I make tearout or deathstep and stuff
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Description : Tried to make something with my audio effect chain for tape loop and I made a great lofi sound

Description : this is a really old remix and I wanted to share it

Description : without the think break sample between parts

Description : I was trying to make a bass house drop but I sped it up to 140 and now it sounds like a dubstep drop

Description : eeeeee

Description : a bunch of Dopplegamma's loops into one weird fusion

Description : eeeeew

Description : lower high end if it hurts

Description : ouchie wouchie

Description : don't listen to this through your headphones, I don't even know how I could use this, so y'all try to make something with it. cut off high end if it's a little too ear hurting

Description : eeeeee

Description : wee woo wurbubududu

Description : sorry this was rushed could have been better if I didn't forget to change BPM like I always do xd

Description : better imo

Description : can work for other genres but I created it for dubstep

Description : scrappy boi yummy. I don't even know

Description : It's very uh dark, to me it's a trapstep like sound but I think it sounds more like dubstep to me. The pattern changes a lot.

Description : aaaaae weew wub wuuw waaw we waw wuuw waw

Description : aaaaaae

Description : it's true

Description : aaaae

Description : what even is this

Description : eeeeeee

Description : I usually make dubstep so I got bored and made this instead

Description : oof got bored

Loops 26 - 50 of 107