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Tags : | Chill Out | 4.31 MB | Featured
Description : A Mexican story of a little girl who claimed to have seen an apparition of a woman dressed in white in the garden behind their house. She dies a short time later and a tree in the garden was discovered to bear a likeness of a woman. Sometimes the tree appears to cry and many have claimed miracles from touching the tears. Do you believe in miracles?
Multiple guitar layers and effects combine to create a bit of a mysterious and haunting sort of chilled vibe in this track.
Tags : | Pop | 5.28 MB
Description : Pop rockin' Love song with killer vocals by DVickers. Really nice Acapella with some groovy tremelo and effects to get those Love vibes going.

EDIT 5/24/18:Remixed and mastered to improve timings and tempo for vocals*. (*Thanks Nicolo1984)
Tags : | Jazz | 5.91 MB
Description : "I quickly withdrew the Blue Obsidian amulet from my velvet pouch and held it to my forehead. With eyes closed I felt its energy bathe over me once again and soon I was no longer in my room. I was... no longer in my world!"

A little Jazz blues improvisation track. Wanted to try something clean for a change. Strat through a tube amp clean channel. Reverb is the only effect used besides of course, blue obsidian.
Tags : | Rock | 4.56 MB
Description : This one has a slow start but hang loose, it picks up ! This is a bit of a throwback era track in the style of Ronnie Montrose's version of Gene Pitneys "Town Without Pity". Ever heard of Alan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck, Ronnie Montrose ? Awesome players, I especially dig Holdsworth's complex chord progressions, diminished scales, intricate soloing etc. Awesome Jazz fusion player and a major inspiration to many iconic guitarists.
Tags : | Rock | 3.50 MB
Description : "I remember a time of chaos... ruined dreams... a wasted land. But most of all I remember... The Road Warrior. Time to get back to some high gain, ear piercing, sub thumping, heavy f'n rock n roll. Crank it and enjoy the ride !
Tags : | Jazz | 2.99 MB
Description : In response to his request here's some caffeine induced guitar licks to eviltwinzedds loop:

Edit: Smoothed out a couple loop transitions and added a couple of fills and new title.
Tags : | Rock | 5.46 MB
Description : Tribute track to the Gran Dador,the great giver here at Looperman, Joseph José Funktastic. I came across this killer acoustic guitar loop of Joes that really grabbed me:

So I worked up this track to participate in a thread initiated by Crucethus to show a little appreciation to one of our super talented and most gracious loopers. It also features 2 other loops of his: looperman-l-0630386-0055794-joefunktastic-mrf-house-explosion-ghost-pad-128a and looperman-l-0630386-0069255-joefunktastic-funktastic-rnb-pad-85c that I manipulated to fit with my music here which is more Latin rock that I put together to work with Joes loops. Its not as tight as I wish it could be but I wanted to get it up while Cru's thread is still fresh.
Tags : | Rock | 3.66 MB
Description : The Nibiru myth that a theorized mini solar system consisting of a sun, planets and moons lurking on the edge of our solar system has really grabbed some attention, especially in the last few weeks.

Nibiru believers are convinced the "rogue system" is on an orbital path around our sun and is making its way from outside of our solar system inwards. The closer it gets to Earth, the worse things will get, wreaking havoc on us as it passes about four million miles away. The gravitational pull could possibly cause great magnetic disturbance to Earths poles. Sparking everything from extreme weather conditions to catastrophic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Is there any truth to the myth or is it all a hoax? Many places around the world has already been subjected to storms and earthquakes at historic levels. And then there is the question of what type of life may exist on Planet X ?

A little Space Rock (based on QOTSA Song for the Dead) to raise everyone's fear-mones, just in time for Halloween !
Tags : | Rock | 3.93 MB
Description : A little rockin' in The House of Frankestein. Crank the power levels to maximum and make sure your well grounded !

