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Tags : | Fusion | 6.11 MB

Description : Further inspirations for this song, a little bit of western, a little bit of pink floyd, and some electro chords ! Hope you enjoy !

Description : The original idea behind this track was heading towards something that would hold certain resemblance to Pink Floyd kind of vibe, but eventually the whole thing switched to a collab process....yes, you guessed it's another one with maestro Tumbleweed...and so I became a proud contributor by screwing up the original plan quite radically....Luckily, Ed would say that this newly cooked stuff still preserves at least a hint of good old Floyd...what about you?

Tags : | Rock | 6.38 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : this is progressive rock that was done some time ago, it is a very tight nice piece of cinematic music and some lovely vocals, truly inspired by Genesis and Rush and Pink Floyd, this is the raw take, and there is some silence/white noise at the beginning for about 5 or 6 seconds, so hang in there with it.I played guitar on the track. Bands name was Le Sabre from California,USA, it is relevant music still today.

Tags : | Acid | 14.72 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A bit of a protest tune. l like changing the guitar tones into sitar,
violin and of course fuzz.GB loops along with casio keys, hammond
a102,electric bass and of course vocals...that 70s acid sounds hint of pink floyd..hope it gets you off....Doc

Tags : | Blues | 4.39 MB

Description : Homemade 3 string fretless cigar box guitar, 5 string bass, addictive drums. Getting closer to that cbg album completion, 'Vastlands' :D mix may need tweaking, these headphones add bass. Try and stay dry in that cave, but be careful, you never know what lurks in the darkness behind!! Very pink floyd like,. Enjoy.

Tags : | Rock | 9.63 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I have been working on this colossal monster since February of this year and I finally feel it is ready. Building it from the ground up was a task but I feel I have risen to the enormous challenge of one of Floyd's biggest songs.
It's all me - all 40 active tracks of it. Used machine sound loops from Apple, tympani and about 30 synth tracks. Me on vocals, acoustic guitars and bass.
Comments are always appreciated.

Tags : | Rock | 7.50 MB

Description : This is the first track for a Pink Floyd inspired album this song is in three parts and will be dispersed over the album I have uploaded it because i cant decide if the opening spoken bit works your help would be much appreciated thanks for listening Lee

Description : This track contains only loops from Looperman. UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - now in 256kbps!
Applied loops (fully or partially) :

HAMOOD: 0893366-0068683 (Acoustic delay),
EKKOTHEAMATUER: 0752375-0065390 (Found-sound scrapper Style Drums),
NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0066243 (Mother And Her Child),
TZA1800: 0239374-0052174 (Majestic Flute),
CYBERTOOTH: 0375728-0031807 (Glassy),
MLBPROD: 0243341-0022063 (morning portamento flute 100),
TR0Y: 0342363-0061388 (snows),
MYTHMAN: 0284375-0042458 (Peaceful Ambient Strings),
SEEDMAN: 0291194-0044670 (Spanish guitar),
WILOBOWSKI: 0321170-0048361 (space moog),
BLACKOUT: 0330108-0051502 (Chillout Drumloop 1),
THEHUMPS: 0308224-0052396 (Ambient 1 Pad Synth - 120 bpm),
CLINTHAMMERMUSIC: 0409755-0032834 (Stars Drums),
SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0006911 (Bilbozo pink floyd tribute alto sax loop 1),
ZAPPO: 0309681-0027412 (birds)
CHRISHALL: 0170936-0013479 (waves and ocean), 0170936-0013478 (seagulls).

Tags : | Ambient | 5.22 MB

Description : This is my second song without lyrics. Sequenced in FL Studio ( No MIDI controller used) with lot of FX. Intro will be something like Pink Floyd. I tried my best to make it ambient. Please do comment.

Tags : | Rock | 6.61 MB

Description : Cover of the classic track by Pink Floyd. Hope you like it.

Description : Any Kerouac or Pink Floyd fans out there? Tim Burton? Ok..that's a stretch. :)

I created this track to surround/highlight the famous haiku "The Moon Her Majesty." My vocals on the reading...which I can take or leave. So! wished I could afford Johnny Depp for that part! The background vocals (sounds like, "feel your love") is a sample of Floyd "A New Machine." Always loved that. In this particular track, specifically, I matched loops with the rhythm of the spoken word. Verrrrrry beatnik! You dig?? You jive??

PS. It took me 6 hours to read like Jack Kerouac and get into his character!

Tags : | Rock | 5.45 MB

Description : A Rock\Spoken word piece done in the style of Pink Floyd. The song features the lyrics and vocals of our dearest Eshar. I hope you enjoy.


