I make tearout or deathstep and stuff
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Description : I'm not great at remixes oof, the original loop is by Dopplegamma

Description : when riddim becomes too crazy

Description : sorry for it not being in something like 140, accidentally recorded it in 120 so there was no going back because it'd be superspeed lol

Description : I figured the sidechained one wouldn't be used as much, also I'm still very sorry twice dimension xd

Description : I'm not dead! also, sorry TwiceDimension by using a part of your bass just really pitched up, pls dun hurt me

Description : 150 Jumpy riddim, Please leave a comment of it as I'll review it for y'all :)

Description : Tearout is a sub-genre of Deathstep which in as the genres main task is brutally grim basses and hardly any melody except from choirs, the basses can practically be compared to the sounds of machines and grinders tbh, it also is a very intense genre

Description : oooooo

Description : All of these sounds are credited to Cymatics since they did the free sample pack "Hybrid Trap Synth FIlls Vol.1 & 2"

Description : Woahh

Description : oh okie

Description : egg hehheheehe

Description : ehhhhhh

Description : ehhhh

Description : Whatthehekk

Description : I have no idea, came out of playing with serum

I promise I can make better music than this crap xd
I made it in a 150 project file sorry xd

Description : um.....

Description : Lotta' Flangers

Description : the bass in my world war 3 song, I'd love to see what you made with it so please put a link to the song below :3

Description : oh wow, kinda old-school sounding

Description : ooooo

Description : Bouncy Riddim Beat, goes with my last loop i made

Description : Bouncy Riddim bass

Description : ooffds

Description : This Drop was only made with The Pokemon Archeops' Cry (also amaura's cry by itself) and Loads of effects

Loops 51 - 75 of 107