Happy Halloween boys and girls !
Tags : | Rock | 6.20 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My take on the Swedish stoner rock band Truckfighters song off their Gravity X album. Heavy fuzz laden multi tracked guitar riffs, thumping distorted bass and ground pounding programmed drums. Heavily processed vocal track by me which underwent at least 20-25 revisions in an attempt to give some semblance to the original and add my own flavoring as well. The original thread of this was mistakenly deleted during a late night edit last week. Thanks to all who commented on it and of course I don't expect everyone to repost here. Just wanted to put it back up.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.73 MB
Description : Those of you who have been following my recent uploads may have noticed a trend toward heavier music. The main reason for that is my ever growing interest in Progressive Metal. Sometime around early 2003 or so I discovered the band Meshuggah and was totally blown away with the power and complexity of their music. They had just released their "Nothing" album which ushered in the ultra low sonic assult of downtuned slow tempo Alternative Metal, attributed to the newly released 8 string guitar which they quickly adopted as their new sound, pushing Heavy Metal into a whole new territory. This was another milestone in metal music that basically created a whole new sub-genre that many other bands would soon follow. This track is a variant cover of one of the tracks from the album called Nebulous. The original song begins with a different melody and transitions into the main groove here, which I have stayed pretty close to but have added a few dynamic elements of my own. Eight string downtuned to D#, Strymon effects, multiple guitar layers, programmed and live drum samples. Aside from a few areas using synth bass for a bit of drone effect, no other bass is used. Its loud, its super heavy and way out there...Beyond Nebulous.
Tags : | Ambient | 5.76 MB
Description : Do the Gods like music?

What do they listen to when they are creating the fabrics of Space and Time?

Questions that can maybe never be answered but only imagined. More tones and drones from the outskirts of the universe and Neomorpheus.
Tags : | Blues | 6.79 MB
Description : My thoughts for a Halloween track this year was to work up some foreboding Drone music with a little Delta Blues slide guitar mixed in. My inspiration being the classic story of Robert Johnson and his infamous deal with the Devil.

In Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1930, Robert Johnson supposedly made a deal with the devil at the crossroads where US highway 49 crosses US highway 61. Johnson had been playing down in Yazoo City and was on his way back up to Helena. He had hitched a ride that dropped him off next to the levee. It was a cool October night and a full moon glowed in the dark sky. He continued walking up the highway, guitar in his hand. As he approached the crossroads he was thinking about his friend Son House preaching to him about giving up his guitar playing. He really wasn't a good player and most people would joke and mock him when he was on stage. He hated it and was thinking he would give anything to be as good, no, better than his friend Son House. It was at that moment he noticed a figure in black standing there at the crossroads. As he approached him, a deep voice issued "Let me see that guitar boy"! He then took his guitar from him, tuned it and upon returning it asked if he would trade his soul to become a famous Bluesman. He agreed and the rest is history. Johnson's ability was seemingly transformed overnight to the amazement of everyone who knew him and he went on to become a Mississippi Blues legend. However, his fame was short lived. A mere eight years later the Devil returned to make good on the deal.

So this Halloween, be careful what you wish for, especially at the crossroads.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.35 MB
Description : "Remember the Sabbath day".

I went to see Sabbath for the last time the other night here in Dallas. They have proclaimed themselves a Dead Band Walking and are performing their final concert tour. They put on a great show as always but it was a sad ending, as most endings usually are. Since they are one of my favorite bands I decided to put together a little tribute track here. I have been busy working on some doom/stoner metal riffs and also have a lot of Sabbath cover stuff I've done. So I did a little mix of something new along with my version of Supernaut. It's basically a jam that focuses on replicating their sound and styling. I know there's a few Black Sabbath fans here so hopefully you guys will like it.

Long live the GOAT, the greatest of all time, the true Gods of Metal - Black Sabbath !
Tags : | Rock | 7.23 MB
Description : Read more about the Legend and then listen. Dont be a scared! Haha !

EDIT: Supafreakshow took some time to lay down a sick bass track for this. He sent it to me and I couldn't pass up re-mixing the track to incorporate some of the low register runs and fills. I think it really adds some punch to the bottom end. Thanks man, awesome bit of work. Looperman rules !!!
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.65 MB
Description : My Halloween track for this year. Wanted to try some classic sounding heavy metal. Happy Halloween boys and ghouls. Watch out for the Monsters, they're out there! EDIT: Per SN's review I went back through and tried to address some of his critiques. I like the voice so, didn't change it much.
Tags : | Ambient | 2.29 MB
Description : Depression and sadness can sometimes serve as motivation for creativity as in the case of this track. A few months back I went through a period of loosing a few friends and co-workers. Attended a few funerals and as a result found myself reflecting on life. One night I had the urge to try to transfer my feelings into music and this is what came out. Some baratone guitar accompanied by synth and accapella.
Final EDIT: Further tweaking on levels and a slight change up in the timimg of the choir section.
Tags : | Rock | 6.90 MB
Description : Bit of a tribute to the great state of Texas. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was a pretty big influence for me in my early days of playing guitar. His Texas brand of Blues/Rock blew me away and his mastery of tone still knows no equal. He's a Legend here in Texas. Another Texas legend that I took quite an interest in is the Comanche Indians. In the 1700's they became known as the Lords of the Southern Plains. The Comanche ruled a region that stretched across New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and deep into the Texas Panhandle. The most feared and savage warriors of all the tribes of the old West.
Many believe their spirits still ride the night wind here.

