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Tags : | Dance | 2.01 MB | Acid Pro

Description : New Pope feat Falling Hook by Mansas World
it's just a small idea taking advantage of a very good MansaWorld acapella I hope you like it

MansasWorld falling-hook-140bpm-ambient-acapella

Description : My homie Natasha did a hook on this beat and killed it! If you wanna jump on this track with her, hit me up in the comments!

Tags : | Funk | 7.73 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Super hard bass line hook electronic hip hop blended funk. RAPRE$¢ENT - You Funk'd a Wot chewn goes down like a massage best happy ending. Epic funding builds before the climax. I ask, you funked a what. Pure attitude. Hardest overdrive funk clavinet I've played to date. A nod to 80's with the interludes - straight from an 808. Confinement to get you burning some calories. Get down.. you hear me get down!

Description : mcnorad vocals - hugheymusic - music
Just 2 16 bar verses, no hook, I couldn't figure out what to do with this. I guess feedback if any body has any Ideas thanks.

Description : My single leading upto my first EP coming soon, Produced by me and I mixed the vocals, i also took the first verse and hook. what you guys think?

CXRTER on Spotify & Soundcloud and message me on socials if you wanna work.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 10.55 MB | FL Studio

Description : This is a certified banga. Slow mellow groove with hook. 100bpm

Description : Looking for someone who can sing me a hook.

If you donwload this and use, comment with a link. MUST GIVE CREDIT IF YOU USE THIS! Not downloadable for monetary purposes.

Tags : | Rap | 5.94 MB | FL Studio

Description : Hard Gangsta Trap Beat with Hook PROD. KOHIBA x THEHIGHROLLERS

Description : Hey guys, just recorded this chill/hip hop track with a beat I made using some loops on here. Looking for someone who wants to get on the last verse and the short hook as well.

I apologize for the bad mix, its still a pretty rough draft and I'm looking for people who are able to mix and master who can help out.

Thanks, and hope you like it. Hit me up if you want to get on the track



Description : From the movie House of 1000 corpse sampled vocals. Lil crazy vibe with hook from looperman. Enjoy

Tags : | Pop | 2.62 MB | Bitwig Studio

Description : Great little pop song with a nice hook.

Description : Pop song with a catchy hook.

Description : Guitar beat at 170 bpm with female singing hook
Let me know what you think! I'm not the best at this. The beat without the hook is on souncloud.

Description : Feat Farishamusic

Description : Made using FL Studio.
The vocals used were uploaded by WithoutMyArmor. I used 2 loops uploaded by OwnTempoKEN; Very Very Scary loop I chopped for the intro and Very Very Scary 2 loop I chopped for the hook.

Description : 120 bpm 2 hook 1 paart

Description : "Smoker Cartaghetto,XHUZKA BEATS"
I liked the beat, so I hit it same hour improv freestyle.Still liked it, wanted more depth,so I wrote out a quasi hook and some bars. First part is the improv freestyle track I did. Second part at 1:52 is the written part I did, on a separate recording.
If you want to produce this. I'll work it and write it further and make it match where I envision. As is was a good time, gave me laughs at the concept I ended up writing. Hit me up, if you wish to.

Description : who wants to buy this instrumental it includes a hook I can also provide without a hook. if you like it and would like to purchase it contact me, trying to pay my rent before I get kicked out

Description : I already have the rough draft hook laid on it. I just need some rappers who can body the instrumental. I left a whole loop at the end to see what anyone could come up with. It's very fast paced and exciting

Description : A song about current struggles in the artists life.
Hook and verses are the publishing artist.

Description : Simple trap beat!!

12 bars verse X3
8 bars hook X3

Description : A bassy upbeat type of song with a darker hook break.Its an up beat verse just instrumental. A hook with a dark sound being that the love juice is good for a while but soon turns dark

#Drum n Bass
#Voice Sample
#Hip Hop

Description : In need of a female vocalist who can supply me with a Hook.

Description : looking for tips and feedback on this project, unreleased
if any singers wanna collab on rerecording the hook, please dm me

Description : beat by looperman member LikeScythe
something im working on for a future collab track.dropped a hook on it.thats all I got so far..let me know if yall feeln it

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1070
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