30th Mar 2020 14:11 -  4 years ago
Description : This track was written three years ago, but I've learned a little since then and thought I'd rework it again. So I took this old dog to the dog parlor... a little grooming, some nail care, well, and a few treats... Now he's barking again.

Comments (31)

If you have time take a listen and give Micky some feedback.

BaoBou 25th Dec 2023 22:56 -  5 months ago
Well, if those are not female backing vox, then you have a great range! Merry Christmas Micky!
Micky replied 26th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Thank You very much and Merry Christmas to you, Baibou!
JohnSmokey 20th Dec 2023 18:05 -  5 months ago
Hot Dog! This is a fun one.
sanabria64 20th Dec 2023 00:06 -  5 months ago's a wonderful mix and the rhythm is is fantastic!
Micky replied 20th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hey Sanabria, thaks a lot for your kind words. They mean a lot to me!
pseudoble 16th Dec 2023 02:14 -  5 months ago
Wow - the mix is absolutely sparkling and the track (playing, arrangement etc) is amazing - pure class and beautifully funky. Thanks Micky - great
Micky replied 20th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hi Ian, I'm very happy that you liked my track. When someone thanks you for a track and also gives it a fav, that must be the height of recognition. My dear friend, the dog loves you :o) woof woof
2nick8 15th Dec 2023 12:35 -  5 months ago
very enjoyable an clean mix..i didnt hear your initial track but this one sounds clean..good use of the spacial audioscape..cheers..Nick
Micky replied 20th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hi Nick, I'm really happy that you like the track. Thank you for listening.
theHumps 13th Dec 2023 07:24 -  5 months ago
I'm late to the party but it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it as much as everyone else who's already commented! Funky but let's start with the fun part of funky first, yeah, lots of fun to listen to, upbeat and bouncy! Listened on my headphones, such a great mix!

Do you mix both with speakers and headphones? I have to have my last listen be speakers. Great headphone mix!

Micky replied 13th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hi Wayne, I mix with two different pairs of headphones (one pair of very simple but absolutely neutral ones and one pair of very high quality) and with speakers. I always switch back and forth between these three sources and adjust each time until it fits well on all three sources. However, I'm not completely happy with the sound of my mixes yet, but judging by the general feedback, it sounds pretty acceptable.
I'm glad you liked the track. Thank you for listening and the fav.


Alien 10th Dec 2023 07:13 -  5 months ago
Funky and groovy AF , love it.
Micky replied 10th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hi, I'm glad you took the time to listen. Means a lot to me.
AmmarJamal 10th Dec 2023 02:09 -  5 months ago
Micky replied 10th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Thank you for your expertise and the detailed review ... I'm glad you like the song. See you soon.
2Sisters 8th Dec 2023 08:39 -  5 months ago
Hallo Michael, und er bellt gut! Die Pflege hat sich also gelohnt!*Smile.
Toller souliger Funksong, der alles hat was er braucht. Gutes Arrangement, guter Mix und ein gutes Master. Ich bin begeistert.
Liebe Grüße Manuela
Micky replied 9th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Vielen Dank liebe Manuela. Mit solchem Funkzeugs habe ich meinen Kopf und Bauch seit meiner Jugend gefuettert und nun will es immer wieder mal raus. Aber "der will nur spielen" :-)
Schoene Gruesse,
IAmLegendary 8th Dec 2023 08:24 -  5 months ago
Great sounds! Awsome Feels!
Micky replied 9th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Thanks a lot ... means a lot!
dimestop 5th Dec 2023 20:00 -  5 months ago
this was released before my time Micky, am i really that young and raw :))
love this groove bro it reminds me of a cameo sort of vibe great vocal love that 4 beat pace so '80s and that guitar solo is sweet, top production too nice job and a fav
Micky replied 6th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hi Paul, well, you are obviously the youngster and I'm a bloody old fart. There used to be a well-known German DJ named Kid Paul :))
Thanks for listening and your nice review plus fav!!! Hey, Cameo were and are still one of my favorites ... it's like Candy ...
BaoBou 4th Dec 2023 11:48 -  5 months ago
Everything about this is delicious, but the female backing vocals are just the icing on the cake. Excellent!!
Micky replied 4th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hello BaoBou, thanks for listening and the nice comment. However, I have to tell you that there were no ladies involved... these are my voices, not pitched...
Bilbozo 4th Dec 2023 05:55 -  5 months ago
Oh yeah this is pretty sweet. Royal groove going on. Has that retro feel with a modern edge Awesome
Micky replied 4th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hi Bill, I didn't even know the term royal groove... I really like it. Thanks for listening, I'm glad you liked it.
Cheers, Micky
kingmt77 7th Sep 2023 09:23 -  8 months ago
Micky this is top notch. A way back Time Machine. Solid 4 in the floor that’s serious business. The 0:52 break is too cool. Great listen for me. Thanks again for sharing your talent.

