24th May 2022 02:32 -  2 years ago
Description : Hello guys, this is the song for snipershot, but it gave me work for this, but nothing, I made a lot of samples for the drop and it looks like NightKilla, it's a lie hahahahahaha, I used my own dubstep :D

Thanks and enjoy :)


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26th May 2022 07:17 -  2 years ago
Description : take a coupple bennys n throw this on
20th May 2020 23:43 -  4 years ago
Description : The Final Piece of the Puzzle. Super Trippy and Super Modern Acid.
4th Feb 2021 15:17 -  3 years ago
Description : I was stuck on this lol sorry
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Description : This is a mixture of all different styles
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Description : this track is also released on my soundcloud at MEZ. This is a track im pretty proud of as well
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and it seems to entertain myself and hopefully all that listen...Doc
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Hope you like it :)
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