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Tags : | Chill Out | 1.97 MB | Featured
Description : Just something I've been working on. Since 2012, I've been using this website for ideas and this is my first upload. I know it's isn't great and this is by no means a finished track, but I wanted to see what other people will think about it. Constructive criticism is appreciated, I'm only 14 guys. Sound quality is bad because I had to re-export in a different DAW
Tags : | Classical | 5.09 MB
Description : BLUE HORNET of this song OPEKHA Unreleased Track. Probably the cold Mood and the Melody Music. I think you’ll love it, of course. Music Composition by Nilooy Morshed.
Description : Missing time is a gap in conscious memory identified with a certain time period. This gap can span a few minutes to a few hours to a few days in length. Memories of instances occurring during that time period often have to be retrieved by hypnosis or through dreams. An individual experiencing missing time will be performing an every-day task or traveling somewhere. He will glance at the time. At some point, this person will “awaken”, check the clock and notice some minutes or hours have passed during which he has no memory or awareness.
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.87 MB
Description : twentix
Description : heres a new one,and hope you guys and gals enjoy it.hey if anybody wants to do vox well then do it dam it would be cool to hear!
Tags : | House | 4.79 MB
Description : Hope you enjoy this remix of Muttonheads - Snow White feat Eden Martin :)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.21 MB | Featured
Description : a kill ass sample i just made
Tags : | Dubstep | 3.67 MB
Description : Dub Step Track Co-written by me and performed by Gogo Morrow
Tags : | Acoustic | 9.65 MB | Featured
Description : This is my first remix from some amazing artists up here on looperman credits go out to Julie Starling-(LOOP)NO YOUR HONOR-1250729 and(Loop)the Cicada song-1250729 AND LIDDELLC-(LOOP)-TURNABOUT LUGUBRE-1289219 Thank you for sharing your gift of music with all of us and i hope that i did your music justice peace and balance to all TEAM NJB4 MUSIC GROUP
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.42 MB | Featured
Description : Freestyle'd instrumental flow. Thinking about how much I want to touch you girl. Your so tempting.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.14 MB | Featured
Description : Remixed by Oracle Kai.
Description : Brainstorming the other night for my next folk project and thought of the word "Rediscovery", so of course I wrote a quick pop song with it. Super messy, webcam vocals recorded in the middle of the night. Don't judge too harshly.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.11 MB
Description : Artist : Kaptan H. Davran (Aero) Communication :
Tags : | Funk | 4.70 MB | Featured
Description : guitar loops - Megapaul, keyboards/synthesizers/production - promenade
Description : Ready up. Get a gun. I'm fed up of...
Description : Greetings From TURKEY
Tags : | Classical | 5.09 MB
Description : BLUE HORNET of this song 'OPEKHA' Unreleased Track. Probably the cold Mood and the Melody Music. We think you’ll love it, of course.
Description : One of my personal favorite beats! I used a loop on here a while back and i lost it but i remembered the notes so it inspired me to do this.i also tweaked with a drum loop from here but cant remember the loop (i cant find the loops if someone can help me id appreciate it!) P.S Message me if you want to use or email me at
Description : Music by CVSNB, lyrics and vocals by Altly (of AP English). CVSNB is a very talented artist who makes an awesome variety of beats and songs. I got permission to add some vocals and voila. Going for something kind of calm, more spoken-word than rap. It's about not trying to save other people from their problems any more and just focusing on your own happiness and figuring out what you want.
Description : Turn It Up by Daan van Baak Hardstyle 150BPM!
Tracks 1 - 20 of 89696
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