13th Oct 2023 13:53 - 9 months ago
Description : Update Nov. 10: mastered.
Idee: Angelica Schwanitz
Gesang: Manuela Boekels, Angelica Schwanitz

Gitarren: Peter Schninkel, Ben Perl
Keys Angelica Schwanitz

Bass: Paul Scherner
Schlagzeug: Ulli Stein

Comments (20)

If you have time take a listen and give 2Sisters some feedback.

UChris 12th Jan 2024 03:02 - 6 months ago
I had an interesting reaction to this track. I felt the reggae beat from the start, and because I like reggae I wanted it to emerge and become dominant. But the vocals were singing interesting words, so I wanted to hear them better. Then I looked at the waveform and saw a wall of sound, and I wanted to hear how it developed. So as a listener I wanted many things. Too many? Perhaps. The track works regardless.
2Sisters replied 14th Jan 2024 - 6 months ago
Well, interesting reasoning. I don't know if you wanted too much. For us, this track, like some others, is the result of a certain willingness to experiment. So it's an idea that comes about during the long waiting phases that you have in the studio and is then implemented at some point. Somehow they are rare recordings that don't correspond to our genre, but they are still important to us somehow.
mdeland1 20th Nov 2023 01:31 - 7 months ago
Love it, I feel like it's poppy yet still experimental. Love the vocals
2Sisters replied 21st Nov 2023 - 7 months ago
Hello, and thanks for your message. You are right. It was an experiment. It arose from an improvisation. Then it was just fun to turn it into a song that goes into a style of music that we hardly ever use otherwise.

Kind regards, Manuela
dimestop 19th Oct 2023 19:56 - 8 months ago
im illiterate all of a sudden

you want to take the UP escalator :)
2Sisters replied 19th Oct 2023 - 8 months ago
We will take a closer look at the text again. But in the song it won't be so easy to change the lyrics without singing it again. But it will then play a role for the live version.

Kind regards, Manuela
dimestop 19th Oct 2023 12:41 - 8 months ago
sorry forgot to mention i love the lines

When I want it now, you tell me later/
When I want to go down/
You want to take the escalator

i think you should put UP before the IN in the last line :))
you know i take my lyrics seriously symmetry. take no notice of me who the hell do i think i am telling pro's how to write :)))))
2Sisters replied 19th Oct 2023 - 8 months ago
I don't know exactly what you mean? Remember, I'm an English speaker, NOT English *laughs
dimestop 19th Oct 2023 12:32 - 8 months ago
girls as i said earlier this track is really good i could here it was a work in progress, although this may not be your final master i believe its pretty much bang on near it. the first mix is a distant memory i like how the frequencies dont clash at all have u also altered the stereo separation too its sounds fantastic on my headset and speakers. as i say you dont have nothing to prove but i some how feel you needed to prove it on this and god damb did you, what a face slap. my fav was a little premature in terms of what we got now but it was there for a reason i could feel this coming, this is a great track and solid work from everyone your voice is fantastic. Angelic' backing harmonies gave me goose bumps 'good love' right in the pocket. i also get the Debbie Harry comparison too i grew up with that girls posters all over my bedroom wall i had all her vinyls had her translucent Sunday girl mirror too, i loved her. your obviously different but the comparison is justified here i do get it, good love is hard to find i think most will find it here if they listen have a great time away girls see you when your back if i could heart it again i would for sure excellent girls
2Sisters replied 19th Oct 2023 - 8 months ago
THANK YOU Paul, I really appreciate your words. Yes, it was a lot of work with this song. We will do a final master's degree at some point. But fundamentally not much will change. I think it's nice that you accompanied the development of the song.
Now let's take a short break.
Best regards Manuela
RitajustRita 18th Oct 2023 01:20 - 9 months ago
Wow you girls and band.
This is in 1 word super !!!
Your voice sounds different but very beautiful .
Im agree with theHumps...its a Blondie voice.
And i like the music and i know that you are dependent on the studio and all members of the group and if there is something to improve that you will eventually do it.
I might wish your voice was a little louder but that's my taste
Also Angelica's.
She also has a beautiful voice.

Greetings to you all.
2Sisters replied 19th Oct 2023 - 8 months ago
Hello mom,

Well, it's no wonder that everything sounds a little different with this song, including my voice. We worked with some effects here to achieve that old cool sound.
Thank you for your listening, your time and your kind words.
This was our last song here for a while.

