Tags : | Dance | 8.06 MB | Garageband

Description : When I wake up in the morning there's already some rhythm goin on in my head. Sometimes with strange time signatures. I guess it's stupid, but simple 4/4 is still my favourite. On the one.

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  1. Twanna1
    Twanna1 on Sun 27th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Funky...Funky...Funky!! Love the journey your music takes me on!!

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you***Thank you***Thank you!!!
    ... for listening and commenting. It means a lot to me!



  2. Stereonomicon
    Stereonomicon on Sun 27th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Hello Michael, still irresistible music that pushes to dance and movement. The sounds are spectacular and hark back to the glorious 80's. It's always a great pleasure to listen to your productions. A warm greeting

    Reply by Micky

    Hello Marco,

    so good to hear from you. Thank you for listening and commenting in the friendly way you always do. It is the most exciting and satisfying thing to me having the opportunity to share my music with such great other producers/musicians as I do here on LM.

    Greetings from Germany,


  3. xstokes
    xstokes on Thu 24th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    i’m shouting SOOooul TRAaaain!

    Reply by Micky

    I'm shouting ThAAAAAAAANNKKKKKsssss Brooooo!!!!!!

  4. ritachattaoui
    ritachattaoui on Wed 23rd Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Sounds great!! Merry christmas to you

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you, Rita! A merry, happy and groovy christmas to you, too!!!

  5. bongrobot
    bongrobot on Sat 19th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    cool gots me laffing love the beats

    Reply by Micky

    Thanx bongrobot and happy christmas!

  6. crucethus
    crucethus on Fri 18th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Ahh Yes, there are two forms of funk. Traditional instruments and the new funk as we approached the eighties, using synths (Prince, Cameo, Rick James, etc) This falls in that latter category and is an awesome job you did. You really captured the Zeitgeist of that time. Awesome space in the mix. Great groove, I was bobbin along Good work!

    Reply by Micky

    Thanks Steven! That's right. I grew up with funk and Disco in all it's incarnations and now it appears absurd to me, picking just one and trying to do that "most authentic". I feel that today composing in an ecclectical way is all that one can do to be original. I am happy when the few that listen here are happy and as far as I get it they are. Maybe tomorrow I'll have the absolute unique, original dream and then I'll tell myself that I'd found my true self ;-)
    Thanks again for listening and your friendly comment!
    Cheers and Feliz Navidad,

  7. jive4005
    jive4005 on Thu 17th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    I'm upset with you and your genre Miky... you guys put my Oldies Band outta biz in the 70's. We all hated Disco. Tho I must admit, when I hear it today I mostly like it. Hell, at least it ain't Rap or Hip-Hop.

    Reply by Micky

    Well, Jive, what can I say ... regarding your troubled relationship to Disco your compliment has be the most valuable one to me. It is indeed! Thanks again.

  8. jive4005
    jive4005 on Wed 16th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    More Diso than Funk but liked it. Thought the vocs interesting, kinda unique in a GOOD way

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you very much, Jive! Glad you liked it. Yeah, I'm a disco boy – I run to the toilet and comb my hair ...

  9. cyberflares
    cyberflares on Tue 15th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    dam i was meant to put fn Doh!!!

  10. theHumps
    theHumps on Mon 14th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    A little P Funk groove, very upbeat, fun! So many cool things here, I liked the vocal? treatment at about 1:50, sound like you manipulated some vox there. Nice mix too!


    Reply by Micky

    Thank you for your review. I wish I had Bigfoot Brailey behind the drums to get anywhere near the P.


  11. Jynxz
    Jynxz on Mon 14th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Classic Micky, Super clean energy.

    Your change @ 1:05 caught be by complete surprise(good)...
    The buildup at the outro @ 3:10 was totally on point.

    Great Track


    Reply by Micky

    Hey there, my friend,

    surprising seems to be my method of choice. Loser was surprised, too. I'm a happy man!


    Sir Prise

  12. DeepHard
    DeepHard on Mon 14th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago


    Reply by Micky


  13. cyberflares
    cyberflares on Sun 13th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Fantastically funky Fabulous free flowing finger funk in Fusic :)

    Reply by Micky

    Thankyouthankyou. The "i" in "in" is somehow ... it's an imperfection, isn't it? ;)

  14. L0SER
    L0SER on Sun 13th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    Took me by surprise. Enjoyed groovin out to this. Super funky, love the vocals!

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you so much! I was surprised myself ;)

  15. phantomproduction
    phantomproduction on Sat 12th Dec 2020 - 2 months ago

    hi micky! very very good, well in the spirit! when you listen to the song you feel the REAL musician! very good groove and perfect result! some will tell you you could have done this or that, everyone has their ears and their inspiration!
    excellent job

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you, Michel. Feels really good to get such positive reactions.

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