• From : edinburgh, United Kingdom
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About Me

hi there guys and gals, my name is kenny, aka djctx aka the mad scotsman, ive been in the producing,dj game for around 11 yrs but ive been passionate about music since i was 4, (awww) lol, p,s soz about the profile pic, i dont have any pics that r smaller than 200kb

Instruments I play

i play piano, drums, and learning guitar and i use decks like there is no tomorrow, i love to do remixes of the famous variety but u will need to go to to get a listen....

Software I Use

it varied on the projects i do, but i have reason, logic 5,5,(no longer able to use the reason or logic, gear went down) using cheap surface with looperman samps,standalones, magix,and wgat ever else i can use....

Hardware I Use

my hardware is basic but it does not matter what u have it is how u use it.... if i dont make my own samps i use whatever i can get my hands on as long as it is allowed...

Listening To Right Now

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

my influences come from how creative and opened minded iam to music and art, ive been called a picasso jnr,lol, what ever that means, but at the mo im trying new things, ive just done a track with the honorable mr paynes lyrics and though im a hard tek guy i have found that working with his lyrics and opened me up to new choices....

My Music Sounds Like

my music sounds like craft works to lenny dee, yes a very large gap in difference but like i said im opening minede and very experimental with my tunes,latley i have been testing out the samps etc on here and have had some good tracks come about which i thank u all ho have made these samps although some that i have heard on here r defo not made by that person cause i used them yrs befroe the person had so called made them,lol....

In My Other Life I ...

my living is music and art, period, there aint nothing else out there id be happy with, im always up for a music chalange so if say someone on here has an un usuable sound, accapela etc let me know and ill take the chance on it,