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Tags : | Pop | 4.97 MB

Description : While visiting my family early July 2013, I came across a craigslist ad for a free Roland U220 unit. I created this track with it.

Tags : | Pop | 3.34 MB | Featured

Description : Lazy dreamy pop. Guitar, synth and programmed drums. Used a Fractal Standard for all guitar tones.

Tags : | Dance | 7.17 MB

Description : A positive little sentiment on this track. Yeah, the "love of my life" did the spoken parts. This track is cute and stupid at the same time... I kinda kept it that way. Love doesn't always need to be so f*ckin serious (pun intended).

See her photos here:

Tags : | Rock | 5.53 MB

Description : Sept 21 notes... Ok, I put vocals on this one over the week-end. This is a rough mix. I'm having trouble picking a good vocal and snare reverb.
I song I wrote & recorded June 30, 2009. Added Live drums & revamped the middle section July 20...
December 2009...
New vocals by Michele Ari

Tags : | Rock | 7.05 MB

Description : I re-recorded the vocals and added in the live accordion track from a lovely little lady called Honey Gunn Carr.
This song comes from knowing you've parted ways, but not knowing why.
For a change of pace, I used the acoustic guitar. I appreciate all comments. Johnny Mac laid down the drums for this one.

Tags : | Industrial | 2.89 MB

Description : I put guitar over this uber cool track from www.myspace.com/robbie2294
If you like it, let him and me know!

Tags : | Jazz | 6.29 MB

Description : Bass part added in Sept by Bill V in Nashville.
Re-mixed on Nov 27 2009. I'll master it in a week or so.
Thankz! d2d
PS... you can get the album here: ###

Tags : | Techno | 1.28 MB

Description : Here is a trak in progress. So obviously, I enjoy playing over top of LM loops. I will look up who made this drum loop. As you might hear, I really like some of Joy Divisions guitar work believe it or not.
I also fell in love with using ring tone modulators after hearing Jeff Beck use them.
I would like to collab on this one to fill it out a bit. Contact me if you are interested in working on it.
I'll also post the guitar traks to see what others can come up with using the guitar loops.

Tags : | Pop | 6.42 MB

Description : How long did you think I could stand without you to hold me up?
Did you figure I'd learn it on my own if you left us?
If you could would you go back in time and make everything all right?
I know you've got a wandering heart but all I wanted was a simple life.
A simple life with a mom and dad to tuck me into bed
A simple life with a pat on the back and kisses on my head.
Tell me why, couldn't I, get a simple life
Did I ever run through your mind when you saw other kids my age?
Was your freedom really worth the heavy price of your escape?
If you could would you go back in time or just let me down?
I know you've got a wandering heart but I really needed you around

I saw man that looked like your picture.
I almost asked him if he knew my name.
I wondered if he watch me play softball.
Or if he’d care about my grades.

Or if he could give me
A simple life with a mom and dad when I come home at night
A simple life with stories and tales giving me good advice
Tell me why, couldn't I, get a simple life

Tags : | Country | 3.44 MB

Description : Here's the Nashville "produced" version of Simple Life. I post this to show how another producer recorded it. I had ZERO say in the production. I'm not on the recording. & yeah, this is electronic music since the producer programmed the bass, drums and keys. MIDI & samples never sounded so... err.. umm... watered-down-Nashville?!?! LOL!

Tags : | Electronic | 1.82 MB

Description : This uses my slide guitar samples found under my loops.
It's at 95 bpm. Feel free to download it and mess with it!

Tags : | Electronic | 2.31 MB

Description : Playing with a cell phone & yet letting everyone know how to get me to do things for them. Take a listen to find out.
Re-Mastered Nov 29 2009

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