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27th Apr 2020 13:27 - 4 years ago
Description : another track I started and lost my way on, anybody want to help a brother out ?

written on Ableton using no additional plugins
26th Apr 2020 11:16 - 4 years ago
Description : Little dab track I've lost my way with and am looking for a bit of collaboration to help it on its waive used Ableton and no additional plugins
3rd Jun 2013 14:07 - 11 years ago
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Description : Myself and SMS teamed up on a couple of collabs i have already posted up,but this time we teamed with a third and became know as Nefarious Twist(find us on soundcloud),this is one of our tracks featuring Silver Holmes on vocal duty,we have decided to concetrate more on Dubstep as it plays to our strengths,an have since done somethig in te region of 6 or 7 tracks together,bt this is a personal fav of mine.
Take a listen and leaave a comment and let usno what you think :-)
11th Sep 2012 20:49 - 11 years ago
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Description : Another collab with another local artist by the name of Meloki,this was originally an experimental track but once he heard it he asked for the stems and threw the beats into it,and i reckon they make the whole track what it is.
Its really hard to catagorise this as well,so if its in the wrong catagory,i apologise andd if you think it should be somewhere please tell me and i shall place it there.
10th Sep 2012 19:18 - 11 years ago
Description : Another collab done with sms...we are now going to work on a longer version of this
8th Sep 2012 19:08 - 11 years ago
Tags :
Description : First time id been involved in this style of music,but i reckon it turned really good.
A collab between myself and another local artist from around my way whos not on here but goes by the name of SMS
27th Jun 2012 13:50 - 12 years ago
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Description : started out life as an instrumental...then added a diffrent drum rack before finding two local mcs who wanted to drop some bars on this.So im not really sure what genre to drop this track into hope its the right one.

Would love to hear what people think and if its maybe worth uploading some more of my stuff.
Tracks (7)