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Description : UPDATE 2016,Slap Johnson has added sax to this track so please comment on this must appreciated update! I heard a great funk song from our own eshar and was inspired to do this,a little funk with a dash of disco,I used a drum loop from 9Rihter and added some accents to it,the rest is all guitar and bass.Thanks again friends.

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  1. acesmith
    acesmith on Mon 21st Jan 2019 - 2 years ago

    Incredible track. RIP.

  2. defect77
    defect77 on Sun 15th May 2016 - 5 years ago

    funky stuff

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you my friend,the live sax added so much and I'm happy you got funk fix from the track.

    Thanks again,

  3. FreeRadical
    FreeRadical on Tue 24th Apr 2012 - 9 years ago

    This is one mighty good piece of work here. Your guitar variations are just crazy on this track. The only thing that's missing from it is a bit of vocal and i can't very well moan about something that isn't there. So i won't.
    Really enjoyed this funky, upbeat and fun funky number!
    Especially because you did the drum beat as well. I know that's not your area so bravo for that!

    Reply by AllenV

    Hey FR!
    Yea,I don't do many tracks by myself cause...well it's a lot have to make drums and play all the parts,I do enjoy the ease of just "playing".
    I have some new software,Ableton Live so I'm making a big transition from the Tascam to DAW.If I can figure it out maybe I can do more original tracks.

    Thanks for stoppin' by!

  4. Baggettcindy
    Baggettcindy on Mon 8th Aug 2011 - 10 years ago

    Fire it up!!!!!! LOL...nice track.

    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks Bc,it's one of the few tracks I played everything on...which is rare cause collaborating has become a full time outlet for me : )

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Twanna1
    Twanna1 on Thu 7th Jul 2011 - 10 years ago

    You took me back to "Afro-Puffs" and "belled-bottoms".

    You are a funky "Sumpin-sumpin"

    This is jammin'!!


    Reply by AllenV

    I'm glad you "got it" Twanna,I almost took out the disco part cause I didn't know if anyone would.
    I played the track for my 26yr old son and asked if he thought the disco part was silly,his reply was that it was his favorite part!...go figure : )

    Thanks for checkin' it out!

  6. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Fri 1st Jul 2011 - 10 years ago

    haha, I love this! shhhhh....i'm at work, someone's coming. [whisper] love it!

    Reply by AllenV

    Ok,I'll whisper a little heart felt thank you,I do appreciate it M.


  7. Hutch82
    Hutch82 on Wed 8th Dec 2010 - 10 years ago

    Ridiculous funk AllenV loved it. Fantastic arrangement, great tone and mixing. Would you be up for sharing your chord arrangement or how you came up with the sequence. Did I say I loved it.


    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks so much Hutch.A big question there...I'm very much a product of over 30yrs of playing in cover bands so a lot of what I do really comes from absorbing all that in.Having said that,I've also had a few riffs and small chord changes that I've never been in an original situation to use and after that long I've built up a lbrary that I use to warm up with live.
    I just started recording like this about 6 months ago so i'm finally able to piece some of these things together,no science to it..just yrs of unused ideas,until now and the inspiration I get from all the talent on this site is priceless...I'm very grateful to everyone here,you begin to feel like you could do anything,or at least try :)
    Thanks again for your review...Oh,and I love to jam so I start with one idea and hit record..then add parts until something sticks...and it doesn't always work..if you notice I collab a lot more than I do my own originals!


  8. Peres
    Peres on Fri 29th Oct 2010 - 10 years ago

    We love to funk ,yeh we love to funk! Yes Sir bringing back the funk.I love it nice guitar work ,brilliant! Brightened my dreary day thanks!

    Reply by AllenV

    Hey Perez,glad to make your day a little better!
    We do love the funk,Maybe we should do some more!
    Thank you for commenting.


  9. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Thu 9th Sep 2010 - 11 years ago

    G'day Allen

    Dude you really do blow me away with your brilliance on the guitar, very funky piece for sure, mate you got the Eshar feel to this track, if I did not know it was you I would have said I was listening to one of Elaines tracks, excellent work on this one, love the bassline, good beat, nice synths and the stunning guitar work...massive fav this one my friend...Peace n Respect...Estefano....

    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks and Congrats Estefano!
    Yes Eshar was quite an influence and an all around good person and yourself!

    Your comments are always appreciated.

  10. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Sat 24th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Well I've always been a sucker for a funk guitar riff since year dot...great solid funk played how it should be..and that's played,with the emphasis on play not shaken or tight bass line as well..Funktastic!...cheers planet

    Reply by AllenV

    Funk is fun isn't it!I have to thank you for the bass complement since it is not my main instrument..I do have to pick it like a guitar tho cause..well, thats what i do!
    thank you for taking the time planet,I appreciate it.

  11. Bilbozo
    Bilbozo on Sat 24th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    FFFFFFFFunkey Monkey ! Oh yeah am I ever digging this one. Chords stroke the funky bone. My 4 year daughter was in the studio doing the Harlem Shuffle to this one buddy ! Are you sure James Brown isn't really gone and living in your basement? - Bilbozo

    Reply by AllenV

    Well thank you and your daughter,I have a 4yr old grandaughter myself..but don't tell anyone i'm that old..our secret.this tune is one of the few originals i've posted so you know where I get the most enjoyment.i've been meaning to review your blues song cause I hear a Neal Schon influence in there and I love the guy,Gotta add him to my influences.
    thanks again Bil...I better go check on James:)

    VERBALSKILLZ on Tue 20th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    BIG ASS WOW....great music bruh you are truly gifted...