Kind regards, Manuela
kingmt77 17th Oct 2023 23:43 - 9 months ago
Manuela/Angelica! That’s it! Job well done. Take a bow! Good night 2U2 plus sweet dreams.

2Sisters replied 19th Oct 2023 - 8 months ago
Hello Mark, thank you again for your tips.

Kind regards, Manuela
kingmt77 17th Oct 2023 20:57 - 9 months ago
Manuela hi. First, I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard here. The full team effort is obvious. The overall impression here is festive with a Caribbean undertone. It's admirable that what ever the genre....... you guys own it. I didn't hear the earlier takes, but the vocal positioning is sweet. The mix is full of depth and dimension. The one and only adjustment would be to spread the bass line out with a mild stereo effect. Not too much. As a rule, we tend to lock the bass into mono. The great bass line melody with the guitar gives this track that dancing and swaying vibe. The team effort has never failed to take me on that adventurous excursion. Thanks for sharing your exceptional talent. Be safe.

2Sisters replied 17th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Good evening Mark, glad you listened to our song. Even better is that you like it too! Angelica uploaded a new mix at this moment. We distributed all the instruments a little more and changed the emphasis a little. As you suggested, we placed a minimal effect on the bass, which also brings a little stereo sound. I think we are now a little closer to our final stage.
Thanks for the kind words and your advice.

Kind regards and good night

dimestop 17th Oct 2023 01:30 - 9 months ago
Manu i was first to post here and i give you a wow, because of the change, i also called the fairground theme i too pointed the sisters being slight different we all know you bring work to get feedback and ideas for final mastering, you also seem to be a little vexed about soul golds comment.
i told you long ago that's what i like about you lady, your spikey and you defend yourself you have every right to be vexed it was cold.
constructive critique is good we all know that, i joined a community for inspiration and joy, to meet people like you that give so much back now you realise why i call it out in my tracks often enough. not commenting back, ignorance, i get it from some well known user, I'll call the fuckers out i got big balls as we brits say
to reassure you, not that you need it, you don't have to explain anything to anyone about what you do your a standout out talent here we lucky to have you, you have exquisite backing from Angelic and a great band of musicians that provide great music keep doing exactly you. i have 3 female friends on loop and i might be a bugger at times but im old fashioned and always have your backs never forget that.
when its mastered bring us the pop sensation The Two Sisters :))
2Sisters replied 17th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello Paul, wow! I can't remember ever seeing such a long message from you here. Thank you for your kind words and also for your moral support!
I know I don't need to explain myself here. But you've already realized that I defend myself when I feel personally attacked. He attacked me, I defended myself and now it's a good thing.
Let’s continue making music.
We've already made a few changes to the song. We'll be uploading them this week. It would be nice if you listened to it too. You know how important opinions and help are to me.
Starting next week, mom (me) will be going on a trekking tour through Nepal with her eldest daughter (Claudia). We are accompanied by Angelica and her friend. Let's see whether this also leads to a spiritualistic expansion of our music.
Thank you again, best wishes, stay healthy

BaoBou 16th Oct 2023 21:07 - 9 months ago
Hi Manuela, I get wanting to be careful, and you have more experience than me so you can probably do that, but for me I need to be radical. I sometimes strip away everything until the core is left (in your case the vocals), and see what is the minimum you need. If the vocals work (and they do), then you might not need much else :)

Good luck, looking forward to a next version (as I'm sure there will be) so let me know!
2Sisters replied 16th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Good evening my friend. There will probably be another version before we travel to Nepal on Sunday morning for almost three weeks. You are of course right about gutting, that would be a possible option. But after that it wouldn't be this song anymore, which I don't just work on alone. Well, in Germany they say "probieren geht ueber studieren" “the better thing to try is to study” *Smile. If everything doesn't work, we'll leave it in professional hands.

Kind regards and goodnight

BaoBou 16th Oct 2023 18:32 - 9 months ago
The effects on the vocals are fine, they're poppy and that works. But when I say clarity, I talk more about the overall soundscape and about something that you usually get very right and I get very wrong.

