Description : This track has a lot of meaning...It was Produced by ADAMACK......I was incarcerated for 4 years...and as soon as i got out i started using music to express myself...just started recording about 10months ago and would just write stuff every now and then before that...I think lyrically i have progressed an immense amount and i am only getting better with time..I think i have been doing good with the music, but it seems like people dont want to see other people succeed....I try to steer away from "gangster rapping" because i consider myself more of an artist with music, but because of that people might think i am weak and cant spit hard..Well let me put it like this... every time i spit you will only hear the truth on any piece of music i put a verse on.... So please let me hear your opinions on this track should i keep at it or quit?...The VET, much respect! I hope everyone enjoys this 1 its' already my personal Favorite....

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  1. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Thu 7th Jul 2011 - 11 years ago

    Geo! Yo Know Man this one of my Fav's from you! Awesome Job dude. The Vocals are on point. The track is off the hook!

    Luv it!


    Reply by GEOram

    Thanks Joe!I'm glad you really dig this one! I got to say it was one of those tracks where you just put whats on your mind to the paper..Send me your email Joe.
    Thanks for the review

  2. Tekboydamien
    Tekboydamien on Tue 28th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    Sounds great, hard beat and great struggle felt in the lyrics. Keep em comin.

    Reply by GEOram

    Thanks man appreciate the review. Beat was made by ADAMACK..

  3. Skitsophrenik
    Skitsophrenik on Fri 24th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    yo feelin ya flow and lyrics bro..n that hook is hot!
    great track
    keep doing ya thing bro

    Reply by GEOram

    Appreciate the review, bro...yeah this was one of them crazy beats produced by ADAMACK so i had to come hard with it.

  4. lofthouse
    lofthouse on Tue 12th Apr 2011 - 11 years ago

    This is incredibly awesomely hot!!!!
    You've got it all right.The mix is totally pro.You absolutely blow my socks off!!!

    Reply by GEOram

    Appreciate it man, reviews like this make me go harder on every track...The tracks was produced by Adamack i just laced it with some real good lyrics and my patented the review

  5. RalphyD72
    RalphyD72 on Fri 14th Jan 2011 - 12 years ago

    Yo i'm really feeling that track right there keep doing ya thang homie

    Reply by GEOram

    Thanks i really do appreciate the feedback...i've recently changed my flow up drastically so keep an eye peeled for the new tracks coming out real soon, hope to step it up a notch from here on forth every time....

  6. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Fri 12th Nov 2010 - 12 years ago

    This is a great track. It is people like yourself that have gotten me to appreciate rap again.

    Keep up the good work



    Reply by GEOram

    Wow! Thanks I really do appreciate it..I'm almost at a loss for words! Sometimes for one reason or another I seem to think that i wont reach that pinnacle i'm aiming for, but then someone comes along and relates or appreciates my music and it lights that fire back on...Thank you, you've just made my day and i promise by the end of today i will record another song that can be appreciated. Thanks for the review...

  7. BeternalProductions
    BeternalProductions on Tue 9th Nov 2010 - 12 years ago

    This has a nice quality to it. I feel like your vocals dont have enough umph in them though, other than that its good stuff. Just try to emphasize your words a little more when youre rapping fast like this. It will improve your style a lot! The flow is very nice but just that one thing. I enjoyed the listen, mad props on this regardless. Good lyrical content & all around a solid track! keep em comin

    Reply by GEOram

    Yeah i hear you on the vocals it's just that i listen to a track and what i feel at the moment is just what i roll wit maybe some ad libs on the vox would have given them that extra umph your talking about....I appreciate your review....i'll see what i develope next for the vocals, you got me thinking now....i like that it keeps me on my toes...there is always room for improvement..

  8. Mrbillionx
    Mrbillionx on Fri 22nd Oct 2010 - 12 years ago

    All I can say is...

    Being different from the norm is always going to be hard on you if not everyone else.

    Now as far as this track goes.

    You probably could ease up on your pacing so people can grab more onto your flow.

    Your hook needs a bit of work. As far as the music goes its nice for what you are working with.

    If you have other tracks please lay them out for us to hear.
    I can't bash a person such as yourself on the rise.

    Just remember there will always be haters.

    Just stay true to yourself and keep the music coming.

    Reply by GEOram

    yeah appreciate the review and your 2 cents on the track...All advice is always welcome know what i mean...yeah i know i'm a little quick wit the lyrics sometimes but i just roll wit what i feel my flow is going to be on a certain track, usually if i think about it too much it wont sound as good...i just go with the gut feeling....i got plenty of other tracks u can check out...check my profile on here or check out my page on reverbnation....
    you'll even find a couple of videos there from when i auditioned and then opened a concert for Daddy Yankee...
    Other songs you should hear are "withoutthemusic" i got real lyrical wit it on that one,also check the collab wit Bubu "Triple Six" that one has a more laid back flow u might like... but hey they are all good so just take a listen i promise you wont be disappointed and if u get a chance leave some feedback...thanks again for your time....GEO

  9. Cufool
    Cufool on Sun 10th Oct 2010 - 12 years ago

    Oh dang! man this is awsome. Killed this one, sick beat and killer spit, as always. Another great track bro! keep it up

    Reply by GEOram

    Thanks bro, track was produced by Adamack..Already working on another hot one...How u been doing? Still hitting it hard with those crazy beats? I gotta go check your tracks see what new track you got up..Also got a pella you might's one of them "bring it" pella's know what i mean..Hit me up if u wana take a crack at it..Well let me know whats good on your end's always good to hear from you..I'm still waiting on that remix, theya re supposed to be working on soon as i get it i'll send it to you...

    REGGAETONKINGZ on Fri 8th Oct 2010 - 12 years ago


    Reply by GEOram

    Yo what up Adam thanks for the Review! Yeah I know i gotta do me...And the way i see it them haters are still fans cuz they taking time out of there life to put me on their agenda...But this track is just a taste of what is to come..Yea soon Enough AJAY and I will be tearing it down with every track we put out there....And you know you have my respect as well...Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you on your tracks Adam...Each one we put out will be better then the last...Like i said before i'm only getting better with time...

  11. yeshintae
    yeshintae on Thu 7th Oct 2010 - 12 years ago

    'ELL YEAH!


    Adamack is one SICK PRODUCER!

    killed this track!


    Much Respect from LA

    Reply by GEOram

    Yezzir ADAMACK is on his own class as far as producing. Thanks for the Review bro, this is the one where i just had to get things off my chest, vent and let them know that i can go toe-to-toe, know what i mean..Thanks again for the review it means alot to me..We got another track coming out soon called "I've told Myslef" also produced by Adamack i guarantee it will be another hard hitter!And believe i will try my best to make the next track better than the last one.

  12. notebookwarior
    notebookwarior on Thu 7th Oct 2010 - 12 years ago

    keep doin your thang bro sound sweet.. i hear u on that hater level people cant stand another tryna step they game up or comfort level but i salute ur succes...

    "im not a hater tho.. that'll neva be me,
    u makin money bro.. i toast to ur dreams."
    ur boi dont trip

    Reply by GEOram

    Yea bro, appreciate the review and the feedback...It seems as if someone feels threatened they have no choice but to attack, it's all good though, i dont let any of this really get to my head. I just try to better myself a little more on the daily basis...i like that lil bar u put on there..real nice..

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