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Description : i have no idea if riddim is wonky anymore lol

also am i the only one who still uses the main things in riddim basses like chorus and distortion
Description : Holy crap what have i made, btw its offset so dont think its not 140 BPM
Description : Ehehe
Description : Our Enemies Free Bass sample pack tbh
Description : idkwhyinameditthat
Description : i made this by making a simple bass wave on helm and then i put a arp on the bass, EQ'D the bass then put chorus on it
Description : EHHHH
Description : ooooo i used Helm, Phasis (i suggest you get Phasis while you can! it's free atm) and TAL Reverb
Description : someone gave me the idea for a 140 one so here, this one is bad
Description : this came from digital distorting some of my Riddim
Description : 2nd version of Flanged Moaning
Description : Operator, Flanger, Multiband Dynamics, a BUTT LOAD OF COMPRESSORS
Description : ewwww
Description : O P E R A T O R I S T H E B E S T
Description : ohhh yes
Description : more serum stuf
Description : this works really well if your using a beat that goes Kick, Snare, Kick, Snare
Description : errrr
Description : eh.....
Description : zebralette
Description : lelell
Description : i have no idea what genre this is?
Description : ehhehefvdfrhbdfg
Description : I'm not sure if this is a synth or a bass synth
Description : ask me in the comments if you want a version of it without the extra pad effect to it.......

Made with: TAL Noisemaker, U-He TyrellN6
Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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