Some Willie G style picking to a buffalo skin drum beat.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.64 MB
Description : Hey folks, here's another Halloween track as promised. On this one I kept the focus more on the music but stayed with the Zombie theme for the LZA thing. When I first read the Looperman Zombie Apocalypse Forum thread and considered doing a Zombie themed song, the first thing that popped into my head was Michael Jacksons Thriller. So that became my inspiration. Now I must make this clear, I'm in no way comparing this to Michael Jackson's music, I just wanted to come up with a cool street beat groove mixed with some modern sounding electro or dubstep elements. Anyhow, this is what I ended up with...Happy Halloween to all you ZOMBIES!
Tags : | Rock | 3.96 MB
Description : EDIT: Changed intro based on suggestion by StaticNomad, major revamp on drum track as again suggested by StaticNomad and reprised the metal guitar section as the outro based on Valvedriver and Danke suggestions and overall interest by those who commented.
Big thanks guys for your expert advice and opinions here. I really think it improved the track and showed me just how much it pays to listen and apply some of the things that are offered up in these reviews.
**Second Edit - Adjusted levels and mastered.
***Third Edit - Toned down #2 Crash Cymbal per Crucethus Suggestion
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.85 MB
Description : Alpha Centuri...come in Alpha you copy?

I started out to make this strictly an Ambient thing but it got boring so then I decided to add a drum track and it morphed into something entirely different. I still need to adjust some levels and finalize but wondering if I should extend the ending more or completely remove it and work on retaining the chilled Ambient thing. What do you guys think?
Tags : | Cinematic | 3.76 MB
Description : I started work on this track months ago with the intention of doing some Cinematic. There's been several really cool Cinematic tracks uploaded recently and I wanted to try one. Got a pretty good start on laying down the main melody synths and drum track but then just couldn't get beyond that. Hit the ol' proverbial stumbling block and ended up shelving it. Then a few weeks ago I watched the movie Alice in Wonderland with my kids and got some inspiration. The Lewis Carroll classic story is considered to be one of the best examples of literary nonsense. Its pretty wacked out! With that in mind I dusted off the DAW and set about finding Wonderland myself. Not sure what I found or if it really qualifies as Cinematic but it is a bit wacky and I had some fun.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.04 MB
Description : Ever notice how many crazy people there are in the world today? Just watch the news,(or read through the Looperman Forums- haha !) SCARY !!!

I think people just need to relax and listen to more electronic music, don't you all agree?

This track is actually something I remixed from an example I found that was made to demonstrate oscillation effects for the 3xosc and Wasp VST's that come standard within FL Studio(Credit to Kain). Basically built around one continuous note.

Disclaimer warning! Listening to this at high volume may trigger epileptic seizure and destroy brain cells. Ah what the heck, crank it and have some fun !!!
Tags : | Electro | 6.58 MB
Description : The genome of prokaryotic organisms generally is a circular, double-stranded piece of DNA, of which multiple copies may exist at any time. Within each is an irregularly-shaped region of the cell known as the Nucleoid.
IT is actually the Real center of your universe.

Like the Nucleoid, I started this track in the middle and built everything around it. Then side chained it all together. Now it just lies here in stasis, waiting for all you Loopers to download it so it can grow and multiply exponentially until is consumes everything! Then my diabolical plan will be complete and I, NEOMORPHEUS will rule the WORLD ! Bwa ha ha ha (evil laugh).

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.16 MB
Description : Came up with this DnB track for Halloween.
A tribute to the little speed demons called Pulse Eaters who frequently hide in the grass along dark stretches of highways. Waiting to jump onto speeding cars and motorcycles, to claim a victim and grab a thrill ride back into the depths. Drive slow, drive safe on Halloween or one just might take you for a ride you wont come back from.
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