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Tags : | Cinematic | 2.59 MB

Description : All right, so here some facts you should know BEFORE or WHILE listening the track: 1) The repetitive piano/sort of flute melody is a symbol for time is going fast (flute) even if we try to slow it down (piano): it will catch us at one day or another (the end part with the synth). 2) Each instruments has it's time : Sort of synth flute melody sounds a little old to me: that's the past. The present is the piano, since it never gets old. If you listen closely, the haunting sound looks like a starship ready for flight. It is how I represent future, with the synth. 3) The track was initially the middle part of a 3 minutes length project... that still unfinished, it's the bridge that link two part of the track Time... yup! that's how I name my projects. :)
4) This is a preview for two tracks from my upcoming mini-album "Time", which is a sort of conceptual mini-album. Every track ends with a note or chord. Which makes people think about church bells on a funeral day. (When people will listen to the whole album they'll hear 6 times a single note or a two-notes chord... one time at each end of tracks.) 5) It's two feelings in one : I used two tracks ideas to create only one. So the feeling had to fit with tracks "Time" and "Before Apocalypse" that were not done yet at the moment I did that song. If you guys still have questions, or for more infos, please leave a comment. Thanks !

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.82 MB

Description : This is the final version of my latest track "A Week Ago". It's an all new posted track and people really enjoy the track so far. :)

Be prepare for some emotional feels
This track first started on my keyboard at the end of March 2014. Around the same time, I had some hard time with my personal life (see My dad is stronger than Chuck Norris). As it wasnt enough to have my dad at hospital, another sad personal event occurred in the same week. At that point, I had the choice between crying OR take that Keep calm & Play piano attitude. Choice was easy, I played piano for hours wait, for weeks and finally ended up with a WIP.
From that moment until few days ago, I worked on one of my favorite epic experimental / hybrid cinematic track so far.

Warning: There is panorama in the track and some sounds could have less impact using a cellphone. Sounds great with laptop but you might have to turn up completely the volume. For a better experience, please listen with desktop or headphone.

Tags : | Weird | 4.51 MB | Featured

Description : First : I'm back ! :D Yaayyyy !! Please leave a comment if you like the track or have a nice advice to tell me. I just LOVE the old school sound, like... total love. I'll class tht track Wierd cause I have no idea what style it is... sorry ! xD

No panorama & no velocity in this version.
It's a risky one but I love it no matter what. :D
It's not on YouTube, nor SoundCloud.

Tags : | Weird | 6.87 MB

Description : Important ! I tested it on laptop and it sound quite good... HOWEVER PLEASE listen to it with your headphones or your desktop speakers for a way better audio experience.

2.0 (also spelled as "2PointO") is my brand new song done with... Reason ! Yep :), it's been a while since I composed something genius with it.

Up to date, people seems to really appreciate it so it's a pleasure to share it with you on Looperman.

This version has reverb added thanks to MAGIX, if you want to hear the result without it, just type "2.0 (2PointO) - Epic & Unique Song by J0W3x" in youtube and you should find it quite easily.

Download available for personal and non commercial use. -All right reserved.-

Tags : | Cinematic | 9.08 MB

Description : Not really sure about the genre, I'll put Cinematic because I can imagine a story behind each instruments like they are a family? Please help me if I'm wrong.

Here is a old song that I just discovered on my computer. It is called "My life as a vintage videogame" because I truly think that we can listen to this while playing a old video game on an ultra old nintendo. It's sort of hymn to gamers... on a strings and synth point of view.

This version has no drum and is done with Reason. listen until the end... there's a true story behind each instrument. (And pauses are for the drum version:) )

And ! When you download it it says Document 2. No Title (No Drum), no worries... I just didn't have titles at the moment. It came out of nowhere while I was posting this song on Looperman :P

Tags : | Cinematic | 1.61 MB

Description : Just imagine yourself as a soldier.
Then your biggest fear is your enemy.
You are fighting and then... BOOM.

Game Over.

(public download available after you comment :)
Done with Magix Music Maker Soundtrack Edition and Music Studio for the "clarity" of the song.
It's the first time I use both of them.)

