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Description : Special thanks to:


Description : Here is the song which I produced the beat and used a dope person's Vocal which I refer to right down below with link.
I can do this with your vocal too
just send right to my email and I deliver a song to you
of course your vocal must have a good quality I mean it better has
Tempo : 145 bpm Flstudio 20
Shared by k19

thank you for good rapping

Tags : | Cinematic | 8.17 MB

Description : For the past few months I've been working on a few projects that I'm hoping to get off the ground soon. Some of you may already know about my cartoon "Dark Limbo" which is expected to be up in a few more months. Another project which I'm hoping to start production on is a my short film "Daddy Dead" which is pretty much a extremely graphic horror based off of a creepy pasta I created a while back. This is one of the songs I'm hoping to use in the film and already has been used for a promo of the film. If you have any criticism at all be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

Description : demo/remix

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.76 MB

Description : Darkness is the first song off of the Dark Limbo album. Dark Limbo is a small horror cartoon I'm working on, which tells the story of a girl who got into an accident and is now living in a world in between ours and the after life. A world which is known as Dark Limbo. If you have any criticism for me, be sure to leave it down below. Thanks for tuning in!

Description : DXYME

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.20 MB

Description : Tried to have the "fully compressed" sound without clipping volume. it's a shoutout to my roomates favorite cartoon chracter Vegeta. Feedback is appreciated!

Description :
Hey everyone! This one is an tune obviously inspired by the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. This was one of the old ones that I have re-working. Being my first draft, I'm sharing this for some feedback :D. Check it out and I shall return the favor! OOOOOOOooooh!!!

Tags : | Weird | 6.07 MB

Description : It's Alive!!! I found this back from 2004, used some royalty free sound clips from a cartoon with Frankenstein. This track is weird, something between metal and progressive and funk. Crazy drum pattern, unfitting sounds, this was my style and I wanna get back to this, if I can... I hope this track will make you smile, any feedback really apreciated ;)
Thanks for listening!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.32 MB


Tags : | Hardcore | 3.74 MB

Description : a DnB Breakcore Metal track I made with the collaboration of my friend Korpse, he made some few parts of the rythmic drums and gave me help and ideas on the structure. actually, I try to make a cartoon videoclip for the music. It's perhaps not the definitive version. your comments are welcome

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.27 MB

Description : Turntables
FL 7
In this one I played a little bit with the croatian synchronisation
of the intro for He-Man the cartoon ;-)
Feedback appreciated thx

Tags : | Rock | 1.58 MB

Description : When I was only about 10 years old,My mom took me to the family doctor and while sitting in the waiting room I picked up a cartoon showing a series of senes. It was a man with a frown viewing an address book that listed":friends".The next few sences in the cartoon showed the man happy after talking on the phone .It appeared this man invited his " friends" to a party he was having.The last four sences of this cartoon is what distribed me the most.The forth to the last cartoon shows the man smiling as he pours a bottle of liquid marked" Sulfric Acid" into his swimming pool.The third to the last cartoon shows all his guests arriving at the party and this man with a big smile is answering the door.The second to last cartoon shows the man inviting everyone to dive into the pool and have a nice swimm.The last scene shows all his friends in the pool as they are being turned into bones with the man looking out his window with a big smile.At 10 years old ,the cartoon illuatrated an emotion that I had not experienced in life at that age.It was one of those things you just never forget.
Oddly enough, this inspired me to turn that experience into at a musical song. Lead guitars and maybe a whole lyrical concept to follow.stay tune!! watch what pools you leap into and whos throwing the party! Into the Acid Pool

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.09 MB

Description : Well You Guys know the Famous Cartoon show Charlie Brown....well lets here it in a updated way..GOOD GRIEF!!!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.76 MB

Description : all i can say is... CARTOON CHAOS

Tags : | Electronic | 5.33 MB | Featured

Description : a wacky surreal rant populated by a whole menagerie of bogus beasties set to a very syncopated funky breaks track. the lyrics came out of personal experiences, "when the weasels (come out of the wall)" refers to those times in life when the false friends & secret enemies make their move or are uncovered on a political level. it is sort of like a slapstick cartoon in that the protagonist seems to stumble thru to victory. the track started with a lucky break, sampling an electric spark that was a perfect E natural so i put together that rhythmic figure you hear @ the beginning in 7/8 with 2 sparks in counterpoint an octave apart. the rest of the track kind of flowed out of that, those same rhythms are picked up on other instruments. i was also influenced by ravel's "bolero" which is why i used that particular scale that also gives the song its flavor.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.33 MB


Hah okay...let me explain this. I was hanging with friends and we stumbled upon this Japanese cartoon on Youtube. We watched, laughed until we couldn't then it hit me that I should try to sample it.
This is the result.

I promise that part two won't be nearly as annoying. Promise.

Feedback would be nice.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.76 MB

Description : This is a lttle mixture of underground and crunk

Tags : | Fusion | 2.93 MB | Featured

Description : Another piece inspired by the Peanuts cartoon of the 1970s

Tags : | Techno | 6.33 MB

Description : Sci-Fi for an Anime cartoon.

Tags : | Electronic | 6.87 MB | Featured

Description : My first track were I used no loops at all. Just used the sounds from Fruity Loops and some plugins I was experimenting with. Not really my style but the sounds just seemed to flow together nicely to make a unique sounding track. I named it In a Perfect World because its got sounds in it that sound right outa a commercial or cartoon depicting some sorta upbeat happy place or something idk. Dident intend on this to happen but it just did lol. Soooo sick of hearing this track because of all the time I had to put into it fixing it. Something went wrong as hell and took awhile to figure out. All the sounds you hear in this track will be available for download shortly.

Tags : | Garage | 3.57 MB | Featured

Description : This is a common wealth track. I had the drum beat in my head for a while, and with Cheeve on the bass and John Friend on the synth, we went at it. After we jammed the song live about 20 times pure improv, we picked the best take and made it the silver surfer song. Its off the New CC EP. The samples are from the FOX Kids silver surfer cartoon from the very first episode

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.58 MB

Description : Actually, it's not a song, it's just a short and simple theme. Possibly for a cartoon. Please, tell me what you think. This is my first track.

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.63 MB

Description : Kind of inspired by the cartoon/movie. Took a lot of time on this one. A Rock/Orchestral piece I did for Defenders of the Universe.

I hope you really enjoy this one and remember to check out my other tracks.


Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.41 MB

Description : I flipped a sample from an old British cartoon called Danger Mouse (eighties babies should remember it). I think it would tight for a nice emcee to ride it and incorporate the voice sample into the flow. I've never heard the sample used before so I feel a sense of accomplishment for flippin' it first. Tell me what you think of it....peace

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