Micky replied 4th Dec 2023 - 5 months ago
Hello Mark,
I didn't realize that you had already listened to this thing some time ago. So thank you for listening and the encouraging comment. It's always a great pleasure for me!
Twanna1 27th Sep 2020 04:48 -  3 years ago
Love this track, Micky!!
Makes me "Howl"!!
Micky replied 27th Sep 2020 - 3 years ago
Hello Twanna, you have no idea how much your compliment means to me for I absolutely love your work. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know! Thank you so much
High regards and "woof woof",
NDAPOCKET123 29th May 2020 15:21 -  3 years ago
Micky replied 29th May 2020 - 3 years ago
Thank you soooo much. At least I try ... I'l be watching out for your stuff!
Mykael 6th Apr 2020 12:15 -  4 years ago
DrKlinger! First, thank you for allowing me to discover you. I don't often get onto this site lately, but I happened to be checking my email spam folder and came an alert that you made a comment on one of my uploads here. Second, this song is absolutely BRILLIANT! Very few people really understand blending funk and rock as you do. This is, in my opinion, one of the very best tracks on Looperman. I just have three words to sum it up--Well done, you!!


Micky replied 6th Apr 2020 - 4 years ago
Oh well - I feel massively flattered.
Thank you so much for your review. My tracks may not give the indication, but I am very very unsure about my material every time before I show it to the public. Such positive reactions like yours really help here! Especially when knowing, what kind of a gifted singer/musician you are.
Thank you and
God bless,
DRJBEATS 6th Apr 2020 07:23 -  4 years ago
super groovy shit dude!
BeatMaker4real 5th Apr 2020 23:12 -  4 years ago
I loved the sound of this..that lead guitar at the end was so cool..boss track.
Jynxz 5th Apr 2020 17:18 -  4 years ago
Wie geht's? DrKlinger,
This is Cameo meets P'Funk, Yabadabadosy Baaba!
Great composition,arrangement and execution.
Micky replied 5th Apr 2020 - 4 years ago
Thank you for the review. I'm very glad you checked this out ...
Auf wiedersehen!
laurentwirz 5th Apr 2020 09:04 -  4 years ago
Hey! Well done. Like the mix and the mood. Too cool!
Micky replied 5th Apr 2020 - 4 years ago
Thank you, Isolation seems to bring out more creativity. At least it helps getting over these times. And the more with nice comments like yours...
Danke 4th Apr 2020 21:11 -  4 years ago
Fantastic piece of music here...that groovy is a BEAST...(not dog...:-) guitars are brilliant throughout the track and my pain is that you didn't give much time to the end solo...but all in all, outstanding track...

10/10, feetshake, Danke
Micky replied 4th Apr 2020 - 4 years ago
Hey Danke,
you know, in german language the word "Danke" actually means "Thank You" - and that's what I say...a hey hey hey!
Woof woof
elijahbcrouch 4th Apr 2020 00:53 -  4 years ago
Cool vintage funk sound bro!
atw 3rd Apr 2020 19:35 -  4 years ago
Cool, tolle Produktion und Arrangement. Sehr abwechslungsreich und orignell. Hätte mir nur gewünscht, dass der Track noch etwas länger geht, aber trotzdem 5 Sterne von mir!
bitronix 2nd Apr 2020 15:41 -  4 years ago
I didn't know Dogs are actually instruments until now :O

A really nice funky track, along with the groovy vocals compared to today's funk tracks.

RuslanG 1st Apr 2020 18:48 -  4 years ago
Micky replied 1st Apr 2020 - 4 years ago
theSINGLOT 31st Mar 2020 21:53 -  4 years ago
me encanta.
el perro es genial

I love.
the dog is great- Beware - ;-)
lochovski 31st Mar 2020 06:09 -  4 years ago
Great track got me moving , good overall production as well
I like
ClickbaitCabaret 31st Mar 2020 03:36 -  4 years ago
Definitely has that 70's era Funkadelic vibe! You can't help but to head bob your way through it. Fantastic ending fade. Great work!!
Micky replied 31st Mar 2020 - 4 years ago
Thank you so much.
I wonder if the dadaists had loved samples like that dog because it's "readymade".
Stay healthy
Angelusyeux777SC 30th Mar 2020 20:32 -  4 years ago
Haha, love the barking in the beginning creative indeed and wowww! this got me dancing around, a super! bad @zz beat if ever i heard one, this is it! yes indeed you have produced an AMAZINGGG! track. Is that you singing?...If so kudos! on the vocals, very niceee! total enjoyable listening experience EXCELLENT! Work.
Micky replied 31st Mar 2020 - 4 years ago
Arf arf! Hey sweetcherries, so nice to have you listening. Thank you so much for your compliments.
You know, these times are hard for all of us and I wish we all here could meet in a beautiful place and dance all together to all of our songs and celebrate. Thank god we have this digital place here where we can exchange music and thought.
Yes, the vocals are me, myself and I, except for the dog, of course.
And: I love all of the musical work you put up here!
Stay healthy
Stereonomicon 30th Mar 2020 19:02 -  4 years ago
Another great song with vintage sounds but at the same time absolutely current. The rhythm immediately involves.
Micky replied 31st Mar 2020 - 4 years ago
Thanks and greetings from Duesseldorf ;o)

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