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  • From : tel aviv, Israel
  • Joined : Thu 26th Sep 2013, 8 years ago

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Description : glitched tbline

Description : glockenspiel from radias
chords dm em fm gm

Description : 115bpm radias fx loop
key d-e-f-g

Description : bass with reverb made with halion

Description : a drumloop made by samples from the classic roland d50 drum machine

Description : creepy halloween style atmo made with free stigma emulator

Description : bassline fx

Description : a loop i made with the free stigma emulator with fx
key c# to g#

Description : tb3 line fx

Description : tb3 loop

Description : 122bpm tr8 toploop

Description : dirty tb line 122 bpm f#

Description : 130 bpm
breakbeat 808drums

Description : sweep made with my radias 135 bpm

Description : cyborg-ish arp 135 bpm key B

Description : distorted mono synth 8bit style

Description : a hh loop i made on my tr8

Description : 122bpm
glitched style bassline

Description : a sequenced synth made with korg radias

Description : 123bpm noisey atmo

Description : 122bpm key G#m
mod tb loop
recorded mono

Description : arp seq from my radias 80bpm

Description : a moog style bassline 80bpm

Description : 808 bd with a sub pad and fx 126bpm
key is either g#minor or Abminor

Description : techno drum loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 36
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