Tags : | Orchestral | 8.28 MB

Description : I promise a suprise for non-members once I reach 100 plays, now they can DOWNLOAD it FOR FREE. The only condition are these three simple rules: 01. If you plan to use it somewhere, let me know and send me the link by private message. 02. You also have to put me as the composer of this song. 03. I don't want commercial use and you can use it for youtube project.


This songs is like a normal day in my life... as my brain point of view. The first part is the morning with strings, horns, clarinette and flute. It's a joyful and beautiful day ! Then, there's a sort of "bridge" between the morning part and the afternoon. Afternoon is awesome and chaotic at the same time, that's why I added dubstep in the middle of the song. Finally,the evening and the night are the second bridge and the end of this piece.

It's the first song I mix Orchestral and Dubstep.
Whole s music maker Jam with Movie Score 1/2/3 and Dubstep (i think it's Vol.2) loops.
Mix = Music Maker (Soundtrack Edition)
Final details = Music Studio

It's a Raw Mix because I really like this song and I want to make a better version ONLY with Music Maker Jam (without mix or whatever, execept for the sound quality).

Feel free to comment :)

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.87 MB

Description : Hi guys ! I'm finally back. :D Some news ?! My song "In My Head" had been featured on 3 Epic Music channels and collected over 3 000 views and over 100 likes ! That was a huge success, only 6 persons pressed the thumb down...

Since it's been a while since the last time I,ve ulpoaded somthing here, I'm working on a short track wich will be available only for you, Looperman Member. It's a thank you gift for all your great support !! :D

But for the moment, here is my newest song release on soundcloud and youtube "Courage". It all started as an improvisation, having fun with Music Maker Soundtrack Edition's Strings Section. Then I had the felling it would be cool if I extend it. :)

I chose "Courage" as title because I think it would fit pretty well in a scene where a courageous hero has to save his princess (or something like that). xD

Free download // Personal and Non-Commercial use only // Give me credit if you use it for a project :D

Tags : | Weird | 3.34 MB

Description : Please, correct me if it's the wrong genre. //

It's a demo/test song I did with all the packs I had at the moment in my Magix Music Maker 2014 demo version :) (Before I had access to my Music Maker Jam packs.) Is that what we call a Crossover?! //

What does it represent ?
It it a mix of different style and the goal is to promote my youtube. I decide to take different stuff because I own a variety channel and I like to blend and experiement. This song will give a good preview to the styles they can find on my channel. This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to give me honest review. What did you like ? Didn't like? What should I keep? and change? Everyone has it own opinion, I'm fine with that, please stay repectful. //Thank you :D

Packs used :

Dance vol. 1
Hip Hop vol.15
Movie Score vol. 4 and vol. 5
Rock pop vol. 8

Tags : | Classical | 4.16 MB

Description : here is the 2d version.. =D
The difference is not as obvious as it seems, so concentrate yourself =D
(same story as Soundtrack me ...)

Tags : | Classical | 3.75 MB

Description : Made on Sequel 2

There is only Piano in this song. This is the 2d version because the first one is like 10 minutes... so I cut it at the 4 last minutes =D

Tags : | Cinematic | 9.10 MB

Description : Alice in Epicland is an old track that I just recently listen and decide to share.

It was done on reason using NNXT Grand Piano and Redrum (sorry guys, can't remember the awesome name of the drum kit).

This is the "accoustic" one because the original has bells instead of piano and sound way more mysterious. BUT I'm working hard to find the perfect bells.

I know that sometimes the grand piano in C2 octave seems to "rush its life", but it,s ok... it's one of my first complete songs, so please be indulgent ok?

Why Alice in Epicland? Because I tought it sounded like Alice in wonderland and that song was pretty epic to do, honestly. It is one of my first long song done on computer and I'm truly proud of it.I can easily build a dream on this song. How to exoplain it? Uhm, just imagine a ghost running toward you sreaming HELP ME and at the end of the song, you see it go disappears behind the walls... :)

Download now allowed, for personnal use as usual. :)

Tags : | Classical | 3.69 MB

Description : Made with Sequel 2

There is two version of this track.. let's try this one =D
This is Strings only... I used loop and the category was named Soundtrack.