What I do is let all my instruments play their own tune and story and hope it works out; often they all want to be heard at the same time and that makes the overall picture messy. I'm working with a producer (1.5 hour every 2 weeks, so very limited) and he usually tells me to get rid of certain elements. There's always a guitar too many, a cymbal that's not needed, a second vocal, whatever. (btw usually I post stuff here before getting his advice, that's why you don't see too much of his good work in my tracks yet ;) )

So here I hear lods of things going on in the same frequency range. The drums, the keys, maybe some background vocals, then a guitar, they all try to be in the same space.

I think your track would gain a lot by subtraction.

Hope it makes sense. I might well express it wrong and hopefully one of the wizards here can express it better (or say I'm stupid and full of it)!
2Sisters replied 16th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello Baobou, thank you for contacting me again. You aren't stupid! Your view coincides with ours. I already wrote in the post with Mickey that the problem with this song is the overlapping frequencies. We're working on it too. The problem is that we don't want to take away the dynamics of the song. That means we don't want to change the instruments, but rather divide the acoustic stage better by adjusting the frequencies. It actually goes musically in the direction that Wayne describes. But this is new territory for us and not easy. That's why we're very grateful for every constructive tip, like yours here, especially with this song.
Kind regards, Manuela
theHumps 16th Oct 2023 17:22 - 9 months ago
Has a Blondie feel to it. Been recently watching some Blondie vids, Heart of Glass comes to mind. Love the harmonies, you guys work so well together, like you are related or something, he!

Upbeat, fun, lively!

2Sisters replied 16th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hi Wayne, I think I need to dye my hair! *lol. No, thanks for your comparison. But I think it's still a long time before I'm ready to be on the same level as Blonde. I'm afraid I won't be able to do that though.
Thank you for your kind words, best regards

BaoBou 15th Oct 2023 22:50 - 9 months ago
I like that it's a very different sound from what you usually do - the chord progression is simple but because of that it's strong and the end is funny with the slowly disappearing chipmunks.
But... it also lacks the clarity that I usually hear in your mixes. I'm always impressed at how you manage to do that and while I like the new sound, I wouldn't mind to maybe leave out some elements so your vocals get more space. Does that make any sense or did I miss the point?
2Sisters replied 16th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hi and good morning Baoboe. You are absolutely correct. The song is different from the songs we usually do. Like you said, simple chords, fast beat and more effects. My and Angelica's voices are also slightly altered with effects. We were and are of the opinion that the otherwise crystal-clear vocal sound does not fit the song. Maybe our opinion is wrong here? Where we have problems, you've also noticed, is the demarcation between band and singer. So to speak, the space on the stage is not distributed correctly. Everyone is still too close together. You write that we should leave something out. What do you mean by that exactly? Do you mean effects or instruments? It would be nice if you got in touch again about this.
Kind regards and a nice start into the week, Manuela
Micky 15th Oct 2023 10:33 - 9 months ago
Hello Manuela, hello Angelica, of course this is something different from you, but it caught my attention right away. Sure, the mix still needs some editing, but the song works very well, and I think that's the main thing for now. I like that the second voice occasionally moves away from the unison and makes it even more interesting for me. You two do really well together. And there's someone on the guitar who really has it, my goodness. Please send him greetings from a colleague. So, you kind of have to separate the voices in the mix even further from the rest of the music, but it's already a great, invigorating track that really suits you. Cheers, Micky
2Sisters replied 15th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello Mickey, nice to see you here.
We knew before we posted it here that the song still needed a lot of fine-tuning. In particular, as you and others have pointed out here, the distinction between singing and vowels wasn't quite right. On the one hand, we are not fans of excessive compressors, on the other hand, we don't want to lower the band's volume too much, otherwise the pressure that the song needs to have an impact is lost. So there is only one way to manipulate the frequencies. And caution is required to ensure that the natural sound is preserved.
We have already uploaded a first processing step in this direction today. In my opinion this is the right way.
Stay safe

