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Description : this is me on Maj's track of the same title apart from he was born in, im born on, its still chillout i think, lyrics available to follow

Tags : | Rap | 4.22 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : follow up to Star Walking to Maj's track of the same name as the title. its about showing confidence, put work in on getting a better production too. hopefully ive improved
its a shout out to mental health and highlighting it, big hug to the sufferers. im one

the lyrics are available. there's bags of bars

Tags : | Rap | 3.88 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : been through a shit time of late, nothing like bigging yourself up to help you through it, got to love me first, this is to LeDev's track, kept his title, it might not be the star walkin he was thinking of :)) the lyrics are available. merci beaucoup my friend
i wonder if anyone notices? no swearing

Description : my latest to BeatMakers You Wished track. lyrics are up too.
showing a bit of love to the community here guys, but also a dollop of spite to the people that think they know our tracks better than we do. critique is fine if its not your thing, we know what we want, we don't need you telling us different twat.

Description : sharing and collabing is what its all about. its the bedrock for me, i love working with others.
the storyteller is back with another life lesson. lyric sheet is available.

everybody knows these kind of friends or people, choose wisely is all i can say. showing a bit of love too.

Description : its all about the title, you have no idea what's coming
i tried to write and produce something that was, powerful, hard hitting, believable and painted a picture, yet i also wanted to drive the true message home.
FICTIONAL of course, but delivered autobiographically. please let me know if you think i achieved it. this is Ominous with a capital O. its graphic too, , the lyric sheet is up also, its worth a read. SEAT BELTS ON

Description : just reiterating the point, i think the message was clear, its not about hate guys, its about manners, sadly lacking in society today. that's why the world is fucked. no respect anymore.
Mr. Angry is back too, this ISN'T a parody. the subject is now closed for me.
song lyrics are up too

Description : EXPLCIT special delivery for you haters. my people know this is not directed at them. we keep this place going with regular uploads and comments, but if people want to give me ammo, I'll fire the bullets, ive got a pair. too many glory hunters on here, if you've never felt me YOU FEEL ME NOW i know loads of you think this, if people take the time to comment the least you can do is say thankyou. you lazy twats go seek your glory somewhere else. its BRUTAL. lyrics are up. just had to Rita :))

Tags : | Pop | 6.03 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : my cover a collab the Legendary Mr Funktastic asked me to sing on this iconic track that defined the 80s Joe has been ill and he reached out to me to help jumpstart his return to music, he told me ive got drive and passion, i was both blown away and honoured by his offer, he is the Godfather of Funk on LM. ive pimped this up added sauce gravy mayo and pickle, ive dimestopped it. remember guys always a small d for brand dimestop, it means a lot to me its not capitalised. Check Joe's intrumental

Tags : | RnB | 3.62 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : so Maj sent me a track that he thought i may like, well here it is, so obviously, i liked it. wrote a new vocal for it, again R&B pop, easy to remember lyrics, along the lines of Hey Baby. ive put them up so you can follow along, the backing is overlays. tried not to make it to cluttered, its got more clarity just different fx on each vocal layer, bit of overdrive and reverb, no panning, added a couple soundgoodizers.

Description : Sauced it up I'm celebrating the birth of my 3rd grandchild, my daughters first, Isla was born yesterday, I'm blessed, yet again. my vocal/spoken on another one of BeatMaker4real' older tracks i kept his title
hopefully it will be a better world for all our grandchildren to grow up in, although i very much doubt it. this is me venting my frustrations at the money men and politicians that ruin our lives. they all cunts. 16 layers of my vocal went for hype, hard hip-hop rap :)) lyrics are up too.

Tags : | Pop | 3.95 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : dimestop does pop, another vocal from me. its all part of the dimestop brand.
obviously ive mixed it up as usual
catchy easy to remember lyrics, ive put them up in case you wanna sing along :)))
the main vox not the backing
again just trying to show how far ive come in two years from knowing absolutely nothing. still cant sing but i have a go, think my song writing is ok though :)) i have insecurities like everyone else.

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 3.44 MB | FL Studio

Description : Short piece, Lo-Fi chillout, hey guys this is different from me, this was inspired by Jynxz after listening to his track city-ish life. this is my interpretation. i think the title explains it all. i tried to capture the atmosphere of a hot steamy early morning in any major city. ive added tonal fx to create the background ambience, there's an electric storm brewing, i stewed for a day whether to use ad-libs but thought vocals would take away from what i was trying to achieve, that feeling.

