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Description : bass house lead

Description : bass house lead

Description : different placements

Description : these are some chords I made and couldn't think of anything to go with it. show me what you made with this

Description : these are kawaii chords remade by me

Description : this is a chord progression I made

Description : this is a piano from the song candy dash by snails house

Description : this is a simple patch I made in serum for future bass. If you want the patch just ask. (If you want to make it the only thing I did was use a square wave and a phaser)

Description : these are the drums for the past couple of loops I made

Description : this is the lead I made for the chords

Description : this is a sub I made for the chords. Enjoy?

Description : these are some AMAZING chords

Description : here is the bass from marshmelo's and ookay's newest track called chasing colors. I tried my best to remake the bass from that track. feel free to ask me if you would like the massive patch.

Description : this is an ARP I made in Massive. If you want the patch just ask me ;D

Description : this is an excision style drop i made using serum

Description : here is a complex drum beat i made with about 6 samples
Enjoy :D

Description : this is my version of the drum intro to foster the people- best friend (wave racer remix)

Description : this is the made i made for the past couple of loops i uploaded. LEAVE LINK PLZ :D

Description : these are some drums i made for the drop bass. POST LINK PLZ :D

Description : this is a jauz inspired drop i made using a PERCUSSIVE ONE SHOT. Hope you enjoy this and POST THE LINK :D

Description : these are the future bass effects i used in my new song

Description : these are some future bass type drums i made of army new song

Description : this is the synths i used for the drop on my new song

Description : here is a drum loop for future bass

Description : this is a hihat loop for for future bass or trap

Loops 1 - 25 of 74