Kind regards, Manuela
CINCOCENT 15th Oct 2023 02:51 - 9 months ago
I think true love in general is hard to find or if anything it's not out there lol anyways what's up with this this is different so far. Great idea Sisters Angelica
I like the guitar parts great job Peter and Ben
2Sisters replied 15th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Thanks CC, I'll pass on your praise to Ben.
You're right, good love is hard to find. The text is intentionally somewhat ironic.
Kind regards and a good start into the new week
xstokes 14th Oct 2023 15:18 - 9 months ago
i love breezy pop tunes with sweet n sour lyrics so this hit the spot. the band’s energetic perf is just right for oktoberfest, i like the blurriness of the mix, it has a nice reeling feel. the vocal phrasings are super catchy, you girls harmonize in a cool, jazzy way. i enjoyed this lots!
2Sisters replied 15th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello xtokes, I'm really glad that you enjoyed listening to the song. Thanks for your visit and your nice words.
Kind regards, Manuela
Seelengold 14th Oct 2023 13:57 - 9 months ago
Hallo Manuela,

wenn ich kommentiere, gehe ich – sofern nicht ein ausdruecklicher gegensaetzlicher Hinweis vorliegt - natuerlich davon aus, dass der Track fertig ist bzw. sich in etwa in der Endphase befindet und kommentiere entsprechend diesem Stand.

"Wir veroeffentlichen hier Songs, die in einem fruehen Stadium sind."

Nichts dagegen zu sagen, aber es ist dann sicherlich sinnvoller, diese Information bereits bei der Songbeschreibung mitzugeben (wie es hier haeufig ja durchaus gehandhabt wird), als sie jetzt nachzureichen, denn dann weiss man, dass es sich noch um eine Labor-Version handelt und beruecksichtigt dies selbstverstaendlich im eigenen Blick auf das Lied.

Allgemeine Anmerkung zu Kritik: Mit positiver Rueckmeldung umzugehen ist keine besondere Kunst, das kann jeder. Bei kritischer Rueckmeldung ist das ganz anders, da setzt eigentlich immer sofort der Abwehrreflex ein. Und hier beginnt dann die eigentliche Kunst: Naemlich diesen Reflex einzufangen, ihn unter Kontrolle zu bringen, das Bemuehen, sich einen souveraenen Umgang damit anzueignen.

Ich habe ein Lied kritisiert, nicht Dich. Wenn ich hier ein Lied einstelle, dann muss ich einkalkulieren, dass es auch passieren kann, nicht nur schmeichelhafte Worte dazu zu hoeren. Und das ist gut so, da positive Worte ihren Wert nur durch diese eben weniger schmeichelhaften anderen Worte erhalten.
Wenn jemand bei einem meiner Lieder also "furchtbar", "grauenhaft", "Klangbrei", "musikalische Plattituede" etc. schreibt, dann halte ich das aus und schmolle nicht maedchenhaft rum.

Viele Gruesse

2Sisters replied 14th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hallo, du scheinst es einfach nicht zu verstehen! Es geht hier nicht um deine Kritik. Es geht um Worte wie : "pure Vergeudung", "Eintopf", "Verschwendung"...
Diese Worte empfinde ich persoenlich schon fast als Beleidigung und auch als Respektlosigkeit! Das hat nichts mit Kritik zu tun und ist schon gar nicht "eine kritische Rückmeldung". Mit Kritik, auch negativer, kann ich wunderbar umgehen.
Ich "schmolle nicht maedchenhaft rum", sondern auessere mich mit meiner Meinung, die du anscheinend in deinem maennlichen Stolz nicht ertragen kannst.

Liebe Gruesse Manuela
Danke 13th Oct 2023 18:39 - 9 months ago
very cool mood here ... disco/pop :-)

get a bit more volume for the vocs please ...

greetings, Danke
2Sisters replied 14th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello my friend. Thanks for the kind words and your advice. We'll definitely be reworking the mix a few more times.
Kind regards, Manuela
Seelengold 13th Oct 2023 17:24 - 9 months ago
Hallo Manuela,

es ist wirklich nicht boese gemeint und natuerlich weiss ich, dass bei Eurem geballten Gesamt-Musikwissen ich als anmassend rueberkommen kann/werde.

Ich wunder mich einfach, ich wunder mich unglaublich, ich kann mir das beim besten Willen nicht erklaeren. Gegenueber jedem Einzelnen von Euch bin ich ein musikalisches Vorschulkind und es ist mir jetzt schon richtiggehend unangenehm, das zu sagen, aber: Hoert denn wirklich niemand von Euch, dass der ganze Song ein praktisch durchgaengiger Klangbrei ist?

