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Description : Ok guys so there's 18 layers in this. I tried to produce a track that has a lot happening but I think I've created space for it all to have its place. Electric pop, only 1 loop, Dankes's fire cut the space guitar loop the rest is me and my DAW. It's got atmosphere,dismay, 4 vocal cuts, percs synth and a drum and cymbal stack I'm proud of. This is a nod to M.T. he creates space galore he also brought a fire drum solo a while back, maybe a little loud, opinions please.UPDATE Tweaked volume and fx

Description : Hi guys had a few weeks break but returning with this, it's still the topic of conversation worldwide. I sampled a controversial track from the '80s mashed it up added some of me edited newsreel and put famous names on vox for a little fun. It was actually a well thought out piece, I had a lot of ideas and although a tough subject to cover I hope you think its a bit of fun vox wise, but with a serious side, COVID isn't a joking matter whatever your opinion, IT'S the new war were ALL fighting

Description : Glad tidings to all, especially the talent within our community. Traditional carol from dimestop, merry christmas, same loops as the others with my bits added

Tags : | Rap | 6.37 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : New job deserves a new track, yes guys I was successful and start my new position at Caltech Services running the lab next week.
This is another Maj and me he sent vox beat and melody, I added keys impactful percs synths backing vox breath intakes 808s, sounds that will make you listen to this slow vibe it's repetitive, just like day to day life inside

Tags : | Trap | 8.11 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : This is another Maj and me he sent the thought provoking keys and beat, with the coin window tap. I was writing immediatly, 25 mins later had it wrote. added a horn with echo and some penetrating 808s, some fx added a delay. This subject is dear to my heart, I actively encourage awareness of this. It's dark and extremely personal, but it's all the truth, a difficult listen for me tbf. It's more an open letter, than a song, I'm sure you'll get what I mean, the lyrics are available

Tags : | RnB | 10.18 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Update took some bass out compression on vox
It's called girl
This is just me been here nearly twelve months now feel I've learnt from you all, I'm singing on this uke loop and my daw I wrote this about about a long relationship and marriage that failed you've guessed, mine. It's reflective not mushy or sentimental no slagging, positives, life's to short for grudges how I dare call myself a singer I've got neck I've even got harmonies and an alternative sentence. Your ears are f#cked guys

Description : Hi guys Maj once again sent me something, the chimes and asked if I could do anything with it. So everything else is me vox off LM, I added the vox and altered them added FX added a tape delay, it's a repetitive electro pop but the lyrics are varied I think it works as do my friends who liked it too, I have three different versions of it but Maj was happy to go with any so here goes

Description : Hi guys this is no3 in mine and Maj's partnership, again this is a different genre, he sent me the music I already had a vocal off LM months ago I knew would come in handy I sent him it back 25 mins later for mastering, easiest I've ever done seriously, I chopped the vox and dropped it in. I love it, if it don't get you bouncing, you got no fooking rythme

Tags : | Rap | 9.32 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : So Maj sent me this track and asked if I could do anything he called it concrete jungle I had lyrics I downloaded of LM months ago adios natjamesworld, so chopped them up arranged them differently added effects and sent it him it back for approval, as it's here you know he was happy me too

Description : This has been taken down by SoundCloud, but still available to view in my likes wtf
A little self indulgent of me, tracks I have danced to, it's a remix of sorts, it's a fussion. I used a little bit of a track I consider one of the best ever released the artist was a megastar, I sent it to Maj for a listen, he liked the concept and mastered it for me. I appreciate the stars fans wont be happy, but hey this is my crazy style

Description : Collab. Hi guys, so his Maj(esty) sent me an acoustic guitar piece hacienda My inspiration came from that word immediately ask Maj. This is how I see it, the great house looked at its most splendid, the feast had ended, the lord seeks the attention of his guests as the music starts by tapping his crested ring against his glass and right on queue, the siniorita starts singing, let me know if the song reflects that thought.Maj done all the mastering too.