Description : TWEAKED took V's advice. another vox its multi layered to try give it some hype but its difficult when your voice is shit :)) but im having fun. wrote it pretty quick added reverb and delay all different on each of the layers. be as hard as you like ive got thick skin, there might be to much going on, you tell me though, i dedicate it to you all, its because of you im still here, could of give a bit more distortion on the bass. put some cymbal crashes in and a few percs to give it variety

Tags : | Soul | 5.48 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Well guys, if you gonna do a cover and fuk it up, go big. make it your own i have. re-wrote it, changed the music and tempo bags of swing, some funny lyrics, i had a blast with one of my all time favs, you all know this banger, but not like this you don't. this will be interesting, it was a right mouthful too :)))

Description : another vocal from me, I'm starting to feel more like myself now. never let these twats get you down. again this is just me trying to tighten up my Vox I'll never be great but i wont autotune what's the point. just a bit of fruity parametric EQ2, fruity reverb, fruity delay2 and maximus to compress on the vocal. im enjoying FL20. feedback and critique more than welcome. put the lyrics up again for you to follow

Tags : | RnB | 5.01 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : UPDATED 24th in FL Studio and tried to pimp it up.
ok guys, so it been a while, ive had a crap year work wise and lost my mojo of late. and walked and eventually got sacked, first time ever, im fooking stupid :)) but hey you never keep and old dog down for long. ill show the fuckers. this is my first since i had my upgrade, first time used a different DAW too. audacity its not listed, still got lots to learn about mixing. wrote the track and sang it R&B Soul i suppose' put the lyrics up too

Description : Hi guys another vocal from me, this time Matthias gave his blessing. It's to his beautiful return track chillout vibe. It's a tribute to my closest here on LM. My voice a few ways including, the balls to do a harmony channel too. There's 30+ shout outs, so listen up, you may here your name. It's community based and some of you play characters. Switch the fucking volume UP, it's a builder. Love the Stokesey and Cyber lines :))) Sorry girls it was a lads love in.

Tags : | RnB | 8.19 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : So guys another vocal from me, again a freebie tune from YouTube so I'm indulging my rights. I've used all the advice you've all inputted over my recent work and put it all into practice, I think it's paid off. This is semi bio-graphical, guys I DONT feel as bad as I've portrayed :)) here but used times in life where my emotions have interfered. There's feeling in this one and I'm proud of my vocal for the first time, no fx, just a little delay. Sang in bathroom for accoustic effect

Tags : | Soul | 7.69 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Another vocal from me, grabbed of YouTube freebie, wrote the song and sang it. Hopefully no issues this time, showing I've picked up all advice I've had from you guys lately..
Dare I say, I think this is my most ballsy effort, I sang it like I dance when I go out. I don't give a fuck attitude :))
I might not be a good singer but you gotta wanna bop to this. The best part is when it finishes and something else comes on :)))))

Description : UPDATE so worked issue out eventually, thanks for all your help guys. Done another hearing test this morning,26 years old, 17 to 16900 Hz hearing frequency, take a look at my profile pic, when ears were handed out, I was second in queue just behind Dumbo :)) used that in my speech when I gave my daughter away. Nothing wrong with them beauties. This more polished, how it sounded in my head, thanks for all the help especially DOOM&BeatMaker

Description : So Easter Sunday BeatMaker brought an instrumental Sunrise,it was brilliant, just what the world needed. I've gone and ruined it, I asked if I could do a vocal. So here it is. I'm no Lionel Richie, more Lionel RichTea, but I have a go, and before you ask, no it's got nothing to do with anything in my life, sentimental tosh put together to sound like a life long love story. I wrote this Sunday the wording I like, the singer is rag though :))) incorporated his title into the lyric, wink wink

Description : So wrote this over the last couple of days, it's sort of acoustic down-tempo hip-hop, the beat, music, drums, I wrote with vst's, wrote the vocal and sang. It's a fact time is more valuable as you get older. The inspiration was a time of my life when time wasn't an issue.i openly admit I'm not the greatest singer, but this surprised me, im sure you'll tell me your opinions

Description : Not been about for a while, glad to be back. This is a hip-hop track that I used no loopps on just Frank's acapella, all the music, keys cello drums etc I used my vst's and wrote it. your opinions would be welcome thanks guys

Description : My dedication to the people of Ukraine and the sheer destruction Mariupol has suffered please don't expect flash bang dimestop this is more a derge. It's got dismay, despair, but it has glimmers of hope too. It's empathetic has a pleasant melody but close your eyes as this plays and picture the news footage the pictures tell the whole story. Wasn't a disgusted genre sorry. No loops either all my own DAW

Tracks 1 - 25 of 50