Description : Been a while since Ive dropped a laid back freestyle
Not serious in anyway loosely mixed

Heres a beat I was just rhyming too figured i'd drop the track why not
Thank you to everyone showing love on my songs on here
much love
thank you

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  1. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Tue 7th Apr 2020 - 9 months ago

    I had to come listen to this masterpiece by you, one of my faves by you, everything just flows! like life giving water. I'm so vibing to this. The beat has such a cool! groove and as always you're doing it well on this one Bravo!!

    Reply by tsochai

    appreciate you greatly!! thanks for all your time invested in my work
    means a lot

  2. SpeakUpProd
    SpeakUpProd on Sun 2nd Feb 2020 - 11 months ago

    yo, u go crazy on this one i def. want more of this style, one of my fav peaces here serious!

    Reply by tsochai

    facts!!! my guy thanks for the support
    on the way

  3. InitiumMusic
    InitiumMusic on Sun 26th Jan 2020 - 11 months ago

    All I gotta say on this one, is damn. It takes me back to my younger years in the 90s. Probably one of my favorite tracks of yours.

    Reply by tsochai

    much appreciation for your kind words!! responding 2 days shy of a year after this track
    now a days im doing new music every 1st and 15th
    peep some new stuff! thank you for your time

    SYNTHIZIZ on Mon 19th Aug 2019 - 1 year ago

    great work on these tracks brother! holy shit man i would love to work wit ya sometime!

    Reply by tsochai

    dang i normally never miss comments but i missed this one

    thats word bro lets do some work!!

    preciate the love

  5. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Mon 22nd Jul 2019 - 1 year ago

    -CAP, you are badass! every single track I listen to, is seriously DOPE!! DOPE!! DOPE!!!! to the point of no return, on a next level for sure. Never offended by what you say. This is FRESHHHHHHH!! I love that nonchalant kind of feel easy/breezy, could listen to this all day long. There is something real special about the way you rap and I love your style. Keep slaying.

    P.S I may open my contact info, not sure about comments, who knows, maybe haha... Love this!


    Reply by tsochai

    thanks a lot cherries
    very laid back indeed just vibin to the beat
    thanks for tuning in once again
    means a lot

    regarding the contact info, sweet!!! starts somewhere. i respect it though regardless.

    much love cherries :)

  6. bloomonkey
    bloomonkey on Fri 3rd May 2019 - 1 year ago

    sweet tune man, just my kind of music. Chilled.

    Cheers, bloomonkey

    Reply by tsochai

    Thanks alot for showing love and checkin out some of my work - plenty more where that came from
    much love bloo

  7. MrRobot
    MrRobot on Mon 18th Mar 2019 - 1 year ago

    i love it

    Reply by tsochai

    im gladd!!! thanks, much love!

  8. RuslanG
    RuslanG on Sat 9th Mar 2019 - 1 year ago


    Reply by tsochai

    much love ruslan thanks for showing love glad you could enjoy

  9. NFMaster
    NFMaster on Mon 18th Feb 2019 - 1 year ago

    Hey CAP! Nice stuff bro! Joyful vibes in this!

    Reply by tsochai

    thanks for your time, stopping by checking out my tunes.
    got plenty more to be discovered and critiqued - much love
    thank you


  10. wahoco
    wahoco on Fri 8th Feb 2019 - 1 year ago

    yeah! nice to listen. good shit. thanks...

    Reply by tsochai

    thanks a lot! much love hope you can enjoy some of my other work

  11. mildperil
    mildperil on Fri 8th Feb 2019 - 1 year ago

    Love your style, but only wish it was a bit longer as I was getting really into that.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Reply by tsochai

    working on a lot of full songs my man thank you for your interest
    much love thank you

  12. ronabo
    ronabo on Wed 6th Feb 2019 - 1 year ago

    Ok, I am feeling this track. Boom Bap hip hop... love it.

    Reply by tsochai

    ayy Ron thanks for comin out
    glad you liked it more boom bap where that came from comin soon
    much love my man

  13. Alien
    Alien on Tue 5th Feb 2019 - 1 year ago

    Fun track, I really enjoyed it, made me smile.

    Reply by tsochai

    so glad you could enjoy, Alien
    much love for coming out showing support
    always more to come
    stay tuned my friend

  14. Hitman4music
    Hitman4music on Sat 2nd Feb 2019 - 1 year ago


    Reply by tsochai

    preciate you as always bro!!!
    much love
    got more in the works stay tuned my friend

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