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prod by ak
  • From : Waikato, New Zealand
  • Joined : Thu 27th Jul 2017, 4 years ago

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Description : Root notes: F, E D, A, C E, F, E, A, D E

Description : Root notes: [C, C, G#, G#, C, C, G#, F]
Drum pattern that i made along with my previous guitar loop

Description : Progression: i, i, VI, VI, i, i, VI, iv
Root notes: [C, C, G#, G#, C, C, G#, F]

Description : threw a bunch of random sounds together, can release version with kick and 808 if requested

Description : 2 5 1 (3) progression, kick clap hi-hat snare open-hat

Description : 2 5 1 progression, i used spitfire audio labs vst

Description : piano loop w some fx
chords: G#m D#m

Description : drums to go with my dark kalimba loop

Description : Root notes: C, D#, F, G#

Description : bell/rhodes piano c harmonic minor

Description : 140
F harmonic minor
flex purple lullaby preset + fx

Description : keyzone w/ yamaha preset

Description : added some slides for fun, if you want drums without the 808 hmu

Description : self sampled melody
D#m7 A#7/D (Ddim with a#) Bm7 A#m7 x2 (with some inversions)
then an octave down

Description : piano gross beat + reverb etc 127

Description : CHORDS: E7, D#m7, Emaj9, D#m / F#6/9/D# x2
BASS NOTES: E, D#, E, B, E, D#, C#, B

Description : 2 layered piano melodies, the lower one has gross beat on it

Description : 145 serum Cm

Description : Description : real jazzy + gross beat
Root notes: E, D, A, B

Description : real jazzy
Root notes: E, D, A, B

Description : works with spooky scary melody

Description : post links pls, i want to hear your work!

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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