    Reply by AllenV

    Hey Mr Skillz,after that complement I might want to have a listen again myself.You know I may go into a song with just an idea and a guitar riff and let the song dictate it's self but it is hard to keep the funk out sometimes,I do love it...
    Thanks for feelin' it,


  13. Salook
    Salook on Tue 20th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Funkin awesome, kinda on the same vain as the early Prince stuff which i haven't heard for a long while. great beat and the quality is tops. nice one

    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks for makin' me smile Salook.I do love old Prince,The Time,Isley bros..good old funky stuff.
    I don't know much about production but for a novice i've found the less parts I have to mess with the better and just stick to guitar and let the other talented people on this site do the hard parts.I don't make beats but now I have looperfriends that do!
    Thank you again,


  14. zappo
    zappo on Tue 20th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    great work ,,,,good stuff
    i remember me

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you Zappo.It was so much fun to play and I appreciate your comment.


  15. n0mad23
    n0mad23 on Thu 15th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Funk is the sonic antidote to the blues, isn't it? Funny how it's roots are firmly embedded in Blues, so I'm guessing it's the case of the antidote and poison being a question of dose or degree.


    What I really like about this is the sense of timelessness. Some Funk sounds really dated today, but others sound as contemporary and fresh as the day the vinyl was pressed. This one is one of those.

    Great arrangement and mixing. A great addition to my faves. Downloaded too. Thanks!

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you nOmad!I'm glad that you heard it the way I meant it...which is what we all hope for when we share our music.
    The kinda disco part toward the end made me smile when I played it but didn't think I would keep it in,didn't think the spirit would be interpreted as I felt it,glad you got it and thanks again for the encouragement

    May The Funk Be With You..

  16. Tacatta
    Tacatta on Mon 12th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Allen,man that was great,absolutely love the bass,and your guitar is great as usual.It felt like the 70's,real natural not forced.
    and by the way man, thanx for your comments,means a lot to us!

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you Jim.You know thats one thing about comeing from the 70's,it kinda comes through in your music.It did feel like putting on those old bell bottoms...they may not fit any more but you can still remember when they did!


  17. SixFingeredMan
    SixFingeredMan on Sun 11th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Yeah, I'm feeling that Funk! Great mix on this. I'll just be downloading this to listen to later as well. Thanks for the Awesome music.

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you for listening.This was so much fun to play and I appreciate the comments.Having fun while playing is a good thing and I'm glad you liked it.

  18. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Sun 11th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Love this style of music and you have captured the essence of what I love most about the genre. Well produced and the instrumentation choice is perfect. Makes me want to do one in this genre :-)



    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks John.A blessing and curse...unless it's a loop it has to be guitar and bass so I try to make the best of it.I think I heard a funky blues song over at your place.


  19. Nosleeves
    Nosleeves on Sat 10th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    so freash and funky man i cant stand it man,but it was great to listen.

    got new music up check em out thanks

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you and of course i'll get over there to listen...almost didn't recognize ya...must need new glasses:)

  20. Kikajon
    Kikajon on Thu 8th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Thanks Allen!
    Your comment means a lot coming from the best musicians I've heard here at looper (at least in my opinion.) And it's great fun to do stuff with Jim, me here in sweden and him i philadelphia. But that's what this site is all about.


    p.s. Your tune is in now my iphone so i can enjoy it when I'm offline.

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you right back and I have to say again how well you guys fit,Maybe your son could get in on it to if he hasn't already...and you know I like what you do by yourself anyway.


  21. Kikajon
    Kikajon on Wed 7th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Wooooa, masterpeice. Absolutely fav and DL.


    Reply by AllenV

    Hello my friend.Thanks for stoppin by and leaving the good comment.Hey,you and Jim kinda got a supergroup goin' on over there...great stuff.


  22. JoyfulWAVE
    JoyfulWAVE on Wed 7th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    wow...nice guitar work...its really funky and groovy...vocals would be nice...the mix is good..the mastering also...great job man...cheers...JW...

    Reply by AllenV

    Hey JW,thanks for having a listen.I do love the genre...I liked it before I knew it was a genre!Thanks for the mix and mast comment,you know i'm not just new to the site but to the whole digital recording thing.I didn't realize I would spend just as much time after the recording trying to balance it as playing the parts...It's all been like on the job training and hope to get better at it with each track.
    Thanks again for the review


  23. smallpaul
    smallpaul on Wed 7th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    hi mate this is really amazing, the track is funk in a box!! and the whole thing is mastered to perfection!! youve done really well here one of the best ive heard!! increase the funk!! (and the disco!!)

    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks smallpaul,I'm from the funky disco era and have a fondness for funky guitars,I wish I had some horns in it,maybe the next one.Funk in a box...great...and I had trouble nameing this track.
    Thanks for the great feedback!


  24. Alen9R
    Alen9R on Wed 7th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    Hahaha excellent just excellent this I call it a funk!
    Amazing guitars,all respect and thank you for using my loop on such a good track,and for share this track with us!

    Reply by AllenV

    Thank you Alen and for the drums,I made them a little faster and really enjoyed playing the song.
    Thanks for helping me out again without knowing it!

  25. MStokes
    MStokes on Wed 7th Jul 2010 - 11 years ago

    total respect for channeling nile on this - supernatural in all the best meanings of the term

    Reply by AllenV

    Thanks Michael for the great complement.I do like this style...feel good stuff.I myself can't get enough funky music and it is the most fun to play...I actually smile when I do.


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