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Description : passion only the best of the best

Description : passion

Description : This is one of my latest tracks for my black metal project called Ravensson: Kingdom of Old. I'm considering to redo the drums and guitars, but would like you opinion on this version. What do you like and what do you think could be different?

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.09 MB

Description : This is a track from my symphonic black metal project called Rävensson. All instruments are self-recorded as well as the vocals (please forgive me for those xD). Let me know what you think! Anything I should change?

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.52 MB

Description : It sound like melodic black metal but in - hard.

Description : Metal/black metal

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.04 MB

Description : Folk,Black Metal "The Rune Staff" by Iseneorthe

Description : More depressive black metal type stuff.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.84 MB

Description : first song I tried everything with loops I created in audacity. My other tracks actually have a live guitar. This could be Industrial Black Metal?

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.32 MB

Description : symphonic black metal song i made from loops.

vocals by Ray Koefoed

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.17 MB

Description : symphonic black metal song i made from loops.

vocals by Ray Koefoed

Description : Hellish Black Metal, guest vox by Shane Demrest.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.57 MB

Description : My metal part is back! To me in this track I put all the influence I receive from death/black metal as Children Of Bodom songs, surely the rhythm isn't stronger than their songs but horror keyboard sounds looked similar and powerful enough...

Description : Symphonic Industrial Black Metal.brought the drums out a bit more.

Description : Rock and industrial influenced black metal., Improved the drums a bit.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.27 MB

Description : I made a song that sort of mixes a weird black metal sound with a riff that sounds like star wars a bit. listen to the whole song it gets kind of cool at the end. the beats turned out very nice.

Description : This leans a lot more toward depressive black metal that my other stuff.

Tags : | Ambient | 2.06 MB

Description : i dont know

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.64 MB

Description : song comprised of loops from this site any my own. very victorian/black metal

Description : Industrial Black Metal, EBM track.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.96 MB

Description : Black metal/ambient/noise
Samples used:
Dark Star By jfw (28653)
industrial revolution 95 bpm 7 syn By michael_gonzalez (2736)

Description : Another Black Metal/Industrial/Post Rock hybrid. The lyrics depict drowning in one's own thoughts. Improved drums and lowered volume to decrease sound breaking. however the volume is significantly lower now.

Description : This is my attempt at a Post rock, Black metal, Industrial hybrid.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.83 MB

Description : I made the track because I love death/black metal, but still many nu metal formations, so I mixed them up --> nu blackened death metal xD
The instrumentals are all samples of this great page! (Still waiting for my own guitar) xD

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.28 MB

Description : a black metal track i worked on awhile ago, lemme know what you think

Tracks 1 - 25 of 26
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