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Description : We all Struggle.
Description : A soundtrack I made a week ago, this song will touch if you like Love and sorrow and movies..
Description : Joey Bada$$/Pro Era type beat ** FREE DOWNLOAD ** talk business:
Tags : | House | 8.04 MB | Featured
Description : I once uploaded this track but took it down due to how much I hated it over time. I still don't like it a whole lot, but I'm definitely happier with it than before. I found a kick I finally like for now (chopped off the kick from, faded it out using Logic's fader tool to help take off some decay, and then added some low end from However, there's the effect at 1:12. A commenter on my previous upload of this track commented on how it sounded off. I wanted to use some white noise there instead, but I've already got enough white noise sounds in the track. I wanted something different; any help in this regard would be especially appreciated. Enjoy what I have so far! =)
Tags : | Rave | 5.07 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : EF stands for epic fail for it's my very first FL Project. I really need feedbacks cuz, y'know, newbies :3 I don't really know what's the genre
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.55 MB | Featured
Description : I hope you enjoy it if you do and like it then please leave me a comment.
Description : Very sappy, jazzy, smoker type of vibe. If you are familiar with the hip-hop artist Curren$y, this sounds like a beat that he would ride. The track was inspired by the feeling that I imagine that one would have if they were listening to music while high off an heroine. Perverse thinking but very much inspired by the 60's-70's era of music.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.82 MB | Featured
Description : I got the acappella on here and wrote to this awesome little tune.
Description : This is actually a b'day gift. I created this track for my beloved.:-)
Description : A lil some i made while on way to paris on a trip...i just want a lil feedbck...its tempo is 140 bpm/dubstep i guess ..
Description : Ambient track i made. Please give feedback, it is very much appreciated. Collab is always welcome, if you wanna put vocals over it for example.
Tags : | Jazz | 7.69 MB | Featured
Description : a jazz song I composed and performed in the style of Jim Morrison...Enjoy
Tags : | Jazz | 3.23 MB | Featured
Description : My two year old granddaughter came to visit papa, and wanted to sit at the keyboard and play a little. After a bit I decided to record her efforts, and then see about adding a little backing music to make her very first song. While she isn't a Frédéric Chopin, or a Franz Liszt, I think she's pretty special. And I had fun creating it. So, I proudly present Averie, accompanied by her papa.
Tags : | Dirty | 150.07 KB
Description : Send me a link to your song when you use it. Have fun with it!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.50 MB
Description : Had some fun recently creating new custom loops and this is a test run with the loops. What do you think of how they sound? Do you like how they go together? What could make them better if they needed it?
Tags : | Rock | 4.08 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : My 3 years aniversary at Looperman is today. Met many people through here, some have passed through, some remain. A great place to share and give feedback. This ones for everyone. Chillout soft dub rock. A cry for freedom from slavery. Arranged in Magix. Still W.I.P. Credits - 40A, Minor2go, billydragon1. God bless you all. Peace. - B
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.37 MB | Featured
Description : I made this beat like 4 months ago, and couldnt come up with nothing but freestyle song. so it sat. Finally after all the rain and depressing weather, i found my zone. Enjoy, please leave a comment. Your comments help keep me humble. God bless. Priceless Beatz
Tags : | Dubstep | 2.90 MB
Description : As part of an assessment task at uni. My first remix track. I enjoyed putting this together. It's at 135bpm. Comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy it :)
Tags : | Industrial | 3.07 MB | Featured
Description : Full version will be a bit longer, and with vocals...Enjoy!
Tags : | Ethnic | 2.75 MB | Featured
Description : A track that I don't really know the genre but I think it is chill out. Give out your opinions on this track. Credits for the loop to haidarjasem.
Tracks 1 - 20 of 88708
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