+ track length (if poss)
Highest possible bitrate audio
We do not allow artificial streaming
Commercial licenses available. Visit our profile for info.

Description : Unedited vocal stem from the track.
320kbps 48k Joint stereo MP3
OK for non-commercial remix with credit "ft. Beer Can Vampire" in song title. Contact via email for commercial uses.

Description : Deep meaning of this song- added some harmonies

Genre-Soul, Deep Soul, Electronic, Pop

The key is not G# , it's G#min or something. I forgot.

Description : wanna drop a 5050 split on a worldwide track or ep i need beats my g, me e mail is attached to bio
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Description : Please put (feat. Yaccn) in your song title if you used this acapella.

Description : by jack macrath

Description : Language: German

Mic: SE2200A
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Tags : 157 bpm | Hip Hop | 1.97 MB | Adult Content | Male | Unknown | Singing
Usage : dubzg1984 did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only

Description : Variety

Description : Language: German

Mic: SE2200A
FX: Izotope Nectar, FabFilter Pro-Q2 & Waves RVerb

Verwendetes Instrumental: Kool Savas - Melodie ft. Moe Mitchell, Senna

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Description : IF USED INCLUDE FT METALED IN THE TITLE DONATIONS ARE NEEDED IF YOU WANT two different VOCAL TRACKS IT WILL COST YA from now on i am only going to upload my vocals mix and if you want them not mixed it will cost a small fee contact me for details and i may not be able to give you some of my older acapellas

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