Why me? because the song look like a part of my life... a sad one. Up to 14 years, I did nightmares that looks like suspense/horror movies (you know, with a lot of kills and blood everywhere) and this song remember me one of theses nightmares...

Tags : | Dance | 1.22 MB

Description : this is the original version... my boyfriend is remixing it (I'll ask him if I can show it on looperman) =D
I did this song 'cause I had a melody stuck in my head ... so I did it 1st on a keyboard then I added beat and other thing with MMM15 =D (Magix Music Maker 15)

Sound: E Keyboard Soft with guitar effect ; bass with distorsion effect ; beat (kick + noise clap)

Tags : | Weird | 3.47 MB

Description : I did the melody... and my boyfriend added the drum and the creepy soud at the begining and the end.

download now available since a long time haha :)

Tags : | Acoustic | 820.71 KB

Description : Made with guitar Pro
It's the original of Sleeping Song

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.86 MB

Description : Done with Reason, this wierd cinematic piece is about a girl running in a forest (this is the drum part). Then when the synth start, she sees some unusual movements and hears a strange Female Aaaahh voice... coming out of nowhere.

What's happening next? An epic Good VS Evil battle through the hunted forest.

Enjoy the music :)

(Please ask for downloads.)

Tags : | House | 6.11 MB

Description : I did the piano ... then my boyfriend (Navishy) remix it =D

Where does come from this title? I was playing keyboard before sleepling XD ... and each time I listen to the original version I think about a baby who's sleeping tighly (can we say tighly??!)

Enjoy this remix...

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.04 MB

Description : XD This is my first song done with Reason 4 :P

I think this is smooth and calm ... but it can be a little sad too... as it can be joyful XD

I know that the 3 parts are very distinct... do you have any tips for me?

Enjoy and please review !

*You can Remix it... but you have to send me your Remix at : or

Tags : | Weird | 9.09 MB

Description : [For a better quality, use headphone OR desktop speaker]

I personally think that it has some true potential.
Too large file + Reason = Impossible to create something. So you have to correct things, then save + export and then listen... and redo if necessary.

I fell in love with this version. It's super wierd with the drum and these electro sounds and I LOVE IT.

I still open to every opinion as long it is respectful.

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.16 MB

Description : I'll put the part one someday XD

this is my first song with drum (very minimum...but, good job)

I use bells and piano ... with a Groove Master (something) Drum Kit

Done with Reason : ) / Converted with Magix Music Maker 15

I think this track has a childish tone... with a touch of happiness. It give me ennough energy to dance on this track XD This is my favorite...

Enjoy :P

Remix are welcome .. just send them here:

Don't forget to give me credits if you remix :P

Tags : | Classical | 2.80 MB

Description : Another song made with reason 4 : )

I'm always learning... and this song is my " How to do a song with Female voice?" lesson XD

instruments: Orchestra String, Cello, Female Voice Aaahh and Bells

Enjoy and contructive comments are apreciated... but please don't be mean at me , i'm a human too XD

Remix on this song ARE NOW ALLOWED for the moments... send it to :


You can put your remix on looperman but please put a link to the original, tell to others that your remix is a collab and give me credit please.

Oh and! I would like to hear it : )


Tags : | Ethnic | 2.27 MB

Description : I don't know the genre so... tell me if it's the right one :P

I did this song on Magix Music Maker 15 with my new loop patch : Oriental vol.2 (or something like that)...

I'm in love with the bells an the flute background... XD

Sounds mystical, sad, mysterious, fascinating, calm, I think I could hypnotize someone with this XD

Enjoy and constructive review are welcome!


Tags : | Weird | 3.00 MB

Description : ** please tell me if it is not the right genre **

A really mysterious track.

A touch of sadness and hope...
Just imagine a ghost and a girl, talking and playing together.
Then the ghost kills the young lady.... and this is the end...

3:40, calm, mysterious, sad, hope, death, a kind of happiness... one track : The Ghost and the Girl.

I need some feedback...

oh and! type 1 if it's ok, and 2 if you want a second part.


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