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Description : I have enjoyed all types of free resources on looperman, so I decided I would at last, share something so others may take advantage, enjoy this free instrumental, You can use with any reason apart from financial gain, just include my name, VashElite within the credits. The name doesn't even have to be prominently displayed, just included, search my name vashelite on good ole google to find more resources from me.
Description : Havent posted in a while. Hope you guys enjoy the new sounds ive been trying out. Still looking for artists btw
Description : Trap jam; would love a vocal colab on this one. Full of bass, I will be droppin in some BB 'slow and low' scratches in that middle bit when I find a collaborator. I wanna match the cuts to the style.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.07 MB | Featured
Description : Illimitable collective Minds combine....
Description : one of the best kwaito songs i've produced
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.31 MB | Featured
Description : short beat to roll one to.... 808s and rollin hats maaaaaynneee
Description : My best dubstep track to date. And this is all authentic! No loops at all :) Feedback and likes are appreciated!
Tags : | Rock | 3.51 MB | Featured
Description : Little bit drunk when i wrote this, and signed yesterday :)
Description : I thank the user Rollie, for making the bad ass dubstep beat to go along with my ryhmes, I hope the rest of you guys appreiciate the music. cheers?
Tags : | House | 6.79 MB | Featured
Description : Fresh track from me, please tell me what you think. Enjoy! ;]
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.61 MB | Featured
Description : This is a cheerful feel-good song, laced with African vibes with a Hip-Hop feel.
Description : New Beat
Description : A Dubstep track made in FL Studio. If anyone would like to collab with me, I would be happy to. Message me through my profile or email me at: for inquiries. :P
Tags : | House | 7.64 MB
Description : Hey! It's my newest track and the first one here! I worked on this about 33 hours. Feedback is appreciated and wanted. Can be either positive, negative or neutral feedback. :) I don't know much about music genres, correct me if I'm wrong. Just comment to download. :)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.68 MB
Description : A get up and dance jam.
Description : Hello there everyone. EazyBeatz back with another story here. This one's about how more tragic the daily news seems to be getting. Its like the world is just "blind with crazy" Today's kids get away with anything these days... "If only old fashioned values grew as fast as civilization did" -EazyBeatz :) P.s this track has a bit of Dance/Hip-Hop
Description : Off the Upcoming Debut Album,"2GetherAs1"... Produced by:Dooshbagg Written by:Dooshbagg and, Unkle Skamo 2014
Description : I am soooo sorry about the beat :( I didn't know how to turn it down. Anyways I hope you enjoy :D I am going to try something different. Post a comment and give me feedback and you can download the track :D I know this one is short but I had little time to work with as I am thinking of getting new hardware/software. Ps Tell me the genre I didn't know what to put :P
Description : This is a chilled tune that explores solos and sounds that are ancient and modern.
Description : I took a hard trap beat from TheIllGorilla... and mellowed it down with my chords, bass, and effects. Let's see what happens??
Tracks 1 - 20 of 85956
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