Description : Brought back. Had too tonight
There is a link to the video ive put with it, on a reply in the comments check it out
My piece for Halloween, id call it a lullaby, don't really know what else to say, so I'll leave it to my 23 year old daughter, I quote " A lullaby, do you have a serious mental issue, why would you, who does this sort of thing, no thankyou. Family eh, personally I recommend a headset :)) Shoutout to Lara's Horror Sounds for the free download

Description : Yep...this one's for cyberflares too. Thanks Matthias for asking me to be involved and being headchef. Same again guys had some files sent to me and added my ingredients. I also tipped a nod to our great friends heritage, I had to involve the wonderful Scottish people. Hope I done ya proud mate, commi chef Paul

Description : LESS IS MORE
This is the tweaked version and I brought my beatbox back, sounds better thanks for all the helpful comments guys,
It's only been out a month she'll be well happy with me ruining her song :))
I would call it hip-hop Rnb fussion remixed with a soulbreak ripoff added some 808s impacts FX no loops, vox off YouTube everything else from my daw. Clipped the lyrics and tried to overly them, comments and critique always welcome

Description : Hi guys, after having my daw a month this was actually my very first effort, before lyrics were important to me but I lost all the flm files and instruments, moving files no not till you know what you doing. Rita knows what I'm talking about. I was lucky enough to find the wav. in a random audio, so instead of finishing it myself, feel free anybody to add lyrics, there's masses of space to work with, and it would be nice for somebody to show me something with it :) the waveforms not half bad

Tags : | Jazz | 7.89 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Tweaked no loops used it all me and what I've learnt in 10 months, thanks to you guys. Your the you and your in this song the cleanest version of this is on SoundCloud, didn't stick it here, but changed snare to 120 BPM I new something was wrong, when I checked it was 128 BPM, it's pissed me of for days trying to work the problem, were your fooking glasses Paul

Tags : | Jazz | 8.41 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Hi guys, this is a tweak to mine and Chris (Zootmans) track, listened and took the valuable advice on board, that's why im here, otherwise may aswell be in a room alone, if I think I know everything. The frogs still there, but with cybers idea, I like, Chris wanted the flute quieter and pseudoble the levels, all done lads, just tweaked the feel too, minimal add to fx I got credit for the slap dash intro, that was Chris' fire

Description : Well I didn't start out with this in mind, put some loops impacts together that I own, then had a thought, I wonder will that go, went YouTube got what I wanted and come up with this. For those of an age early 80's when you were all sat down in rows rocking back and forward, I was that show off showing his downrock, backspins and popping windmills :))

Description : Hi guys,this is me in pissed off mode, reading that two friends here have had tracks stolen. Yes we share loops and Collab but to steal creative flair and pass it off as your own is the lowest form of betrayal, I could use many more a choice word but I'd get kicked off :( sorry guys for your loss, this WILL INFEST YOUR BRAIN it's supposed to. There wasn't a pissed off genre. I've added a snare and bassline to give it a bit more,sorry to the guys who already posted, you WERE listened to.

Tags : | RnB | 8.89 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Hi guys been busy of late working for someone else, a rapper from my city this is not him, This is me in dreamy mode also had 4 Collab request in two days which I can't believe, little old me. Nice vibe and pace, and a well placed impact clap im sure you'll spot it :)

Description : Quite easy really, this is Paul's description of his alter-ego dimestopPaul walking into the club on a Saturday night. I maybe an old guy, but I can still put a show on. It's funky got a bit of pace, but also got an edge, a couple of surprises, I like being different, but I also think it's got a similar feel to time off

Description : This is a worry for you lot, here we go guys, my voice, with fx,I've jumped in and had a go. Please be has harsh as you want, I'm to old and thick skinned to worry. But it's my first attempt and it's a tribute to you guys for all your help and support and when I say you guys, I really mean it

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.02 MB | FL Studio

Description : I was a little disappointed in my last effort so went back to my foundation.
Hip-Hop, put a few hrs in, much happier :D
hope you enjoy.

Description : ....err...I'm..err, maybe alternative, I dont know, it's so far from me, that's for sure. Ive been messing, certainly wasn't started with that intention, but it's different for me, but going back to good old hip hop funk now for a bit

Description : fussion of hip chill hop and jazz it's different happy sunny day track, done alot of listening to you guys over last 36, hrs and felt inspired

Tracks 1 - 25 of 29
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