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3rd Dec 2020 15:18 -  3 years ago
Description : My latest jam with jeff cook who is an axe-slinging Texan who lives in Malaysia! Its really not good advice to follow this song's message. Its irresponsible and reckless to try this at home, just like Rock and Roll should be!
12th Dec 2014 02:46 -  9 years ago
Description : A Hook in need of a Spit. Let me hear what you come up with. Track is from ..... Ok someone on the loop will get back with you on that. Hook maybe a little too loud, I can fix that for the right MC
12th Jun 2011 01:51 -  13 years ago
Description : Loopermen and women, I introduce to you a talented young man from the southern US, Jacinth Clifton. I wonder if I can get him onto the loop from his home at indabamusic
12th Jun 2011 01:15 -  13 years ago
Description : A depressing little ditty about my propensity toward pessimism.
12th Jun 2011 01:10 -  13 years ago
Description : Bilbozo used Slap's sax tracks, and I put the vocals on wax.
11th Jun 2011 18:35 -  13 years ago
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Description : Very little of what we worry about on a daily basis will matter when we are in the hearse. A collaboration with Bill Smith aka Bilbozo's whose soft rock track inspired the lyrics.
29th Jun 2009 18:47 -  14 years ago
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Description : Collaboration with Bilbozo. Its about having to compete for the affection of a woman. An age-old endeavor, but it is often worth the struggle! Let me know what you think.
27th Mar 2009 19:25 -  15 years ago
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Description : Transformations come in many different forms. The concept of Transformation can be as overt and radical as human to werewolf, or as subtle as friend to lover. Helix again bring the mix UK techno style.
8th Mar 2009 22:43 -  15 years ago
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Description : Inspired by the 4 football players that capsized off the coast of Florida. I imagine the video would include a helicopter rescue after the singing is done around 2:35. Helix made the music, Outstanding job !! My heart goes out to the families of those men, and I will truly miss Detroit Lion Corey Smith!!!
13th Feb 2009 18:46 -  15 years ago
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Description : "Im signing off on facebook, but delete is really never deleted". Inspired by some people from my past telling me to get onto facebook.

collab with Helix. Check him out he is a talented producer from Wales!!!
31st Jan 2009 13:51 -  15 years ago
Description : When things arent going well in your relationship, someone has to give.
Tracks (11)