Tags : | Rock | 5.36 MB

Description : Firstly This should be Billed as Tumbleweed feat Teamrufeless as this is the superb limited posted time Backing track called 'October Moon'in Ed's description he said it was his 'Pink Floyd' track so i have tried to create a song in that Genre, i was a little scared as everyone who commented on his backing track sort of said they wouldn't dare sing over his music, but after hearing it just once the Dave Gilmore in me just jumped up and down and i had to have a go, the full title is 'They Say (October Moon)' I hope both Ed and you enjoy it Thank you for listening Lee

Tags : | Rock | 6.87 MB | Colab Request

Description : Tracked down the master and remixed it with what I have learned so far and took out the JamStix 3 and replaced it with Addictive Drums.

Edit 7-14-12 Took the kind advice and reigned in the guitar levels a bit.

Edit:7-8-12 Remixed the whole thing.

I guess this is kind of my Pink Floyd vibe on a more mellow track.

Tags : | Rock | 4.84 MB | Colab Request

Description : Edit 7-8-12 Remixed the whole thing.

This kinda has a Pink Floyd with a Side of Beatles feel for me.
More of a laid back tune...Lil keyboard and a cpl guitars over JamStix 3.

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.64 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Took a shot at making a dubstep styled track using loops from this site.

Guitar Loops and Orchestral Drums created by ShortBusMusic
Drum Loop 1 (Moment of Madness) created by RaptureOfficialMusic
Drum Loop 2 (Skrillex Style Drum Loop) & Skrillex style Growl created by SkipyOfficialMusic
Drum Loop 3 (Banger Drums) created by Jorge Daniel Ramirez
Synth by SintheticRecords

Dubstep is not my forte, nor something I listen to a whole lot of, but I wanted to just give it a shot and see what came from it. Sorry about the crappy vocals, I recorded them before I had a good mic and it was refusing to pick up so I basically had my hands cupped around my mouth when I was singing lol.

I have no idea why I wrote the lyrics to this song. Was thinking of Fallout: New Vegas a little bit at the time. Technically, this is my second song based on Fallout lore, but I don't know if I uploaded the other one to here or not

The bit at the end is a reference to Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh?".

Tags : | Rap | 6.36 MB | Featured

Description : mixed this up from some samples i made from pink floyd

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.66 MB | Featured

Description : I had a real difficult time trying to categorize this song. it's kinda trip-hop, ambient, I'm not really sure. It's sort of a tribute to Pink Floyd in that I liked some of the sounds and tried to recreate the feeling it gave me. All loops made by Me on an Ensoniq Mr76 16 track keyboard workstation. Hope You enjoy it and Lemme know what you think. (P.S. this is only the first half, I had to cut it way down to fit the upload guidlines, but it still has the feel of the original)

Tags : | Rock | 4.75 MB | Featured

Description : This track features Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd background singer from 87-94) and Autumn Leilani on vocals.

Produced by DJ Eric ILL
Written by DJ Eric ILL and Autumn Leilani
Guitars - Mitch Perry
Bass - Sean McNabb
Synths - Dave Schulz
Mixed by Robi Banerji
Masterd by Paul Grundman

Tags : | Weird | 3.07 MB | Featured

Description : A weird song influenced by Pink Floyd and Ratatat

Tags : | Ambient | 5.98 MB | Featured

Description : MAde this one in mixcraft 5...I play guitar..then added playin,pink floyd style..planes ..the oceans...well enjoy...peace

Tags : | Ambient | 5.34 MB

Description : I recently listenened to some ancient Pink Floyd, some Philip Glass and Christian Fennesz so their music influenced me

Tags : | Rock | 6.29 MB

Description : My personal tribute to Pink Floyd...I posted a version of this song here on Looperman several years ago and since then, many have asked me to repost it. One of the best tracks I think I had ever done. Of course when you get all sorts of new recording equipment, it's always fun to go back on them and enhance the track the way you wanted to have it done. This track features the monster talent of my good brother Slap Johnson. For new people this will be a first time listen to this track...for some of the vets, you'll be able to hear some of the changes which enhanced the song including a bizarre new intro. As always comments welcome. Love, peace and music ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Electronic | 7.26 MB

Description : A bit of a tribute to Pink Floyd with my twist, love their vibe. This didn't start off to be as such but I let the sounds take me on a ride, hope you enjoy. I used a couple drum loops I built and posted for upload but others came from this site, particularly the sick bass line which I believe "the" looperman Shan / Serial Chiller uploaded.

Description : Final update: Mahloo13 contributed to this song with an amazing mix and new master (I sadly had to compress it slightly due to looperman size limitations). If you've heard this tune before – listen again – I think it's worth it. Lots and lots of cred to Malu for his effort.

Update: Totally new vocal tracks by tacatta.

100615: Yesterday I came across a man who lost his angel. This really moved me and I just had to finish this track which suddenly found its reason. A couple of weeks ago i found an acapella by Eshar that now made its way into this song. Garageband, Strat, Eshar, fretless precision and some compassion


p.s. In case you wonder – yes, I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd.

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