Ich kann vor lauter Unglaublichkeit kaum schreiben. Das waere ja nicht so schlimm, wenn das ganze Lied ohnehin voellig daneben waere, aber was die ganze Sache noch viel schlimmer macht, das ist es grundsaetzlich ja gar nicht: im Gegenteil!

Stimmen und Instrumente sind dermassen ineinander verquirlt, dass man dauernd zurufen moechte: trennt die beiden Komponenten doch einfach mal mehr voneinander, Herrgott noch mal.

So wie der Song jetzt gestaltet ist, werden Eure beiden wirklich schoenen Stimmen vergeudet, wird die Instrumentierung vergeudet, ist der ganze Track vergeudet. Jeder der beiden Straenge für sich, wunderbar, aber in dem jetzigen Eintopf: die pure Vergeudung!

Wie gesagt, ich habe keine Erklaerung, nicht mal ansatzweise.

Ich haette Euren Song ja auch ignorieren koennen. Aber gerade weil er in seiner Anlage ein richtig grossartiges Versprechen ist, dieses grossartige Versprechen in der Umsetzung aber banalisiert wird, gerade DESHALB regt mich diese Verschwendung so auf, aergert sie mich dermassen!

Tut mir leid, aber das musste jetzt sofort auf der Stelle raus!

Im richtigen Arrangement der Stimmen und der Instrumente zueinander ist das mit Sicherheit ein wunderschoenes Lied!

Manuela, alles in allerbester Absicht von mir gesagt, aber ich gehe davon aus, dass Du das ohnehin auch so weisst.

Lieben Gruss

2Sisters replied 13th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Hallo mein Freund,

Waerest du ein Mensch, der meint, dass seine Meinung die einzig richtige ist, der meint, dass sein Geschmack der einzig wahre ist, der meint, dass das was er sagt Gesetz ist und unbedingt ohne Widerspruch gemacht werden muss, dann waerest du anmassend und intolerant.
Bist du ein solcher Mensch? Wenn ja, dann ist mir deine Meinung nichts Wert! Falls nein, dann ist die mir genau so wichtig wie die Meinung anderer Menschen hier, wenn sie respektvoll vorgetragen wird.
Wir veroeffentlichen hier Songs, die in einem fruehen Stadium sind. Teilweise Songs in Genres, die wir normalerweise nicht unbedingt bedienen. Wir veroeffentlichen diese Songs hier, damit man uns auf dem langen Weg von diesem fruehen Stadium bis hin zur Fertigstellung Tips gibt und uns auch auf Fehler hinweist. Wir wollen andere Sichtweisen kennen lernen.
Es gibt hier leider nur wenige Musiker, die ihre Songs mit richtigen Instrumenten selbst einspielen. Noch weniger Songs findet man hier an denen mehrere Musiker beteiligt sind. Da kann man sich nicht einfach an eine Console setzten um gravierende Änderungen zu machen. Man braucht einen Raum, Termine mit den Musikern, Aufnahmegeraete und vieles mehr. Also Zeit, Platz und auch Geld. Das ist Vielen hier nicht bewusst. Wenn es dann wirklich zur finalen Fertigstellung mit Mix und Master kommt, dann geht es meistens auch nicht mehr ohne ein professionelles Studio.
Bis dahin schafft es nicht jeder Song. Das ist ein langer Weg manchmal ueber Monate. Aber der Erfolg den wir in den ganzen Jahren auch finanziell hatten, gibt uns Recht.
Das ist die Erklaerung dafuer, dass ich solche Begriffe wie Einheitsbrei und Vergeudung schon fasst als Beleidigung empfinde!
Beste Gruesse Manuela
dimestop 13th Oct 2023 16:47 - 9 months ago
wow, this took me by surprise, in a good way. different vocal processing? you sound great Manuela and Angelica' backing in her harmonies in a different tone. love the keys too. the guitar is great. i thought i was going on a fairground ride when it started, but when the vox kicked in i was bopping around with a smile on my face, great work everyone
2Sisters replied 14th Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Thank you for your nice message. Fair gets to the point. The Oktoberfest in Munich was the inspiration for the song. The mix isn't perfect and final yet, but we've already played it well live in front of an audience.
Kind regards, Manuela

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