Description : if used include ft metaled in the title also i need donations please anything you can spare msg me if you ain't stingy

This acapella is suffering from a lack of comments !

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

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ak47 russian for real



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Description : My first Acapella
Description : Yeah :p
Description : again not sure bout the tempo.. i can cut or edit parts if needed, just ask. umm.. theres a huge gap at the beginning so u can hav sum fun wit an intro.. well at least it seemed along time 4 me lol. i had bout 4 go's at this b4 the final hit and it was layered those 4 times.. hope u can do something with it!! try all types!! metal, screamo, remixes, dupstep, just make it awesome!! xD
Description : me screaming "losing control"
nice touch for a more hardcore song
wish there was a screamo genre to put in, might bring that up to looperman later...
Description : Metal vocals I put together that sort tell a story. At the end I added couple screams you could use vocal samples also
Description : if used please include feat. metaled in the title
Description : a screaming acapella
Description : meant to laid over top the first vocal if used please include feat. metaled in the title
Description : Vocals I did for a heavy metal song
Description : me screaming
good for more hardcore songs
Description : honestly i hav no idea wat the tempo is. i was goin by ear. lol. nuthing is set.. if sumthing is made with this in mind then ill change it 4 the music.. i got lucky and got this on the 2nd go.. lol but leave reviews.. yes i no the sound quality isnt the greatest but ill try to get that better 4 a serious track..
Description : umm i was messing around and i kind like where it went so i thought i would share. its about being a county kid.. always pissed off really.. any who first metal track still being worked on. was made on acid.. i did nothing to my voice.. no effects and no delay.. i just sang it again in the back ground haha
Description : selection of 4 "Undead". as requested by scotchxblock
Description : me screaming
good for hardcore song
just like most screaming acapellas
Description : a singing/screaming acapella
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